Democrats want to defund and abolish the police

From ALERT on 04.06.2020 19:59

I’ll get straight to the point — Democrats want to defund and abolish the police. 

Yes, you read that right. 

It’s outrageous, offensive, and to be blunt: stupid. 

With everything going on it’s critical that we stand with law enforcement and show them we are grateful for their heroic service. 

We are gathering signatures to tell our heroes in blue thank you! I would love to add your name.

Stand with law enforcement and sign your name saying thank you! Add your name here >> 

We honor our police officers! As dangerous thugs and angry mobs are assembling, it is law enforcement helping to protect our small businesses and families from further destruction.

Luckily, the violence will NOT be tolerated by our President. He is taking a stand where Do Nothing Democrat leaders will not. We need to show that we are taking a stand too. 

Join us and show law enforcement that we have their back! Sign here >>

It’s important that EVERY Patriot comes together to send a united message that America stands with our heroes in blue. I hope you’ll join us by adding your name here.

Thank you,

Jessica, Nevada Republican Party


Published by

Charles Ramos Jr

I am a single, 57-year-old Ironworker (Ret.) out of Local 433 in Las Vegas, now I am an ICC Special Inspector of structural steel, bolts, and welding. I am currently an Expert Reviewer/Freelance Contributor at (Laid off due to COVID-19) Praying for saner heads to prevail in November. I've completed 7 novels, and a book on yoga. I am a published poet, playwright, national award-winning essayist,I am an Investigative News Journalist, hymnist, and lyricist. I have written stand up comedy for television and for the internet, I am an award-winning, published photographer, professional artist, and tattoo artist (Ret.) cartoonist, I am currently a Short Film festival Judge for short and feature films, music videos, documentaries, Internet series, and scriptwriting. I am very proud to be a staff columnist and Senior White House Correspondent (of sorts), for Vegas Valley News dot com who gave me my big break. I am currently a staff contributor/resident old hippie at I am an Expert Reviewer for, I am a full Professor of Advanced Physical Sciences and a full member for life in the Council of Wizards and Board of Education for The Real Hogwarts and a contributor to the school paper which I have not yet contributed to. I am also the founding partner in an engineering design firm called EMGEN. What does EMGEN do? We make miracles. Lastly, I am the founder of B.B. Wolfe Publishing at I have many talents but what I love to do most of all is read and, of course, write. I thank God for the gifts and the opportunities He has given me through Jesus Christ in Whom all things are possible. Peace, love and thanks to you, my friends, to whom I owe much more than words can say as well. Stay well. Charles Ramos Jr.

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