The White House • November 4, 2019
WATCH: Washington Nationals present President Trump with team jerseyA few hours ago, President Donald J. Trump welcomed the 2019 World Series champion Washington Nationals to the White House for a celebration on the South Lawn.

🎬 Watch: Nationals give President Trump a #45 jersey! 

“America fell in love with Nats baseball,” President Trump told a cheering crowd.

Nationals first baseman Ryan Zimmerman—one of many players to speak during the event—presented the President with a ceremonial team jersey. “Thank you for having us here. This is an incredible honor,” Zimmerman said. “We’d also like to thank you for keeping everyone here safe in our country, and continuing to make America the greatest country to live in the world.”
Watch: President Trump welcomes the 2019 World Series champion Nationals!

The left keeps getting it wrong, and states like Kentucky keep soaringThe buildup to last Friday’s jobs report had a familiar story: Market “experts” and liberal critics of the President joined to boldly predict that October would be a lousy month for job growth. The booming Trump Economy would finally grind to a halt, they said.

But if there’s one thing these “experts” are consistent with, it’s being reliably wrong in anything having to do with President Trump or his policies.

🎬 Larry Kudlow: The facts don’t lie: “Middle-income families are flourishing.”
Friday’s jobs report smashed all expectations—yet again—as the economy added 128,000 new jobs during the month of October. That tally far exceeds the 85,000 mark predicted by economists. (The real number is even better: Accounting for the recently resolved General Motors strike, as well as for positive revisions to the totals for August and September, more than 300,000 jobs have been added to the U.S. economy.)

The historic news didn’t end there. Wages are on the rise across America, with 15 straight months and counting of 3 percent or higher average hourly pay increases.

President Trump is heading to Kentucky tonight, where this blue-collar, middle-class boom is lifting up families across the state—even if the Beltway media can’t bring itself to acknowledge the success of hardworking Americans under a conservative President.  

In the Bluegrass State, the numbers tell the story:
1. 48,000 jobs have been added in Kentucky since President Trump’s election.
2. That total includes 7,400 manufacturing jobs and 1,800 construction jobs.
3. Kentucky’s unemployment rate reached 4% earlier this year, the lowest rate ever recorded in the state. 
4.Its unemployment rate has been under 5% for 26 consecutive months, something that didn’t happen even once under the previous Administration.

Those results aren’t likely to change anytime soon—unless things get even better. Last month, UPS announced plans to invest $750 million and create an additional 1,000 jobs at their major air hub in Louisville.

The liberal echo chamber might want to pump the brakes on their doom-and-gloom predictions for a while. For a better barometer of how America is doing, they can put down their “expert” op-eds, step outside the Beltway, and talk to some American workers. With more than 6.7 million jobs added since President Trump’s election, the best is yet to come.
Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq all climb to records as stock market extends gains.

History being made: African-American unemployment hits new record low!

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Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks
President Trump is presented with a jersey from the 2019 World Series champion Washington Nationals | November 4, 2019

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White House Press Briefing 10/09/2019
The White House • October 9, 2019
President Trump is protecting Americans from Big Government
During the Obama Administration, it became common practice for Federal agencies to target and penalize American families and small businesses. They got away with it by hiding behind vague, often secret interpretations regarding how ordinary citizens should comply with the government’s own maze of bureaucratic regulations.

When President Donald J. Trump took office, he pledged to turn the page on Washington’s regulatory overreach, giving the American people a government that’s finally accountable to its citizens. Building on that promise, the President signed a pair of Executive Orders today to ensure that the abuses that took place under the last Administration can never happen again.

Americans will no longer be kept in the dark.

First, Agencies will have to place their guidance documents on easily searchable public websites, allowing any American access to them. The government will be required to permit citizens to give their input on these guidelines, and they will have the ability to ask agencies to withdraw guidance they believe is wrong. Second, agencies will be strictly prohibited from enforcing rules that have not been made publicly known.

These common-sense changes come alongside the President’s historic efforts to cut burdensome red tape. In his first week in office, he issued a challenge to his Administration: For every new regulation introduced, 2 old ones must be cut.

That goal has been met—to say the least. As of today, the tally is 14 regulations that have been cut for every significant new one implemented. That makes for the largest deregulatory push since Ronald Reagan was President.

Unlike Obama, President Trump is protecting Americans from Big Government.

Acting OMB Director: “Trump Keeps Promise to Tame Bureaucracy That Runs Roughshod Over Americans”President Trump signs ‘game-changing’ trade deal with Japan
During the U.N. General Assembly last month, President Trump continued to fight for fairer trade deals for American workers. The results of that hard work came to light Monday, when the President signed a pair of groundbreaking deals at the White House.

“These two deals represent a tremendous victory for both of our nations,” President Trump said. “They will create countless jobs, expand investment and commerce, reduce our trade deficit very substantially, promote fairness and reciprocity, and unlock the vast opportunities for growth.”

🎬 President Trump: This is a groundbreaking achievement for the U.S. and Japan

America’s farming community is the big winner from the first of Monday’s agreements, which dramatically expands their market access. Before this deal, Japan was already America’s third largest agricultural export market—accounting for $14.1 billion in food and agricultural exports last year. The terms are even better now, as Japan will eliminate or reduce tariffs on approximately $7.2 billion in U.S. agricultural goods.

Once the agreement goes into effect, more than 90 percent of American agricultural imports into Japan will be duty free or receive preferential tariff access.

“In the United States, these deals are a game-changer for our farmers and our ranchers . . . [they] will now be able to compete fairly in Japan against major competitors worldwide,” the President said.

The second deal signed on Monday focuses on digital trade, setting the same “gold standard” digital trade rules that are found in the President’s landmark United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA). Vital online commerce will now be expanded, which brings a significant boost to the already roughly $40 billion worth of digital trade between America and Japan. It ensures America will remain a global leader in digital.

The President’s deal with Japan is a win for American farmers and businesses.
Photo of the Day
Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour
U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Robert Lighthizer and Japanese Ambassador to the United States Shinsuke Sugiyama display their signatures after signing the U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement and the U.S.-Japan Digital Trade Agreement | October 7, 2019

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FROM 1600 DAILY – 9/12/2019

The White House • September 12, 2019
A disturbing trend affecting 5 million American children
In the Oval Office yesterday, President Donald J. Trump announced bold action from his Administration to combat a new type of addiction threatening American families.

“We have a problem in our country. It’s a new problem. It’s a problem nobody really thought about too much a few years ago, and it’s called ‘vaping,'” the President said. “And the parents don’t know too much about it.”

About 8 million adults use e-cigarettes today—but so do 5 million American children. “An entire generation of children risk becoming addicted to nicotine because of the attractiveness, appeal-ability, and availability of these vaping products,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said.

WatchTrump Administration removes all flavored e-cigarettes from the market.

To protect our children and ensure that e-cigarettes return to their original function—helping adults gradually overcome nicotine addiction from tobacco products—President Trump has authorized the Food and Drug Administration to finalize rules that ban the sale of all flavored e-cigarettes.

The President’s actions come as a result of new data, not yet released, from the National Youth Tobacco survey. Secretary Azar briefed the President and First Lady on the new report yesterday, which shows a surge in adolescent usage of e-cigarettes. It also confirmed that children are drawn to flavored e-cigarette products in particular.

The ban will cover all non-tobacco flavored e-cigarettes, which includes bubblegum, fruit, alcohol, mint, and menthol flavored products.

See the chart First Lady Melania Trump shared on child e-cigarette usage.

More“Melania Trump calls for government action against e-cigarettes”Remembering the heroes of United Flight 93
While President Trump and the First Lady led a moment of silence on the White House South Lawn yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence traveled to Shanksville, Pennsylvania, to visit the Flight 93 National Memorial. The memorial stands on the very ground where the plane crashed 18 years ago. The President and First Lady visited the site last year.

 Vice President Pence: A “common field” became a “field of honor forever”

On a beautiful Tuesday morning 18 years ago, Flight 93 left Newark Airport bound for San Francisco, carrying 40 heroic passengers and crew members from across our country. Within 81 minutes of takeoff, their lives would be taken from us. The heroic actions they took in that short time frame have earned them a place of honor in history.

“America was attacked on September the 11th, but America took the fight back to our enemies on that very same day, not on some foreign battlefield, but right here in the skies above these fields, where the heroes of Flight 93 were forged,” the Vice President said.

“History records they ran forward. They charged toward the cockpit. At 10:03 a.m., Flight 93 plummeted to the Earth.”

Today, the names of these 40 men and women are etched in marble in that field, the Vice President explained. “I want to assure their precious families, they’re also carved into the hearts and the memory of the American people.”

Learn more about the Flight 93 National Memorial.

🎬 More: President Trump and the First Lady at the Pentagon 9/11 ceremony
Video of the day: First Lady at the Kennedy Center
First Lady Melania Trump recently helped dedicate the REACH, a new immersive learning theater at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

As Honorary Chair of the Kennedy Center, Mrs. Trump opened the exhibit with remarks at the Center’s new Welcome Pavilion. “This is a momentous occasion for the arts,” she said. “The Kennedy Center has always been a powerful tool to bring people together. This new addition will be so valuable to Washington D.C. and is so important to our community and to our nation as a whole.”
Photo of the Day
Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour
Vice President Mike Pence addresses State and local officials from Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah at the White House State Leadership Day in the South Court Auditorium | September 12, 2019

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The White House • September 11, 2019
President Trump leads moment of silence for September 11 victims

Eighteen years ago, America and the world were forever changed. Confronted by a series of cowardly acts of terror, the United States once again demonstrated to the world the unmatched strength of our resolve and the indomitable power of our character.

This morning, President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump—along with Americans all across our country—honored and mourned the nearly 3,000 lives we lost.

On the South Lawn of the White House, the President and First Lady led a moment of silence beginning at 8:46 a.m.—the exact time when the first plane struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center. They were joined by families of victims from that day, looking out onto the National Mall as the White House flag flew at half-staff behind them.

Shortly after, the First Couple traveled to Arlington, Virginia, where the President spoke at the September 11th Pentagon Observance Ceremony. Addressing both victims’ families and members of our Armed Services, he explained how this day is seared into the soul of every American who lived through it. For President Trump, the day carries particular significance, as he witnessed the events in New York as a resident of the city.  

“I vividly remember when I first heard the news,” he said, adding that he was looking out a Midtown Manhattan window when he watched the second plane crash into the World Trade Center. Soon after, like many other New Yorkers, he went down to Ground Zero, looking to help out in any small way he could.

“But for the families who join us, this is your anniversary of personal and permanent loss. It’s the day that has replayed in your memory a thousand times over,” he said.

“You waited, you prayed, you answered that most dreaded call, and your life changed forever. To each of you: The First Lady and I are united with you in grief. We come here in the knowledge that we cannot erase the pain or reverse the evil of that dark and wretched day, but we offer you all that we have: our unwavering loyalty, our undying devotion, and our eternal pledge that your loved ones will never, ever be forgotten.”

In the midst of the attack, the world also witnessed the awesome power of American strength and resolve. It could be seen in the perseverance of the brave first responders in both New York and at the Pentagon, as well as in the 40 passengers and crew aboard Flight 93.

One such hero was retired Army Colonel Rick Rescorla, who gave his own life to save many others. After a decorated military career serving in the Vietnam War, Rick went on to become the Vice President for Security at Morgan Stanley in the World Trade Center. On September 11, Rick died while leading people in the South Tower to safety.

It’s estimated that his actions that day saved 2,700 lives. This morning, President Trump honored Rick’s incredible sacrifice by awarding him the Presidential Citizens Medal.

“The future of our nation is secured through the vigilance of our people: The brave men and women who tore through the gates of hell to save the hurt and the wounded . . . Each of your lives tells the story of courage and character, virtue and valor, resilience and resolve, loyalty and love,” the President said.  

“This morning, we make a sacred vow to carry on this noble legacy.”

What the World Learned on September 11, 2001

 President Trump: On 9/11, “the world witnessed the power of American defiance”
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Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, joined by members of the White House staff, observe a moment of silence on the South Lawn in remembrance of September 11, 2001 | September 11, 2019

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