Michael Allan Scott writes,

Dear Charles,

You’re an avid reader, right? Me too, time permitting. My Goodreads shelf count stands 513 books, and those are just the ones I remember. I have 165 E-books on my kindle and a ton of paperback and hardback books in almost every room of the house. When it comes to fiction, I read most genres. While I read a lot, I know I don’t read anywhere near as much as many of you. That’s why your opinions are important to me.

I’m hoping to get your input, dig a little deeper into your likes/dislikes. Here’s a quick, 5-question survey. Your feedback would be most helpful. I’ll see that you are emailed a copy of the results.

I realize your time is valuable. Please accept this newly published short story as a small token of my appreciation. For the download link to your FREE short story – CLICK HERE 

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Our dear friend Franklin Graham writes:

Responding to an Urgent Spiritual Need This Easter

Dear Friend,

“How do you tell a child that there’s no water?” Those are the words of a distressed Venezuelan mother during a recent massive, nationwide blackout that cut off power to homes, hospitals, and everything else for many days, even shutting down water systems for entire cities.

With most basic necessities in desperately short supply and their paychecks almost worthless because of hyperinflation, despairing Venezuelans are leaving the country—thousands every day.

Many are streaming across the international bridge to Cúcuta, Colombia. That city’s population of about 725,000 has bulged to more than a million as refugees arrive in search of hope.

Pastors in Cúcuta see an urgent spiritual need among both refugees and residents, and they invited us to come help them by holding an evangelistic Crusade. You can help share real hope with people in Cúcuta as we go there this week to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ at a Festival of Hope.
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Franklin Graham
President & CEO
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Casting Shadows Everywhere

I wanted to share some relics of the Vargus & McBain past and get your opinion on something, but first, let me say this:

The Casting Shadows Everywhere launch is off to an awesome start. We hit numerous #1 spots in the new release charts. Thanks so much to everyone who grabbed a copy.

The link is here if you didn’t snag it yet. Get it while it’s 40% off:
Casting Shadows Everywhere on Amazon

Hilariously enough, the 2019 edition of Casting Shadows Everywhere sold more copies in a day than the original version sold in its first year. Craziness. You guys are some rabid book animals, and I respect your voracious appetites for literature.

I wanted to share the cover history of our first book. All of this artwork was done by LT, but I did contribute by bugging her pretty much the whole time she worked on them. (Her anguish really comes through in the art. My work here is done.)

Let us know which one you like best:

The May 2013 cover looks like an Agatha Christie book, but I still think it’s a cool cover.

The first revision of the cover looks darker and more modern. We put this out some time in mid-2014, I think.

The brand new cover for the 2019 edition is my favorite, I think.

So what say you? Which cover do you like best?

We’ll have more news soon, so keep an eye on that inbox.

-Tim & LT


The Violet Darger series 
Dead End Girl (Book 1)
Image in a Cracked Mirror (A Novella)
Killing Season (Book 2)
The Last Victim (A Novella)
The Girl in the Sand (Book 3)
Bad Blood (Book 4)
Five Days Post Mortem (Book 5)
Book 6 – coming soon!

The Victor Loshak series 
Beyond Good & Evil (Book 1) 
The Good Life Crisis (A Novella) 
Book 2 – coming soon!

The Scattered and the Dead series 
Book 0.5 
Book 1 
Book 1.5 
Book 2 
Book 2.5 
Book 2.6 
Book 3 – coming soon!

The complete Awake in the Dark series 
Fade to Black (Book 1)
Bled White (Book 2)
Red on the Inside (Book 3)
Back in Black (Book 4)
Beyond the Blue (Book 5)

Standalone Novels 
Casting Shadows Everywhere 
The Clowns 

L.T. Vargus & Tim McBain

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