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 March 29, 2018Charles Ramos Jr#BSboycottDavidFirst AmendmentHoggLaura IngrahamLiarNational news



Greetings sports fans and welcome to my rant.

Let us turn now to the reason for my ire which is, Master David Hogg and the fraud he continues to perpetrate upon America and upon the real victims of the Valentine’s Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. I have said it before myself, there is no such thing as bad press and this is certainly true. None can deny this.

However; that does not necessarily mean that bad press is always a good thing.

I do, just as I have from the minute I first learned of the shootings on February, 14th, support and defend the students at MSD and all of the other students and citizens who have chosen to speak out on the issues which have been raised in the past 45 days since the Parkland tragedy took place.

What I will not allow is for anyone to trample upon my rights regardless of whether I choose to exercise them or not. I do not own a gun but that shall not be construed as meaning that I am going to hand over my right to bear one.

I don’t need a gun I have a pen.

My right to wield it freely in the press and in public is as inviolable as David Hogg’s seeming right to tell a pack of lies in that same free press. I have already publically exposed Hogg as the liar that he is. And much like, Pinnochio, David Hogg’s lies keep on growing and growing. That’s the biggest problem with lies they don’t ever seem to want to cooperate with the liar telling them.

Hogg has already changed his story so many times that I doubt anyone can keep track of them without a program. He has admitted it in the press. (which he seems to love so dearly), and he seems to be their darling but that’s not everyone in the press just the ones who have no integrity and are willing to sell-out for the sake of selling a story to the public who depend upon them not to do just that.

Since I have no sponsors and given the fact that I honestly don’t give a ruby red rats arse about David Hogg or his boycott then I guess it falls upon me to speak on it. Even if it doesn’t I’m going to just the same.

I’m a retired Master Ironworker. I ain’t never scared. Especially not of the likes of Mr. Hogg, and/or whatever power he thinks he wields in the media.

Your house of smoke and mirrors is built entirely from a deck of cards, Dave, and they are all jokers. Your huffing and puffing is only going to blow it all down around your ears.

I have been much less than privileged to witness the ongoing story of Master Hogg and all of the hogwash he has been perpetuating in the press so as to promote his own brand of bullshit. Bullshit which he disguises behind the cause of the actual survivors of the shootings. TSK TSK TSK. For shame for shame for shame.

I don’t particularly care for Laura Ingraham one way or the other nor do I watch her show any more than she reads my column, but that does not excuse Hogg’s attack upon her right to speak freely without fear of reprisal from the likes of someone like him.

And to make matters even worse still, he has the unmitigated gall to rally the students and other supporters of his alleged cause to turn away from the issue of school safety and attack the Constitution of the United States of America because someone had the temerity to speak out on his being rejected by a few colleges?

Are you freaking kidding me?

David, you have said that you are an aspiring actor. Your IMDb webpage bears this out and it does indeed show that you are a registered “crisis actor.” Now you say that you are a journalist too. Good for you little soldier.

But I am also a writer. I have been trained as such by a private coach. A gentleman who holds a Masters degree in English literature, and whom I studied with for 2 years. Last year I took English Lit 1 in college and my GPA was 4.0. I’ve penned 7 complete novels, a full-length play in 3 acts, various songs, and hymns, I have won a national award for my first essay, My poetry has been well reviewed by a well-established poetry editor and by Prince Charles whose wife I wrote a poem titled Queen Of Hearts. I have also written comedy for television and for single performers, and I have numerous publishing credits to my name, including this one.

I have also been well reviewed by Dave Barry and not so well received by Stephen King but then again Stephen said earlier that Laura Ingraham should learn to have compassion for a victim of the MSD shooting. He meant you, Dave.

But wait a minute, Dave, you’re not a victim of the shooting, are you? You have said so yourself that you were playing hooky from school that day and that when you heard about it on the news you jumped on your bike and rode 3 miles to the school to collect as many interviews as possible because you knew this could not be another mass shooting.

So the fact of the matter is that the only thing you survived that day was getting run down by a school bus on your way to stick your face into a newsman’s camera and grab what glory you could for yourself. Nevermind that your classmates were still lying in puddles of their own blood in the halls of the school where they fell.

That, of course, being after having told the press that you were there. It’s all on tape, Dave. Would you care to comment on this anomaly for the camera, Dave?

Be that as it may; the point is, that rejection is the biggest part of a writers life. Regardless of whether one wishes to be a writer, journalist, poet, lyricist, singer, actor, or in any aspect of public performance then he or she better have thick skin because they are going to get rejected. A lot.

College is no different. They, unlike Mr. Hogg, have specific standards which they must adhere to. Obviously, they did not feel that Hogg was fit to attend their institutions of higher learning. I have to agree.

Given his actions in the matters of MSDHS and of Laura Ingraham’s remarks (however ill-advised one might think them to be), I would bet that those colleges are now breathing a sigh of relief that they did not let him in.

You want to boycott me? Boycott away Sparky. I’ll join you and we can boycott me together. We’ll be boycott buddies you and me. I love roses so let’s start by boycotting all roses. Bad, bad roses, bad! I love dogs too. Bad doggie! No more roses or doggies for us, eh Dave? No way dudes. And we expect all of you loyal Hoggites out there in Hoggland to rally around our boycotting of Dogs and Roses. Wait a minute. We hate guns too right, Dave? Yep. We do.

We are also boycotting Guns and Roses. And doggies.

As a writer, it is nearly beyond the scope of my vocabulary to express just how sick it makes me when I see the likes of Hogg squealing in the press about the press telling the truth about him. Poor baby.

What is even more disgusting still is the fact that the “mainstream media” would give such a proven liar as this one a platform from which to attack another American’s First Amendment rights to freedom of the press and to the freedom of speech.

These tenents are the basis of our very existence both as a Democracy and as a Nation of free peoples. And as if that were not enough; Mr. Hogg purports himself to be a journalist? #BS.


The self-styled champion of those who cannot speak for themselves has a problem with his beloved media speaking for themselves. You can cut the hypocrisy with a knife.

Regardless of whatever, Laura Ingraham said and whether it was ill-advised to do so or not; the fact is indisputable that she has the same right to speak the truth as David Hogg has to speak his lies to the press. The truth may hurt but it does not change the nature of it one iota.

BOOHOOHOO. So you got turned down by some colleges. The best advice anyone ever gave me was to “just F’ing deal with it.” I wish to pass that same advice along to you as well, Dave.

Frankly, I really don’t care in the least bit what you do or why you do it but I will not sit by idly while a liar attacks my right to speak my mind within the parameters of the Constitution. By attacking, and bullying, Laura Ingraham you have done just that sir and you will not get out of it unscathed. Believe that.

I’ve said it before, I have also proven it before that you are in fact a liar. If you wish to take it up in a court of law, by all means, please, be my guest. Rest assured that you will never find an attorney who can beat me in any civil action. I’ve studied and I read law at the level of a college professor. My last college course was business law so bring it.

This is not to be in any way shape or form construed as an attack upon the students whom you are currently using for your own agenda, Dave it’s a defense of the First Amendment of the Constitution. Something you probably never read because you were at home ditching school when you should have been in civics class. So don’t even try to go there.

You have as the evidence against you which tends to show incontrovertibly that you are in fact a liar. That you are a self-promoting “crisis actor,” and you are undoubtedly an enemy of the State which you pretend to represent. I have all of that evidence as well.

What up with this, Dave?

Screenshot (69)

I know I didn’t write that.

But I do know that it matches all of your other pages. One of my other skills is that I am an ICC Special Inspector and this is what my investigation into the allegations that you are a crisis actor revealed. Had the evidence shown otherwise I would have said so but such is not the case is it, Dave?

You’ve already made my case against you should you unwisely opt to take this up before a Federal Judge, and jury by running your mouth and tripping over your own pile of B.S. on tape.

As a writer, as a journalist, I believe that every person in the US who claims to be a patriot, or who writes for a living, as a hobby, or just to defend your right to speak your peace has the obligation now and should take a stand against this blatant and vulgar attack upon the First Amendment and call for a boycott of any and all sponsors who pulled out of Laura Ingraham’s show based upon David Hogg’s call for a boycott.

I for one refuse to ever allow myself to be pushed around by the likes of that. Nor will I be moved from my right to tell him and the whole world too that he is a liar. Not when the proof is right there under everyone’s noses and stinking to high Heaven.

Consider yourself warned.

th (2)

   #NeverAgain That goes double for you, Dave.

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Charles Ramos Jr

I am a single, 57-year-old Ironworker (Ret.) out of Local 433 in Las Vegas, now I am an ICC Special Inspector of structural steel, bolts, and welding. I am currently an Expert Reviewer/Freelance Contributor at https://www.doityourself.com. (Laid off due to COVID-19) Praying for saner heads to prevail in November. I've completed 7 novels, and a book on yoga. I am a published poet, playwright, national award-winning essayist,I am an Investigative News Journalist, hymnist, and lyricist. I have written stand up comedy for television and for the internet, I am an award-winning, published photographer, professional artist, and tattoo artist (Ret.) cartoonist, I am currently a Short Film festival Judge for short and feature films, music videos, documentaries, Internet series, and scriptwriting. I am very proud to be a staff columnist and Senior White House Correspondent (of sorts), for Vegas Valley News dot com who gave me my big break. I am currently a staff contributor/resident old hippie at lvcannabisreviews.com I am an Expert Reviewer for www.doityourself.com, I am a full Professor of Advanced Physical Sciences and a full member for life in the Council of Wizards and Board of Education for The Real Hogwarts and a contributor to the school paper which I have not yet contributed to. I am also the founding partner in an engineering design firm called EMGEN. What does EMGEN do? We make miracles. Lastly, I am the founder of B.B. Wolfe Publishing at www.bbwolfebooks.wordpress.com. I have many talents but what I love to do most of all is read and, of course, write. I thank God for the gifts and the opportunities He has given me through Jesus Christ in Whom all things are possible. Peace, love and thanks to you, my friends, to whom I owe much more than words can say as well. Stay well. Charles Ramos Jr.

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