Black Female Veteran
From Aja Smith – July 23rd, 2020


I’m sick of the moniker “Racist Republicans” – It couldn’t be further from the truth, and I’m proof.

The radical Left has called me despicable names and hurled hateful insults at me because I’ve dared to step out of box Democrats tried to put me in.

Send A Black Conservative Female to Congress


I won’t lie to you, Charles I wasn’t expecting this hate. I didn’t think that the party that preached tolerance and equality would attack me for my skin color.

The color of my skin doesn’t automatically determine my beliefs. I cannot support tolerant “allies” who call me a sellout because I believe that the democratic party has failed Black children and families.

I cannot support “allies” that block essential efforts to reform police departments.

I cannot support “allies” that support a public education system that is consistently failing Black children.

I cannot support “allies”, who throw temper tantrums in the Capitol halls instead of working with Conservatives to create a more equal and more just future!

When I entered this race for congress as a black female conservative in California, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I am an Air Force Veteran, a small business owner, a conservative, and I am not afraid of this fight.

But I can’t do it without your help. Charles, will you stand with me in the fight and show the Left that we are not “Racist Republicans”?

Send A Black Conservative Female to Congress


Thank you,

Aja Smith
United States Air Force Veteran
Republican Nominee for Congress

P.S. With your help, I can be the first Black Republican female to be elected to the House of Representatives from California. You can be a part of history by joining my team today!
– Aja

Paid for by Aja for Congress

Publisher’s Notes: This email is being reprinted gratis because it is one of the rare privileges that I actually do have.

God only made one race so anyone who claims there’s another race that is better than any other race is woefully misinformed. Ignorance comes in all colors, but those who know the true meaning of love is the same as love for one’s own self, are color blind. I pray that that you will do your civic duty and vote for justice, vote in Aja Smith for Congress.

Charles Ramos, Jr.

Publisher, B.B. Wolfe Publishing – U.S.A.

Published by

Charles Ramos Jr

I am a single, 57-year-old Ironworker (Ret.) out of Local 433 in Las Vegas, now I am an ICC Special Inspector of structural steel, bolts, and welding. I am currently an Expert Reviewer/Freelance Contributor at (Laid off due to COVID-19) Praying for saner heads to prevail in November. I've completed 7 novels, and a book on yoga. I am a published poet, playwright, national award-winning essayist,I am an Investigative News Journalist, hymnist, and lyricist. I have written stand up comedy for television and for the internet, I am an award-winning, published photographer, professional artist, and tattoo artist (Ret.) cartoonist, I am currently a Short Film festival Judge for short and feature films, music videos, documentaries, Internet series, and scriptwriting. I am very proud to be a staff columnist and Senior White House Correspondent (of sorts), for Vegas Valley News dot com who gave me my big break. I am currently a staff contributor/resident old hippie at I am an Expert Reviewer for, I am a full Professor of Advanced Physical Sciences and a full member for life in the Council of Wizards and Board of Education for The Real Hogwarts and a contributor to the school paper which I have not yet contributed to. I am also the founding partner in an engineering design firm called EMGEN. What does EMGEN do? We make miracles. Lastly, I am the founder of B.B. Wolfe Publishing at I have many talents but what I love to do most of all is read and, of course, write. I thank God for the gifts and the opportunities He has given me through Jesus Christ in Whom all things are possible. Peace, love and thanks to you, my friends, to whom I owe much more than words can say as well. Stay well. Charles Ramos Jr.

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