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Authorities in Sacramento have announced that on Tuesday evening an arrest was made in the decades-old search for a killer widely known and feared as both the East Area Rapist, and the Golden State Killer. A slippery serial rapist and cold-blooded killer who eluded multiple law enforcement agencies for decades. Including the stymied, Federal Bureau of Investigation.


 Joseph James DeAngelo, then.

Former police officer, Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, an alleged serial rapist, and murderer who terrorized communities in at least 10 counties across California in the 70s and 80s. was arrested Tuesday night and booked into the Sacramento County detention center on two counts of murder.

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 Joseph James DeAngelo, now.

Known to law enforcement agencies and to the general public, as both the East Area Rapist and the Golden State Killer, the suspect, DeAngelo, has been tied through a DNA match to the more than 45 rapes, 12 murders, and as many as 120 home burglaries in the 1970s and 80s.

From 1978 to 1986, he stands accused of having killed 12 people in numerous attacks that ranged from Rancho Cordova in Sacramento County to the cities of Irvine and Dana Point in Orange County. In Ventura, where my father was born and I was raised, the accused (allegedly) tied up a couple with a drapery cord and raped the wife before he fatally beat them both to death with a log from their fireplace. In the city of Goleta, the killer tied up a respected physician and his wife who was a clinical psychologist before he shot them both to death.

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Through the utilization some of the most advanced and innovative methods of DNA technology available, a little bit of luck, and through using a genealogical website that featured the genetic information that was gathered from a relative of the accused rapist/killer, Sacramento County Sheriff, Scott Jones stated,”We were able to get some discarded DNA, and we were able to confirm what we thought we already knew; that we had our man.”


Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, was arrested Tuesday at his Citrus Heights home after a DNA sample turned up a match to that of DNA samples that were known to be from the Golden State Killer.

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Sacramento County District Attorney, Anne Marie Schubert, told reporters at Wednesday’s press conference that she was motivated to find closure for the East Area Rapist’s victims ahead of the upcoming 40th anniversary of his attack upon his first known victim.

By using DNA samples collected from a crime scene many years ago, Investigators were able to compare it to other DNA samples that had been collected on a  family history website. This is a type of website to which users can send their DNA in order to try and learn more about their personal ancestry.

The investigation team’s biggest tool was, a website based in Florida that pools raw genetic profiles which people share publicly. No court order was reportedly needed in order for the police to access that site’s huge database of genetic blueprints. A number of the other major private DNA ancestral sites stated that they were not approached by police regarding this case.


Paul Holes, a now-retired cold case investigator from Contra Costa County,stated in an interview with FOX NEWS, “It’s absolutely huge after nearly a quarter of a century trying to find this guy to actually see him after all these years of wondering who he was it’s an amazing moment I think and it’s an amazing moment for all the victims to finally know that this guy who’s been out there all this time is in custody. He won’t ever get out, and they can now feel safe.”

The East Area Rapist struck for the first time on June 18th, 1976 in Rancho Cordova, California in the foothills east of Sacramento and he went on a rampage, raping at least 46 women before he started murdering his victims while he moved southward.

In May of 1976, just a month before the assault took place the victim, who was employed by Pacific Bell Telephone, had moved to Rancho Cordova to live with her father. However, at the time of the assault, he was away on vacation.

Beginning some time in May, the victim began to feel as though she was being watched. Then, on multiple occasions, an older model, dark-colored, medium-sized American made car was seen cruising through the victim’s neighborhood.

Every time the strange car would pass by her though, the driver would turn his head away so that she was never able to get a good look at his face.

And then her father left town for about six weeks of vacation.

Starting at some point in the two weeks leading up to the attack, the victim started receiving strange phone calls. There was only silence on the other end and then the unknown caller would simply hang up. The attack took place four weeks after her father left for vacation.

Leaving the woman there all alone in a neighborhood that SCDA Anne Marie Schubert described to reporters as the time and place where you never locked your doors at night and the only rules they had as kids was to be in when the streetlights came on.

She didn’t say precisely that; she said after dark, but I grew up in the same time and place and I know she will probably say I’m right about the streetlight curfew. There was no reason for anyone to believe that a wolf in sheeps clothing was stalking her.

There was no reason for her to be afraid of the night in Rancho Cordova in 1976 because The Night Stalkerwas still a quirky Television show on ABC’s line up of late night re-runs.

Even so, she had locked her doors. Even so;

On or about 5 p.m. on the 17th of June, 1976, the man who would eventually become known as the Golden State Killer, approached the victim’s house by slinking down along the dark railroad tracks that ran nearby her home. He then made his way through several neighboring backyards, as he approached the residence.

He then moved a plastic birdbath over underneath the telephone line and he stood on it as he attempted to cut the line with a knife. Apparently, but he was unsuccessful in this endeavor.  He then used that same knife as he began chipping away at the lock on the victim’s back door.

He was unsuccessful in this bid to enter the residence, but the killer was patient. He had clearly done his research on his intended victim, and he remained undaunted by this minor setback.

At some point in time, before he entered the residence and woke his victim up, the killer put on a black ski mask and gloves. And then he removed his pants.

He went to the doorway of the victim’s room and tapped on the doorway to wake her up, and then turned on the bedroom lights. He continued tapping, tapping at her chamber door. Chillingly; he even called out to her by her name as well.

The killer was wearing a black t-shirt and a ski mask. He had no pants or underwear on.

The victim then pulled the covers over her head, as her assailant jumped on the bed on top her. He then straddled her legs and tore the covers off of her head. He pressed the knife so hard against her left temple that blood began to flow from the wound dripping down her cheek and staining her pillow with crimson red droplets.

“If you make one move or sound, I’ll stick this knife in you,” he told her.

He then ordered her to roll over onto her back which she did. She then felt him grab her arms in his gloved hands as he forced them back behind her. He had brought along a length of sturdy rope with him and he then used it to bind her tightly with. Next, he ordered her to roll over again onto her back. When she again complied with her attacker’s demands, he began to rape her. He reportedly touched her breasts with his gloved hands, but only for a few brief moments.

He then tied her feet and ankles together with the electrical cord from the victim’s own clothes dryer, then he tied her bra around her ankles, before he left her bed and wandered aimlessly around her bedroom. He picked up her slip from off of the floor where she had apparently dropped it when getting undressed for sleeping, and then he approached the bed again.

“Don’t make a move while I’m here,”  he told her, “or I will kill you,”.

He then turned and left the room and she heard nothing at all as she waited. As the seconds ticked by slowly, one after the other, she waited. She lay there bound, and as helpless as a newborn child, she waited.

Wondering, fearing, worrying. Terrified.  She kept expecting the masked figure to return for her at any moment. Slowly, and painfully she inched her way across the floor and into the kitchen. The entire time that she was crawling, she was waiting for her assailant to jump out at her again but the second attack never materialized.

The rapist had fled from the scene of his crimes.

She slowly crawled as best she could until she could see that the door to the backyard was now standing wide-open. Still expecting him to emerge at any moment, she kicked the door closed with her foot, only to have it bounce back at her because the deadbolt was engaged and so the door was effectively prevented from closing.

She knocked the phone receiver from the wall and she tried frantically to reach the dial but she was unable because of her bonds to reach it. She made her way back down the hallway to her father’s bedroom where she knocked his phone off the nightstand beside his bed. She managed to dial the operator and the Sheriff’s deputies soon arrived on the scene, but the rapist was long since gone, yet far from done.

One of the original investigators on the case, Carol Daly, relates in a story published in the Sacramento Bee, how she and her some of her colleagues used to hold meetings to try and ease some of the communities fears and to try and answer some of the endless questions the public demanded answers to while the men and women of the Sacramento Police Department tried desperately to stop the killer who was terrorizing their community.

Daly reportedly told the Sacramento Bee that it was at one of those meetings that a gentleman stood up and began berating local law enforcement officers and, by implication, the husbands of the female victims who had been targeted by the East Area Rapist, for not fighting back. The disgruntled gentleman claimed that the killer would also rape their wives.

Not long after that meeting, someone who was never caught broke into that same disgruntled gentleman’s home and assaulted his wife, said Daly, who is now 76. “I know the rapist was at that community meeting.” She told The Sacramento Bee.

Thursday the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office said  that investigators used DNA from a crime scene years ago and compared it to other DNA samples from family history websites which users send their DNA to in order to learn more about their ancestry.

[The district attorney’s office] “explored online family trees that appeared to have matches to DNA samples from the East Area Rapist’s crimes,” The Sacramento Bee reported. “They then followed clues to individuals in family trees to determine whether they were potential suspects.”

(Images courtesy of FOX NEWS)

Special thank youse’s to Fox, MSN, and Yahoo News’es, to The Sacramento Bee, to Wikipedia, and to Google Chrome, but most especially to the DA, and the LEO’s of Sacramento County for their outstanding contributions to this article. Score that, 1 seriously sick serial psychopath, for the good guys. Yay, good guys!

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