The White House – Friday, June 26th, 2020

Trump Wants Federal Hiring to Focus on Skills Over Degrees

-The Associated Press
President Trump signed an executive order today that prioritizes skills over degrees for many federal jobs. “Aides say the change will create more opportunities for Americans to work for the federal government,” Darlene Superville reports in The Associated Press.

Trump Is Right About Police. We Ask Officers to Take on Too Many Duties.
-USA Today
“President Donald Trump’s executive order on policing has been pilloried by the ‘defund the police’ crowd who want substantial police reforms. But Trump’s approach represents the best hope yet for improving policing . . . By narrowing the role of policing, both police critics and supporters can achieve their aims,” Jason Johnson writes.

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Boston Korean War Vet’s Family Thanks President Trump in Search for Remains
Boston Herald
“Army 1st Lt. Thomas J. Redgate is finally coming home to Massachusetts, decades after being killed in action during the Korean War,” Joe Dwinell writes in the Boston Herald. “Without President Trump, this never would have happened,” said Redgate’s nephew. “We are eternally grateful to him.”
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‘One Job at A Time’ Strategy Brings Ship Construction to Marinette
Wisconsin State Journal
President Trump visited Wisconsin yesterday to celebrate a new $5.5 billion Navy shipbuilding contract. “Together, the Marinette shipyard’s contribution to America’s defenses and to job creation perfectly capture a key guiding principle of the Trump administration, namely, that ‘economic security is national security,'” White House Director of Trade & Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro writes.

200 Judges: A Milestone for President Trump
-USA Today
“This week the Senate reached a milestone, confirming President Trump’s 200th judge,” Carrie Campbell Severino writes in USA Today. “The 200 confirmations occurred in the face of unprecedented obstacles. Democrats, intent for years on using the courts to impose their own policy agenda, abused one Senate process after another.”

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