Greeting sports fans and welcome back to yet another thrilling episode of Vegas Valley Sports Beat; that irreverent little sports column that dares to poke the mainstream, pay for play propaganda media machine in the eye with a sharp stick. Or in this case with an ink pen.

The sun is just now coming up, promising another beautiful day in paradise, here in the Las Vegas Valley region. The winds are calm for a change, but the day is still young so get out there and enjoy it while you can. There is a slight chill in the air this morning so you will want to wear something light and warm until the sun warms up in about an hour.

Turning now to sports news, the Oakland Athletics are rumored to be eyeing a move to our fair city. An unsubstantiated rumor that I just started has it that they’re stalking the former Oakland Raiders who may or may not have left their long time, albeit part-time, home in Oakland, California in order to get away from the A’s and put some distance between them while they work things out. Speculation has it that the Las Vegas Raiders might seek a restraining order.

Haha! April fools.

I know it’s a month late but so what? It’s been a rough year, one must get one’s yucks where one can.

According to a recent report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Oakland A’s are eyeballing a property in Vegas where they think they might one day build a new ballpark. I for one think it’s straight aces if they do.

I’m sure all of their fans in Oakland must be miffed to say the least, but I can certainly understand how the A’s must feel. The last time I was in Oakland I couldn’t wait to leave either. It’s only to be expected when a once great city has deliberately turned itself into a third world shithole that wallows in its own filth like a mindless pig.

Yeah I said it, what about it? It wasn’t true you wouldn’t be mad would you? Nope.

As always please send all hate mail, death threats, marriage proposals, etc to my Editor-in-chief in Chief.

Do I digress? Nope. Not in the slightest. In fact that segues perfectly into the topic of the day which is a review of an exceptionally book titled ” Brutal Minds.” written by Dr Stanley K. Ridgley Ph.D. the following excerpt is from www.brutalminds.com and I think it speaks for itself.

Much of American academia constitutes a dark world.It is populated by subsidized paranoiacs, amateur psychotherapists, neo-Marxist totalitarians, “student affairs professionals” imbued with authoritarian mentality, and thought reformers who violate federal law against human subject experimentation as they assault young students in “workshops.” Their goal is to destroy family ties to clear the way for new relationships grounded in racialist ideology.These are the university’s “brutal minds.”The American university is a sanctuary where brutal minds find purpose, protection, camaraderie, subsidy, anonymity, and power.All of this occurs behind an educational façade that masks their activities and ideology. BRUTAL MINDS strips away the façade of the modern American university to reveal the power inside the institution — the largely anonymous authoritarians who constitute the coercive gears and cogs of the machine; they turn the crank on the ideological grinders that process young people into a prefab conception of the Good Citizen, a 21st century version of the Soviet-style “New Man,” who is transformed with the proper application of “education” and coercion.Brutal Minds calls us to action to halt this anti-intellectual takeover of higher education and to restore the greatness of one of Western civilization’s most brilliant creations, the American University.

This superlatively written, if not completely disturbing, work of nonfiction describes in detail the dark world of left-wing brainwashing that is currently going on in our American universities, and how they were subjugated by a small group of wannabe educators in the name of Communism for the implementation of totalitarianist rule.

My first takeaway from this book is that Dr Ridgley clearly knows his subject. He has laid it all bear within the confines of the book’s 247 pages, including the afterword, and he does so brilliantly, while firing on all cylinders.

My second takeaway from this book was how Dr Ridgley shows the parallel between sending your child to be brainwashed and indoctrinated into a cult, and sending them to a liberal run University. Clearly that is exactly what you’re doing if you enroll your child in the wrong University. He said I would be surprised and that was the one surprise that I found.

From the well thought out forward to the final conclusions, the admixture of AP writing style is exemplary enough to make “Brutal Minds” stand out like a sore thumb in a day and age when everybody and their brother is writing a tell-all book about the corruption of power and the power of corruption. The same power that is seeking to destroy every American institution from within and destroy America itself for the sake of the Chinese Communist Party.

For style points alone, “Brutal Minds” is an outstanding example of how to handcraft a work of well researched nonfiction on any subject. Fledgling writers and journalists as well as experienced ones would do very well to study this style and emulate it. Add to that the sharp, pithy, and concise narrative voice of a highly educated author who knows his subject well, and “Brutal Minds” stands alone in my estimation.

I was asked to read and review the book by Dr ridgely himself, and being somewhat knowledgeable of the subject already, I quickly agreed. Being as I was, curious to read his take on the indoctrination camps that we used to call Universities once upon a time. Before we all got played that is.

With the exception of my building code books I do not typically highlight or underline key phrases and paragraphs in any of my books because the librarians get really mad when I do that. But I underlined many paragraphs in “Brutal Minds” and I wrote down a large number of cliff notes in the margins of my personal copy. I did this because time after time, Professor Ridgley hits the nail squarely on the head, sharply and concisely. Driving cold steel facts, and inescapable truths into the heart of the matter. Specifically the manner in which a cadre of amateur psychologists and would be educators armed with master’s degrees in advanced frisbee theory have nearly succeeded in usurping the traditional role of the University professor all together for themselves.

He goes from what is happening, to how it’s happening, straight to the consequences this deliberate subversion will have on the American University’s only stock and store. The student body.

It’s one thing to know that something this evil is going on right under your nose, it’s quite another to read a book like “Brutal Minds” and see how it is being done, and by whom. The alarming rate at which this cancer of communist socialism is spreading throughout America’s universities is second only to the fact that these left-wing-nut lunatics have now spread their disease to all of America’s schools. The end result of allowing this policy to continue unchecked is completely unthinkable to any right thinking person.

You can’t fool all of the people all of the time as President Abraham Lincoln so famously warned the exact same liberal Democrats that have now sold us all down the river to their masters in China. And they don’t even try to deny it because they simply don’t care. That is how arrogant they are in their own ignorance.

Another virus straight out of Beijing is what it all amounts to. First it was Covid-19, and now we have a hivemind virus loose in America trying to infect everyone. If you don’t accept the infection then you are a subversive. You are a problem, you are resistance, you must be dealt with harshly. I think Brain Hives is a more a more appropriate name for it because socialism is in fact a contagious mental illness, and it is spreading like wildfire. Don’t you think it’s time to put that fire out once and for all? I do.

Socialism in every form and facet has failed miserably every single time and place that it has reared its ugly head. And everybody knows that including them. Regardless of what mask it wore at the time the only purpose of socialism has been to enslave rape rob pillage and plunder whatever nation fell under its spell. Including the mighty Roman empire. During world War II , socialism came back disguised as fascism, and now it is disguised as anti-fascism just as Winston Churchill predicted.

All one has to do is look at what they are doing to see who the true fascists are here. Those people who are yelling that everything is about racism and white supremacy are the biggest racists in the world.

How is it that the majority of people destroying things with their peaceful protests are white? Feel free to try to prove me wrong but it seems to me that those would be the white supremacists because they are trying to lord their philosophy over everyone through violence and social media intimidation. Clearly they are completely and irrevocably insane, or they think we are which is what crazy people do they project their insanity onto everyone else.

That is the very definition of insanity. To point at something evil and call it good, or to point at something good and call it evil when everyone knows better. They’re just too scared to say so. I however do not suffer from that affliction. I call bullshit.

Doing something so deliberately evil, to do it knowingly, and with such malicious intent aforethought however, makes it the single most egregious crime against humanity in all of human history. Second only to the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany.

For those of you who have failed to learn from history because your history teacher said it was racist, or you ditched history class to attend a peaceful protest. You know, the kind that resulted in an unspeakable amount of murder, property damage, retail theft, and outright evil being done to innocent people of all ethnicities? Specifically, to every last American citizen and every last person in the world?

Now hear this.

Adolph Hitler was a socialist. Who was he trained to be a socialist by? By Benito Mussolini, who was also a socialist. Look where they took their nation’s and the entire planet. Into the first nuclear war. Now they are trying to push us into total nuclear world war. The only thing that leads to is assured mutual destruction of the entire Earth. There will be no living through it. It will mean the end of everything.

The same evil people are now spewing the same tired old propaganda, the same tired old slogans, selling us the same tired old rehashed, redefined and rebranded whoop tickets. They are not only in control of Germany again now but they are also in control of most, if not all of the same nations that banded together and defeated them in 1944. At the cost of only 55 million lives. Mass murder is the hallmark of socialism. If they don’t have a common enemy they eat their own.

Here here they are back again, and they’re taking us right back down the same tired old garden path to the same old cattle cars waiting in the freight yards to take us to the showers for internment and “reeducation.” They want to take our children to separat re-education camps as well and I’m pretty sure we can all figure out what will happen to them there.

Pedophiles love this policy because it lets them have access to your children who are being brainwashed. They call themselves pedagogues and they’re their brand of pedophilia is called pedagogy. Now hear this too. For approximately 50 years the German government subsidized pedagogy knowing full well what it was. We covered that in a previous article.

From here to there, now just as then, that broad path is the road that leads straight to Hell. Back then it was the road to Auschwitz. Back then the Jewish people were the target of their hatred because their brand of insanity requires a common enemy. Now they want concentration camps for American political opposition and they don’t mind calling for it openly at all. If you voted for Donald Trump, or if you support him you belong in a concentration camp as far as they’re concerned. If you oppose their political agenda at all, then you belong in a concentration camp. If you believe in free speech then you are a white supremacist and you belong in a concentration camp. At least they are finally being honest about it, but they are are still stark raving, bug-eyed lunatics.

Their blind hatred based focus group now is white people, and an ambiguous specter they call white supremacy, when in reality, in the world they wish for, being a person of color and a dollar won’t even get you a decent cup of coffee.

In their world you are either a politician, a bureaucrat, or a slave. If you are a politician or a bureaucrat, then you are an indentured slave, but a slave nonetheless. Bought and paid for by the state that owns you.

In our case we have a would-be master whom I will not name here, but his initials are Xi.

Everybody knows it so give it up dude. A Communist takeover, or Chinese incursion into America is not going to happen in yours or anyone else’s lifetime so forget it. There are no snowflakes in the US Special forces and the U.S. Army stands ready to repel all boarders.

Do I digress?


That is the road we are on as a nation and as a species. The human race is racing headlong for a cliff. We (we being the subjective case), are blindly following a flock of Lemurs to our extinction with our eyes wide shut.

Dr Ridgley makes a number of great arguments in “Brutal Minds” and the greatest of these, in my opinion, is that this malignancy has now found its way “out of its petri dish.” For decades it has been growing, mostly unchecked in darkness, spreading its tentacles through federal, state, and local bureaucracies from the top down. Now that they are in control what do they want to do with this great nation of ours? They want to burn it all down. It does not belong to them and that’s not going to happen. Word to mother.

The power of the unelected over the educated is given to them with the blessings of the ignorant in Congress who are sworn not to do any such thing under penalty of death, so help them God.

Woke liberals and other mindless fools claim that they are all about love, social justice and, the love of so called social justice, but what they are doing has nothing that even remotely resembles love nor Justice for anyone but themselves to it. Not even that, because in the end they too become slaves of the state. In point of fact it is the polar opposite of Love or Justice. They know they are full of crap but as long as enough people are too scared to speak up they keep getting away with it.

As Professor Ridgley correctly points out in “Brutal Minds,” totalitarian control of America and subsequently the world, is the end game here.

If you are rich and down with the elite then ” Brutal Minds ” will probably delight your warped sense of humor to no end. If, however, you are one of the eight billion poor slobs like myself who are working two jobs and homeless anyway even with a college degree except unlike me you are working to put your children to college so they might have a better life for themselves, then I submit that you really need to read ” Brutal Minds ” before you put any more of your children onto cattle cars. Stop, look, and listen. See for yourself, and know thine enemy as well as you know thyself.

Caveat Emptor; Cav`e Canum. – Let the buyer beware, beware of wolves.


If I could have something named after me, what would it be?

Daily writing prompt
If you could have something named after you, what would it be?


Why Tophat10? I’m glad you asked. It was June 16th which if I’m not mistaken is my dad’s birthday when President Barack Obama came on television to give a live speech on several matters. The first of these matters and foremost was the subject of the deepwater horizon disaster which was still ongoing. Until our own government blew up the Nord stream pipeline, according to their own confession, that and it being common knowledge amongst the conscious and honest amongst us, the deep water horizon incident caused the worst environmental disaster to date.

To the point, during his long drawn out speech, most of which consisted of the word uhm, and blah blah blah, then President Obama addressed the nation on all available networks that there was no way to stop The runaway well spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico at the rate of however many barrels per day. He stated that all efforts had failed and the only way they knew to stop it was to drill down to the wellhead and cement it shut and that would not happen until mid-september. History proved that estimate correct it was in fact reached in mid-september and hydraulic concrete was pumped into the wellhead ceiling off the deep water horizon well forever. Or so The story goes. I would take that with a grain of salt water if I were you.

I happen to know a little bit about engineering and I used to live on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida I worked on it I built docs on it I piloted a working barge on its Waters and in Tampa Bay. I worked in the service industry in hotels on the Gulf and what that disaster was doing touched me as I’m sure it did everyone. You can’t look at a pelican and other waterfowl covered with oil and not grieve for it. You can’t see oil sludge on beautiful beaches and not be moved against it. If you can I don’t know what to say about you you need help. I had been thinking about how to solve the problem for a couple of weeks in my cell in confinement in Sterling correctional facility in Sterling Colorado when the speech came on. One of the last things then President Obama said was if anyone in the private sector had any ideas on how the flow of oil might be stopped to write into him at the White House and I believe he even gave out the address. I already had the address so I didn’t need it I can’t remember if he gave it or not.

by that time I had already sat down at my desk and begun to write down the plan that I had ideated as to how it could be stopped. It was the only way I saw possible, and I related it to the president. Then I signed it sealed it and delivered it to the correctional officer on rounds that day just before 5:00 p.m. when I called the bubble and asked to send out legal mail. Any email going to any governmental building or agency, especially to the White House, had to be sent out via legal mail. The guard examined the letter prior to it being sealed and put in the post, I also told him what it pertained to and gave him a quick overview of my plan but not as much as to give it away. It was also logged in and by federal law proof of mailing is proof of receipt. I sent an identical copy to my nephew and instructed him to keep it sealed with the post date a fixed as further proof of my plan as I sent it to then President Obama. My plan was thus.

I advised the then president too deep diving submersible like the mir’s would be needed for the job. I advised him that a tighter fitting cap would have to be fixed to the pipe. From what I had learned by studying the work of Red Adair I advised that the cap would have to be much like a flute with many open valves so that the oil spewing into it at plus 12,000 PSI would not simply blow it off but allow it to settle down onto it. I advise that these valves would have to be strong enough to withstand the pressure should it be closed completely but at the top of the cap the mir’s could fit pipe line to pipe the oil to the surface under its own pressure and that smart money would have two super tankers on station above to collect the oil one being filled as one left full and another coming to replace it.

shortly thereafter, then President Obama came on television again and said hey guess what guys we have a way to fix it after all. After they had all tapped out. Every engineer in the world every one of the best that BP could buy and that the Obama administration apparently could tap into had tapped out on June 16th. All the king’s horses and All the King’s Men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again but all the sudden they had discovered super glue. Bologna. He used my own words in that speech and I do appreciate that but that was where the recognition of what I had done ended. I didn’t even get so much as a thank you note from the White House. My last words in that plan were to the effect that it was entirely possible that all the valves could be closed and the flow shut off but it was also possible that it might blow out. My Hope was that it would be capped off completely by my birthday but I kept that hope to myself. My prayer was answered when before July 28th the spewing underwater geyser named deepwater horizon was shut off and it held although then President Obama confessed that it might not.

I told the then president that all I was hoping for was that he would ask the governor of Colorado to grant me clemency. I was innocent to begin with but the law doesn’t care about that as you can all see from the antics of district attorney Alvin Bragg in New York. Only a complete moron would attempt what he has done. As an officer of the court I am personally appalled, but not the least bit surprised that he would attempt to circumvent the statute of limitations and and set such a precedent before the eyes of any right thinking individual or Justice of the Court. If that man doesn’t belong in prison then we have no justice system. But I digress.

he didn’t do anything but take all the credit for it and they named it top hat 10 in honor of their 18 previous failures named top hat. But wait you say, there were only nine tophats before Tophat10. Wtf? This is true unless you count the fact that the same company blew up an almost identical well in deep water off the other coast of Mexico in the early seventies. Something I remember well because I got a bunch of crude oil stuck to my feet every time I went to the beach in Ventura County california. They went through 9 tophats I believe it was, then they turned around and tried them all on the opposite side knowing they would fail. Duh. Again I digress.

I designed Tophat10, and I’m through with the government denying it. The correctional officer who took the letter was informed of the contents and what they meant. Shortly thereafter I called my parents and I told them about it before the letter even got to the White House I told them and I told a room full of people what I had done. They all thought I was insane until it happened exactly as I said it would.

I did it for personal reasons. First of all because I believed I could and I thought on it until I came up with a solution. When then President Obama tapped out it forced me to write down my conclusion and mail it to him while he was still blithering on about whatever it was. All I remember was hearing uhmm a thousand times while I was writing down my solution and attendant diagrams. It took him longer to talk about it then it took me to write it all down but that’s an executive privilege and just fine with me. I would have voted for him if I hadn’t been railroaded by the state of Colorado first. I wouldn’t vote for him now because of obvious reasons we have already gone over, and won’t discuss any further herein.

when I got nothing, not even so much as a thank you on a Post-It note or something from the White House. No recognition whatsoever for stopping the worst environmental disaster to date from becoming twice as big which it would have had a not submitted my plan to the White House. I didn’t ask for a ticker tape parade or even for anyone to know what I had done just if not a pardon from the governor of Colorado then perhaps he could nominate me for a MacArthur genius Grant and the taxpayers would be spared any further expense for the disaster that British petroleums contractor caused again.

I tried to get my story out in the press and they didn’t care. I wrote back to President Obama several times and even begged, but I guess because I have white skin and or I was in prison or whatever prejudice(s) he held against me, he still holds. I should have gotten a Nobel prize for that feat of engineering and the effect it had on rescuing the environment from what was described as an unstoppable force of nature, but you don’t see Greta Thunberg baking me a cake or sending me greeting cards at Christmas. But noooo. Former president Obama took all the credit for himself and said nothing whatsoever about how he suddenly figured out how to do what he had no idea how to do just 2 weeks before. There is nothing available online, no information whatsoever on how they miraculously came up with solution to the unresolvable, but if you simply look at tophats one through nine and look at their previous plebeian attempts to use the same tactics for the same problem decades before, and then look at the design of tophat10 you can see that they very clearly had nothing to do with it’s design. I knew this information before I wrote the letter and I advised then President Obama of these facts. They built it and they placed it over the wellhead but they did not design it. I did and I can prove it. I wasn’t so stupid as not to cover my own butt.

Just like then President Obama famously said you didn’t make that someone else did. You didn’t build that someone else did.

The truth will come out and it will come out sooner than Mr Obama thinks. If he was half as self-righteous as he says he is he would do the only honorable thing and nominate me for a MacArthur genius Grant. He still has the ability to do that.

He got his Nobel prize just for being black and there’s nothing whatsoever wrong with that in my book. Que Sera Sera, but then how much more do I deserve one for designing Tophat10 and laying out in detail the plan for its implementation? I would consider such a genius Grant nothing but the thanks of a grateful Nation as expressed by a former president. In other words I did what I did for altruistic reasons, but the president did me wrong, but I like hush money too. Stormy Daniels. There I go digressing again. ;c)

Charles Ramos Jr

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Charles Ramos Jr.

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Greetings sports fans of all flavors, and children of all ages. Welcome back my friends to the column that never ends, Vegas Valley Sports Beat. That daring little darling of Ethical Internet Sports Journalism you either love to hate or hate to love. Either way, there is no denying it. You can’t put it down. Okay, so maybe you can put it down if you put your mind to it, but hopefully, we’ll be able to grab your attention and hold onto it for a few minutes more.

Just long enough for me to tell you the wonderful news, and for you to get all excited about it. And awayyyyyy we go.

Yes, my dear friends, you did read the headlines right. Yes, Pahrump, Nevada that shining little ghost town that refuses to give up the ghost and dissolve quietly into the desert sands like every other boomtown that came before it, is going to be building a harness racing facility right here in the very unlikely town of Pahrump. My jaw is still on the floor where it fell when I read the news myself.

Just to get a harness racing track would be awesome, but this is reportedly going to be a mega-project that may include a waterpark, stables, theater, and of course the centerpiece a new resort casino. As if that isn’t reason enough to say holy cow, it is going to be built very close to home for me.

This project, be it a mega-project or not is going to mean a great deal to the people that live n the area as it brings in new construction jobs and revenues, and then once it opens to the public the facility will provide many more people with gainful employment in the form of management, general staffing, and supporting role type jobs.

That is incredible news to me, as I’m sure it must be incredible news to many other people in Pahrump and Nye County. This is indeed a most welcome shot in the arm for our local economy. I personally love harness racing and having a water park as well as a new casino to give the local monopoly a run for their money is like pennies from Heaven only better.

The resort casino would be 40,000 square feet and it will be focused around the racetrack which will cover 7/8ths of a mile and stables that will hold as many as 280 racehorses at a time. The planners speculate that there would eventually be restaurants, shops, batting cages, a theater, a waterpark, and a campground that will have room for up to 2,500 vehicles and as many as 200 RVs at a time.

Tim Bohannon, the president of the Nevada Standardbred Association Inc., was the one that pitched the project to Nye County Commissioners last week. “It’s forward-looking and may be subject to change.” He told the Pahrump Valley Times. The Nevada Standardbred Association was founded several years ago by a group of locals who have an interest in bringing the thrill of harness racing to Nevada and base it here in Pahrump.

Nevada offers nearly every type of legal gambling you can name, but horse racing is scarcely found in the state, and there are no major facilities such as the one proposed by Tim Bohannon’s group. As of now, there is no set price tag for the project, but Bohannon says the Western Saddlebred Association is going to raise a large portion of that funding on their own initiative as Nye county commissioners reacted favorably to the initial pitch and it was eagerly cosigned by Commissioner Leo Blundo, and Bruce Jabbour, while Commissioner Debra Strickland told developers last week that she was sure they will… “find support from within our commissioners.”

“This is very exciting, I’m in favor of it. Commissioner Jabbour reportedly told reporters.

The proposed racing season will run from the end of October through the end of May if it gets conditional approval from the Nevada Racing Commission. There would be two race days every week and each day will feature 12 live harness races throughout the season, and the races could be simulcast across the globe from Pahrump, Nevada. This would effectively bring neighbors closer to us all from all over the world and I can only see this as a very good thing for all of Nye County and Nevada as a whole. I would love to work at this track with the horses or in maintenance perhaps, but if I do nothing else I hope to infect some of you with enthusiasm and moral support for this project.

I have no stake in this whatsoever, my interest is for the sake of the people of Nye County, Nevada, and the USA in that order and equally even if it might mean more flies during the Summer months. It’s not like all the raw trash piled up in the town dump causes any fewer flies. Given also that BLM can round up 1000 wild horses from our backyard every 2-3 years tells me that any argument spoken in that vein would be a load of road apples. The difference between how much manure a wild horse excretes compared to a racehorse is like comparing light to dark. Wild horses drop some huge piles.

To that end, the developers are forward-thinking in their approach to the issues of water conservation, reclamation, and flies. A high-tech reclamation process will be designed for that purpose. Meanwhile, a manure processing facility will help deter a lot of the flies. They say that it will tend to make the project more sustainable for the future.

There’s no question that raw fertilizer is going to come in handy in the coming days, but this is the perfect time for a project like this for Pahrump and I hope the Commissioners will agree as one. Our economy is based upon the confidence of the American consumer and confidence remains high in spite of the destructive economic disaster called the DNC.

But I digress. Feel free to prove me wrong anyway. Meanwhile, back to business.

The new multi-use facility would also have an education and training center that could be utilized for activities held by the FFA (Future Farmers of America) 4H groups, and it could play host to other community-driven events such as weddings, graduations, and the like. Just as Jeff Zidek, a consultant associated with the project said, “There is a major opportunity here. The western part of the country has very few tracks.” Indeed so. It’s about the community.” he added

No doubt about that in my mind. The project’s plans call for no fewer than 96 dormitories to be built on-site to house the workers. The developers say the Pahrump Valley Equine Performance Center of Excellence is going to draw thousands of visitors to Pahrump’s new hotels, restaurants nightlife, and shopping choices and Nye County can expect to see some fresh new revenue from the $39,000,000,000 industry that employs approximately 1,.4 million people in countless full-time jobs.

The main concerns of everyone involved in this historic project are many, but the group has taken a lot of comprehensive, and innovative new approaches to those concerns, and by George, I think they’ve got it!