Casting Shadows Everywhere

I wanted to share some relics of the Vargus & McBain past and get your opinion on something, but first, let me say this:

The Casting Shadows Everywhere launch is off to an awesome start. We hit numerous #1 spots in the new release charts. Thanks so much to everyone who grabbed a copy.

The link is here if you didn’t snag it yet. Get it while it’s 40% off:
Casting Shadows Everywhere on Amazon

Hilariously enough, the 2019 edition of Casting Shadows Everywhere sold more copies in a day than the original version sold in its first year. Craziness. You guys are some rabid book animals, and I respect your voracious appetites for literature.

I wanted to share the cover history of our first book. All of this artwork was done by LT, but I did contribute by bugging her pretty much the whole time she worked on them. (Her anguish really comes through in the art. My work here is done.)

Let us know which one you like best:

The May 2013 cover looks like an Agatha Christie book, but I still think it’s a cool cover.

The first revision of the cover looks darker and more modern. We put this out some time in mid-2014, I think.

The brand new cover for the 2019 edition is my favorite, I think.

So what say you? Which cover do you like best?

We’ll have more news soon, so keep an eye on that inbox.

-Tim & LT


The Violet Darger series 
Dead End Girl (Book 1)
Image in a Cracked Mirror (A Novella)
Killing Season (Book 2)
The Last Victim (A Novella)
The Girl in the Sand (Book 3)
Bad Blood (Book 4)
Five Days Post Mortem (Book 5)
Book 6 – coming soon!

The Victor Loshak series 
Beyond Good & Evil (Book 1) 
The Good Life Crisis (A Novella) 
Book 2 – coming soon!

The Scattered and the Dead series 
Book 0.5 
Book 1 
Book 1.5 
Book 2 
Book 2.5 
Book 2.6 
Book 3 – coming soon!

The complete Awake in the Dark series 
Fade to Black (Book 1)
Bled White (Book 2)
Red on the Inside (Book 3)
Back in Black (Book 4)
Beyond the Blue (Book 5)

Standalone Novels 
Casting Shadows Everywhere 
The Clowns 

L.T. Vargus & Tim McBain

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13 Keys to a Lasting Connection

I am going to keep this posted on my website so that anytime I find myself being moved away from my center by a troll I can look at it and focus again until it becomes an ingrained habit. Thanks for the advice. @CharlesRamos63

Health Hot Spot

A connection can be defined as an exchange of emotion.  Connections are so important that a lack in that area is worse for your health than smoking or diabetes.  In fact, the brain interprets social isolation in the same way that it interprets physical pain.  Sean Stephenson’s article, “13 Steps to Build Meaningful, Human Connections with Anyone,” lays out 13 techniques that build lasting connections with others.

  1. Ask a person their name, repeat it to them, and use it again during your conversation. (A person’s name is part of their identity, so saying it shows that you are remembering them.)
  2. Give the person you’re with 100% of your focus so that they feel seen.
  3. Ask the other person for their opinion.  You don’t have to agree with them.  It is a gesture that shows that you value what they have to say, and it’s more likely…

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14 Sleep Tips from Dr. Weil

Health Hot Spot

  1. 1-2 hours before bed, turn off all blue light-emitting devices.  Melatonin regulates your sleep, and blue light from your electronic devices suppresses melatonin production.
  2. Charge your phone in another room to avoid the temptation to check it at night.
  3. Stop eating a few hours before bedtime.  Digestion can interrupt sleep.
  4. Take an after-dinner walk.
  5. Use lavender oil (relaxes you for sleep) or lemon balm oil (reduces restlessness and anxiety) in a warm bath or diffuser.
  6. Buy a supportive mattress and a comfortable pillow/sheets.
  7. Keep your bedroom temperature cool.
  8. Buy blackout curtains for your windows.
  9. Keep your room environment quiet.  A white noise or pink noise generator can help.
  10. Do a breathing exercise/meditation to help calm your thoughts.
  11. Reduce your caffeine intake, especially after 12:00 p.m.
  12. Get outside in the morning to expose yourself to the morning light.  Morning light increases quality sleep and lowers feelings of stress.
  13. Exercise. Exercising could…

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Mysticism – Spectrum Of Enormity!



Mysticism – Spectrum Of Enormity!

Embracing the spiritual, uncovering what others do not know, seeing what is usually not seen, moving beyond the physical and into the Realm of Spiritual Mysticism or also known as The Spiritual Metaphysical.

Mysticism comes with an enormous spectrum, this spectrum beginning with the basics of dreaming, lucid / prophetic dreaming, sensing other people’s feelings without words or expressions, receiving / sending thoughts / images, working with quantum energies we are all part of, or even purely just mystic wisdom, knowledge, or an ongoing mystic curiosity of the cosmos.

Lucid Being

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Vegas Valley Sports Beat

 June 25, 2018Charles Ramos Jrgold and silver pawnlas vegasmemorialnewsold manpawn starsrichard harrison


Greetings sports fans and thank you for joining me here on a dark Monday afternoon in Las Vegas as the world has just been given the news of the passing of one of the brightest stars in a city filled with stars.


Monday morning Rick Harrison The Old Man’s son posted on Instagram:

rick_harrison Richard Benjamin ‘The Old Man’ Harrison passed away this morning surrounded by those he loved. He will be tremendously missed by our family, the team at Gold & Silver Pawn and his many fans the world over. He was my hero and I was fortunate to get a very cool ‘Old Man’ as my dad. That I got to share him with so many others and they got to see what a great family man he was is something I am grateful to have experienced with him. He lived a very full life and through the History television show ‘Pawn Stars’ touched the lives of people all over, teaching them the value of loving your family, hard work and humor. We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers and ask that we are provided some privacy at this time.rick_harrison Today I lost a friend, a father, a teacher and so much more. The Old Man lost his long battle with Parkinson’s this morning. Love you Dad. See you on the other side.

I’m sure we can all agree that we have all in our own way lost a friend and teacher as well. Richard Harrison’s dry humor and rapier-sharp wit was always a delight for me to watch and I have seen almost every episode of the show. His quick temper gave testament to his depth of character as well in the sense that he never suffered fools gladly without making it clear to them. No matter who it was.

I have had the opportunity to visit the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop on Las Vegas Boulevard twice and I not only got the T-shirt, but when I was in Colorado I wrote to Rick Harrison to set him straight on a point of historical fact that he had gotten wrong about George Washington’s troops not having rifled musket barrels. Much to my surprise, (not to mention shock) I got a manilla envelope in the mail one day some weeks later and the only thing inside was a huge photograph of Rick, Corey, and The Old Man.


I gave that photograph to my older brother for his birthday the following year because he really loves the show. As do I, but now it stays in the family.

The Harrison family opened their iconic Las Vegas pawn shop in 1988. Then, in 2009 it became world famous as the centerpiece of the smash TV hit reality show on the History Channel called, of course, Pawn Stars. The show starred, The Old Man,  his son, Rick  Grandson Corey and Corey’s best friend Austin Russel who the world knows and loves as “Chumlee.”

Monday Chumlee posted on Instagram, “It’s hard to believe he is gone. He was such a big part of my life and treated me like family. I miss him greatly and will carry the lessons he taught me throughout my life. You could always count on him to straighten you out and make you laugh and both of those things  I need.”

Don’t we all.

Rick Harrison has asked for the grieving public to respect the family’s privacy at this time as he announced Monday morning that his beloved father, had succumbed to a long-running battle with Parkinson’s Disease

Richard Harrison was a veteran of the United States Navy who was very proud to have served his country on 4 different ships while attaining the rank of First Class Petty Officer. A grateful nation that will surely miss him as much as anyone salutes the passing of a salty old sailor. So long to you and fare thee well Old Man. You are greatly loved and mourned by millions of your fans who I’m sure cannot wait to see you again one day in the sky.

Speaking for myself; for your service to our nation, and especially for coming into our homes and leaving behind so many wonderful memories…


R.I.P. Old Man.