Win the gun Joe Biden wants banned!

From Marjorie Taylor Greene on March 24, 2021

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress are working to impose the most radical gun-control schemes into law. 

This is the most VICIOUS attacks on the Second Amendment our country as ever seen.

As the #1 defender of gun rights in Congress, I will always fight against dangerous “Red Flag” gun confiscation, magazine bans, ammo bans and every other plot to strip away your Second Amendment rights. 

In fact, in support of our Second Amendment, the right that protects all others, I’m giving away the same type of gun the left wants to ban!

Enter To Win the Honey Badger!

This is the same type of gun that TRIGGERS the Fake News Media and Democrats all across the country.

And it’s the same type of gun the hate-America gun-grabbers in DC would love to BAN if they ever get the votes.

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Enter To Win the Honey Badger!

— Marjorie Taylor Greene
Congresswoman (R-GA)

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ICYMI: This Election is About Your Liberty

Donald Trump Jr.
North State Journal

The Democrats are coming for your freedom — not just your AR-15.  

No one is surprised to hear that Joe Biden wants to restrict our Second Amendment rights. If his close affinity with Beto “we’re-going-to-take-your-AR-15” O’Rourke wasn’t enough to convince you, just look at Biden’s published gun control wish list.  

If Biden were to win, he plans to limit the number of guns you can purchase, force you into buy-back programs and gun registries, and cripple our domestic gun manufacturers by making them liable for guns they produce.  

While Biden is open and proud of his anti-gun positions, he is less transparent on other issues. 

Biden is against many of the most successful charter schools. He has said he would ban charter schools operated by businesses. He opposes opportunity scholarships that allow students and parents to select a school environment or curriculum that is right for them. In short, he is an avowed enemy of school choice. 

On public safety, Biden spent the summer in his basement in relative silence while rioting, looting and burning was happening across the country in cities controlled 100% by Democrats. He also openly endorsed “redirecting” police funding, though he has since walked those comments back after it became clear that it could cost him votes this November. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any better from there. 

ICYMI: How to Spot a Zombie: Joe Biden Edition

How to Spot a Zombie: Joe Biden Edition

President Trump’s re-election campaign has launched a new public service announcement offering tips to viewers on how to spot a zombie in its natural habitat during the Halloween season. The ad lists multiple telltale signs that an individual is a zombie, including aggressive behavior, a craving for human flesh, and uttering incoherent moans and groans.

The ad calls on voters to cast their ballot for President Trump on Election Day and keep zombies like Joe Biden out of the White House. After all, what could be spookier than a Joe Biden presidency? This ad will air on “Fear the Walking Dead,” and “The Walking Dead: World Beyond.”

Click here to watch “Zombie”

ICYMI: Trump Campaign Ad Slams Biden for His Attacks on the Energy Industry

Trump Campaign Ad Slams Biden for His Attacks on the Energy Industry

On the heels of last night’s debate, the Trump Campaign today launched a new ad exposing Joe Biden’s plans to ban fracking and destroy the energy industry. While President Trump proposes pro-growth policies to deliver the Great American Comeback and maintain energy independence, Joe Biden would happily sacrifice millions of good, blue-collar jobs in the oil and gas industry to appease his radical base. As last night’s debate proved, Joe Biden is an empty vessel for the radical left and cannot be trusted to lead our country’s economic recovery. As Jen says in this ad, if Joe Biden has his way, it will be the “end of a lot of livelihoods.”

This ad will air in Pennsylvania and as a part of the $55 million in combined spending between the Republican National Committee and the Trump Campaign in the closing weeks of the election.

Click Here to Watch “Jennifer”

ICYMI: New Trump Campaign Ad Slams Joe Biden’s History of Racist Policies and Remarks

Trump Campaign Ad Slams Joe Biden’s History of Racist Policies and Remarks

The Trump Campaign has launched a new ad denouncing Joe Biden’s forty-seven year history of enacting discriminatory policies and insulting Americans of color. The ad highlights Joe Biden’s support of legislation that ripped apart Black families and wrecked their communities. It also showcases Biden’s repeated, racist attacks against Black Americans who happen to disagree with his policy agenda. While President Trump promises continued success for the Black community through his Platinum Plan, Joe Biden plans to enact the same policies which have hurt Black Americans for decades.

This release comes on the heels of a tough night for Joe Biden, where he was repeatedly confronted by voters about his troublesome record. Biden had zero answers for voters last night, and has zero answers for how he will lift a finger to improve the lives of Black Americans should he be elected.  This ad is part of this week’s eight figure ad buy and will run on select network cable outlets. 

Click Here to Watch “Insult”

ICYMI: Trump Campaign Launches “Por Trump,” A New Spanish Ad Featuring Hit Song by Salsa Band Los 3 de La Habana

Trump Campaign Launches “Por Trump,” A New Spanish Ad Featuring Hit Song By Salsa Band Los 3 de La Habana

ICYMI: Joe Biden: 47 Years of Failure, 0 Answers

Joe Biden: 47 Years of Failure, 0 Answers

On yet another day where Joe Biden is hiding in his basement while President Trump is out on the campaign trail, the Trump campaign has released a new ad highlighting Biden’s 47 years of absolute failure and status as the embodiment of the Washington D.C. swamp.  Joe Biden is a diminished, Washington D.C. insider who has spent 47 years in politics and has done nothing for the American people, instead using his status to enrich his family and himself.  With mere days left until the election, he hides from the American people and the press, refusing to answer for his radical agenda, record of failure, and evidence of corruption. Joe Biden simply has no explanation for his disastrous policies and decades of failed leadership.

Click here to watch “Delaware”

ICYMI: The Hill: Republicans surpass 150 million voter contacts

Tal Axelrod
The Hill

The GOP has surpassed a milestone in voter contacts in the 2020 cycle, reaching 150 million voters through door knocks and phone calls as it looks to produce a spike in Republican turnout in next month’s elections. 

The number of contacts by Trump Victory, the joint field effort between the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Trump campaign, surpasses the high-water mark set by former President Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012 and nearly doubles the 71 million total voter contacts the group made in 2016. 

The milestone, reported first by The Hill, comes as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has seen surges in fundraising, allowing him to spend large sums of money on advertising.

The former vice president has relied more on virtual engagements and dumping millions of dollars into national and swing state ad buys as a way of appealing to voters during the coronavirus pandemic while following social distancing guidelines. He has only recently resumed in-person canvassing.

ICYMI: Trump Campaign, Nevada GOP File Suit In Nevada, Demand Transparency and Accountability in Nevada Election System

Trump Campaign, Nevada GOP File Suit In Nevada, Demand Transparency and Accountability in Nevada Election System

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., along with the Nevada Republican Party, today filed suit in the First Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada in Carson City against the Nevada Secretary of State and other Nevada election officials over their disregard for the election integrity principles of transparency, accountability, and equal treatment under the law. The Campaign’s lawsuit demands that the state ensure transparency in the ballot counting process, affirm the secrecy of voters’ ballots, and treat all voters equally under voter eligibility and signature authentication laws.

Matthew Morgan, Trump 2020 General Counsel: “President Trump has long fought for a free, fair, transparent election. Today he takes that fight to Nevada’s election officials, who would apparently prefer to avoid accountability and hide ballot processing and counting behind closed doors rather than do so transparently, as the law requires. In a voting system that Democrats rammed into place less than 100 days from Election Day, the highest levels of transparency and accountability are necessary to ensure every valid ballot in Nevada counts—once.”

Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald: “Transparency is paramount to ensure Nevadans the right to a free and fair election. Clark County’s refusal to allow people to observe the handling of ballots and their low standards for matching signatures should disturb all voters. It is troubling that those trusted to run our elections are going to have to be compelled by the court to follow state law and protect this election. We join President Trump in his fight for transparency and accountability in Nevada’s election system.”

Nevada’s election officials have undermined election integrity by keeping the voting process secret.

  • The Trump Campaign’s Petition for Writ of Mandamus, or in the Alternative, Writ of Prohibition is available here.
  • Nevada law, NRS 293B.353(1), is clear that local election officials “shall allow members of the general public to observe the counting of the ballots at the central counting place if those members do not interfere with the counting of the ballots.” Clark County is disregarding this clear statutory obligation to accommodate poll observers and ensure transparency. The Trump Campaign and Nevada GOP request the court mandate Clark County allow meaningful observation of the ballot counting process.
  • Clark County has failed to protect ballot secrecy as required by AB4, Section 16.(1)(c), leaving opened ballots in envelopes with voter identifying information. We request the court restore the secret ballot under Nevada law by using new unmarked envelopes to move opened ballots.
  • Despite limiting the number of observers out of COVID-19 concerns, Clark County has unreasonably rejected the Republican Party’s offer to pay for cameras to observe the ballot counting process in lieu of having individuals present while minimizing public health concerns during observation. We request the court mandate Clark County accommodate camera placement to ensure transparency while mitigating health concerns.
  • Nevada has a process to challenge the eligibility of voters who vote in-person under NRS 293.303, but unequally and arbitrarily gives voters who vote by mail an advantage by offering no comparable challenge process for mail-in voters. We request the court ensure Nevada treat all voters equally under the same eligibility process, rather than single out the in-person voters for disparate treatment in violation of the Constitution’s equal protection guarantee.
  • Contrary to every other county in Nevada, Clark County alone is misusing a signature authentication machine by setting its sensitivity levels below manufacturer standards, creating a two-tiered voter authentication system that denies voters the equal protection of the law. Clark County must not be allowed to dilute the fundamental right to vote of all Nevadans and should be held to the same authentication process as everyone.

The Trump Campaign and the Nevada GOP’s October 21 letter to the Nevada Secretary of State states: Please understand that the NVGOP and the Trump Campaign take seriously the integrity of the election process and will not stand idly by while certain officials tread on the rights of the people to participate in the election and have their votes counted. As such, unless the your office directs Clark County to: (1) allow observation of the entire ballot counting process; (2) assure all such observation is meaningful observation; and (3) accommodate the request of the NVGOP and the Trump Campaign to place cameras so observation can be done in a safe and secure manner, then the NGVOP and the Trump Campaign will have no alternative other than to seek legal relief.

The face of Congressional evil, Maxine Waters spews hatred. As usual.

I’ve been Mexican my entire life so that makes me a person of color according to A. O-C and some other flapping yaps that don’t matter. Since I’m also a card carrying member of one The First Nations, so that makes me a unique shade of color.

I am a Bear Clan warrior, and I have attained among my Kola’s, or peers if you prefer, the rank of Warrior First Class and I have 2 eagle feathers that unlike most Americans I can wear in my hair. One is solid white and the other is a Golden Eagle’s feather. I have a BIA roll card and number which means I was vetted before getting it and they went back more than 700 years to my family in Spain.

My skin is white, and so is my Lilly white buttocks. Only one part of my body is actually Mexican brown and that’s my BMW but we’ll not delve into that here and now. The point is that we are all the same. Our clan is part of The Human Beings, we have a traditional Lakota Lodge and follow the traditional Lakota ways that’s what we aspire to be. Human Beings.

Not just battle ready men without fear of death, but men who stand up for those beneath himself, the weak, the meek, the poor, the tired, the hungry, the huddled masses, and the widow, before themselves and would instantly lay their life down to protect any of them from their enemies, without fear of death.

Anybody who thinks seriously that their brand of Human Being is better than anybody else’s is beyond delusional. We are all made the same inside and out. We all have the same common DNA that links us to one another as brothers and sisters.

Pigmentation doesn’t really count for much considering a tattoo artist can change a person’s skin color. Considering the inescapable fact that this Mexican Indian or Mestizo has not seen one blessed drop of privilege from the coloration that I can call to mind. It sure as hell wasn’t when I was walking through black neighborhoods but then again I have never had any problems when I did.

If you think being color X Y or Z makes you a better human being then good for you, but you really have no business being in an adult conversation unless it’s to shut your mouth and listen until you finally wake up and wise up.

Charles Ramos Jr. – Publisher