Trump’s Greatest Accomplishments Are What He Hasn’t Done

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From The White House – October 22, 2020
“Under immense pressure by the media and other Democratic operatives, at a time when nearly all global leaders were using the pandemic as an excuse to seize greater control, Trump did not,” Mollie Hemingway writes in The Federalist.
“Whether it’s not seizing power at a time nearly all other executives have, not launching wars in the manner of his predecessors, or not ignoring the campaign promises he made, some of President Donald Trump’s greatest accomplishments are what he hasn’t done.”
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“Across the globe, the [Chinese Communist Party] aims to spread propaganda, restrict speech, and exploit personal data to malign ends. The United States, accordingly, cannot simply ignore the CCP’s ideological objectives. Washington must understand that the fight against Chinese aggression first requires recognizing it and defending ourselves against it,” National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien writes for Foreign Affairs.

“President Trump often says that his ‘America First’ foreign policy does not mean ‘America Alone.’ Nowhere is this better exemplified than in the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement . . . [USMCA] replaces the outdated, ineffective North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and better positions the American economy and its private sector for success,” Deputy Energy Secretary Mark Menezes writes in Townhall.

“Americans expect their air, water, and land to be clean. In the Trump Administration, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is intently focused on meeting these expectations. This focus has paid off. Since 2017, criteria air pollutant emissions have fallen 7 percent, making air quality the best it’s been since modern recordkeeping began,” Assistant EPA Administrator Susan Bodine writes for RealClearEnergy.

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Dear Twitter, Get On These Nuts. -The Management.

In 1994 and 1995 when I lived in New York I read the New York Times every day from cover to cover and it was very good. Now they print whatever lies suit them to advance the political agenda of the Democrat party and they cannot deny it with a straight face to any reasonably honest person.

I stand on what I said. The level of yellow Journalism at the NYT makes me want to puke and I know I have as much if not more experience writing than they do on the average. 21 years for me.

Nobody goes to Joe Biden’s rallies, Twitter. Prove me wrong or get a lawyer, Jack. I’m dropping a federal civil rights violation lawsuit on you and I can tell you now that you are going to lose no matter who your lawyer is or how many you bring to court with you. Didn’t Joe Biden have to cancel one rally because nobody showed up?

I have seen with my own eyes that if Donald Trump says he’s going to have a get together here in Las Vegas tomorrow 30,000 patriots will show up just to say thank you. Bet me a million dollars they wouldn’t. I’ve heard thousands of very polite and friendly people, people whom Hillary Clinton described as “a basket of deplorables” when I was still willing to vote for her, and did.

I actually had to go to a Trump rally in Las Vegas to see for myself what type of monsters support this bad man all the Democrats are terrified of and hate so vehemently they’re willing to kill destroy America, and the Constitution, and even take the lives and livelihoods of innocent people to prove to everyone just how bad he is. What I saw were tens of thousands of very nice people of every shape size, creed and color being themselves and not one of them pointed a finger at me because I was with the press after I told them I was there to observe objectively nothing more, nothing less.

Meanwhile Trump has brokered peace between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and then with Bahrain about a week later. What has the New York Times done to bring peace to NYC? Not one fucking word. Instead they write to incite. They advocate for public displays of violence by blaming President Trump for shit that even a blind jackass could see is on their own heads.

This bullshit with antifa and BLM whom we I myself know are and arm of the DNC and have for years is a red flag operation and not even a half ass decent one at that. But it is deadly serious and the NYT has a hefty share of the blame to shoulder.

Just as contributory negligence is a phrase that will fuck an insurance claimant in court faster than the Energeezer Bunny on Viagra it also can be applied in any civil dispute and that’s what’s waiting for you at trial, Jack.

What are you going to say when Trump wins, Jack? You know you’re so fucked when he does and you know as well as i do that he is going to win. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it.

To the 83,000,000 people following Donald Trump @realDonaldTrump I urge you to delete your accounts in a show of force, respect and love for our nation, our flag and our President. Our work here is done anyway so why should Twitter be the recipient of any benefit from our hard work when all they ever did was obstruct us at every opportunity? What do you need Twitter or Fakebook for when you have a phone dumbass. You can do all of those things yourself, DUH.

Get off your fat lazy ass and call somebody you love, dick. Send them some pictures directly don’t make a mother fucker go looking for it on Facebook or Twitter. Show some love. Skype your Grandma and Grandpa in the nursing home, or in Timbuktu, wherever they are and show them your love face to face, not by clicking on a heart emoji. You gave all of that responsibility to social media giants and look what happened. They think they can decide what you think and say now. They hold themselves to be above and beyond the law specifically the first Amendment and I can assure you they’re not.

Have they brought you closer to anyone? Nope. Quite the opposite and that is seemingly what they had planned all along. That is called social engineering, not social media. Your smart phone can do everything for you that Fakebook or Twitter can do if you get off your lazy dead ass and do it. If you’re that hard up to impress a complete stranger then dial random numbers and talk to whoever answers like a dear old friend long unseen, and see what happens.

Censorship used to be an ugly work in America and now it’s the new normal. It’s trending and is supposed to be acceptable because a bunch of trolls and spam bots told you so while a board of censors are pouring over your every tweet looking for the bad keywords you cannot use. Trend on these nuts.

We tolerated and respected Obama because he won, and than it was because if you said anything bad about the first black President you were branded a racist by the NYT and other media rags and TV news. Fuck Obama I say it here and now and I know it is true by the evidence I have seen Obama is a traitor and so is Biden. I said it before Trump had the courage to and I’ll say it again and again. I’ll shout it from the rooftops until someone hears me in the DOJ and hopefully goes after them instead of arresting me like they did Roger Stone.

Donald Trump you said before that you would use every resource to go after these people. I have begged the ACLU for help twice when I was brutalized by cops and they said they had better things to do like sue McDonald’s because some stupid bitch didn’t comprehend the word hot. Contributory negligence would have won that case for McDonald’s but apparently, they’re stupid too.

If you or whomever will spring for the attorney I’ll split the jury award with you 50/50 and I’ll donate 90% of my half to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital which I just happened to have helped build. And love. It’s not about me in the least and I am not looking to profit from your crimes, Jack, I’m seeking retribution for them for those against whom you have practiced those crimes. Humanity.

Twitter and Facebook you are hereby put on notice that you are erring on the wrong side of history and by the time we patriots get through with you there won’t be anything left but a lot of worthless stock certificates and the liberal tears running down your legs.

I have never lost a civil law dispute. You know why, Jack? Because I was trained at law and the first lesson on kicking your attorney’s ass all over the courtroom was never pick a fight you haven’t already won. I taught the Archdiocese of New York and Westchester County a lesson about messing with my First Amendment rights in 1994 so before you go hiring a law firm you might want to have a chat with that attorney priest the Diocese sent to convince me I had no case and that I was wrong to sue Westchester County for $300,000,000 dollars for violating my civil rights. He had to admit he was wrong on every point he raised and I was right.

I’m calling you out, Mark and you Jack, and The New York Fucking Times too. You exist at the pleasure of the people you serve, just like Congress does. Just like them that fact has escaped you somehow and you seem to believe that you are too big to fall. We shall see about that on November 4th. We’ll see what you have to say then when you know Trump and the DOJ and the full weight of the Senate Judiciary is going to come down on you hard.

In my opinion you are all garbage and you know it. In the parlance of computer programming what GIGO means don’t you? Garbage in, garbage out.

You’re out.

Trump’S Right to Send Fed Law Officers to Chicago and Other Cities to Fight Crime and Save Lives

Trump Right to Send Fed Law Officers to Chicago and Other Cities to Fight Crime and Save Lives
“By deploying additional federal agents and other resources to communities under attack by violent criminals, the president is carrying out his duty to keep the American people safe,” writes Tom Homan, former Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, for Fox News.
“The only people who should be upset by the president’s actions are the criminals he wants to stop from victimizing innocent men, women and children.”
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“After an effort by the legacy media to disappear the story, the nation is finally hearing about the mayhem and violence overtaking Portland, Oregon . . . This story is now only being covered because President Trump realized local Democratic leadership had no real interest in ending the chaos and sent in federal law enforcement to establish the law and order every American wants and deserves,” Tammy Bruce writes in The Washington Times.

Congress passed the Great American Outdoors Act yesterday, which will achieve “the twin goals of protecting America’s crown jewels and repairing deteriorating infrastructure . . . [it] passed both the Senate and the House with wide bipartisan support and President Trump specifically requested the bill for his signature,” Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) writes in The Hill.

MORE: Ivanka Trump celebrates the bill’s passage in Colorado!
The “Supreme Court decision in Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania was a major victory for freedom of religion and conscience in the United States . . . It was just the latest example of aggressive work by President Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services to protect First Amendment freedoms and then win on those issues in court,” Health & Human Services Secretary Alex Azar writes in the Washington Examiner.

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The Corporate Media Is Now Controlled by the Radical Left

The White House June, 11tth, 2020
The Corporate Media Is Now Controlled by the Radical Left
“Media moguls are resigning at a head-spinning rate, an irrational reaction that’s setting impossible standards and ceding immense power to an unreasonable group of fringe ideologues,” Emily Jashinsky writes in The Federalist.

“And it’s their own fault. They’ve used elite media platforms to embolden these irrational actors for years. They are failing to meet the standards they’ve promoted.”
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“President Donald Trump is signing an executive order [today] that will authorize economic sanctions on employees of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for pursuing investigations into U.S. military and intelligence personnel at Russia’s behest,” Christian Datoc and Henry Rodgers report for The Daily Caller.

“Now that the curves have been flattened, and the virus seems to be moderately contained, why are the city and state still disregarding the economic welfare of not only small businesses like ours, but all Big Apple residents and commuters trying to make ends meet?” writes Alexa Michos in the New York Post.

“Historically, people have been attracted to American journalism because it was the freest imaginable place to work for determined, often quirky individualists. Suddenly, it looks like the opposite of that,” Daniel Henninger writes in The Wall Street Journal.

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Democrats and voter fraud in Nevada — here’s how it will impact you 

We’re still short $15,937 of what we need to fund the STOP BALLOT HARVESTING LEGAL DEFENSE FUND.

 Will you help us fight back? Pitch-in just $2.50 or whatever you can now to the STOP BALLOT HARVESTING LEGAL DEFENSE FUND to protect voter rights!

Here’s the link: 

– Jessica, Nevada Republican Party

Fox News

RNC Chair McDaniel: Democrats and voter fraud in Nevada — here’s how it will impact you

Democrats say they want more “inclusive” voting practices. They fail to mention just how inclusive their plans are: sending ballots to dead voters.

Nevada is a case study of the lengths Democrats will go to secure a voting edge.


First Marc Elias and Perkins Coie sued the state on behalf of Democrat groups, demanding election officials break laws against ballot harvesting, ignore signature verification requirements and send ballots to inactive voters the state believes moved away. They demanded more in-person voting locations while arguing voting in person was too dangerous for the June 9 mail-in vote primary.

The message was sent, and Democrats in Clark County got in line. A new voting plan was reached “shrouded in mystery,” according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Officials would now increase the number of in-person voting locations in the Democrat-heavy region, mail ballots to all “voters” and allow “field registrars,” commonly known as ballot harvesters, to pick them up. All at the expense of taxpayers of $323,000, and the rule of law.

The result has made Clark County look more like Tammany Hall. What is unfolding should concern every American.


Ballots laying on the sidewalk outside an apartment complex in Las Vegas. (Photo Courtesy of Jim M.)

Dozens of ballots are being found pinned to community bulletin boards. “From Friday to Monday, I could have voted 20 times,” said one resident of an apartment complex in Las Vegas. “That’s what’s so concerning about all this.”

Who is to stop a Democrat “field registrar” from picking them up, signing them and dropping them off? That sounds outrageous. But it is what Democrat groups are seeking in their lawsuit.

Trained poll officials would no longer be able to throw out fraudulent ballots that do not match their signature on file. Instead, the lawsuit would prohibit what it calls the “dubious art of signature matching” and circumvent Nevada’s ballot harvesting ban. Signature matching is so “dubious” it has been required for every new voter registration in Nevada and used to verify every voter who shows up at the polls for years.

This is not unique to Nevada. Democrats are attacking the integrity of our elections across the country and circling the wagons.  

Democrats are welcoming voter fraud in Nevada. And they are not even hiding it.

The Elias lawsuit is explicit. It states the statewide ban on ballot harvesting “hamstrings” the ability of Democrat groups, including the Democratic National Committee, the Nevada State Democratic Party, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Priorities USA, to “assist voters in making the transition to vote by mail.”

Democrats are happy to “assist,” as long as you vote Democrat.

This is not unique to Nevada. Democrats are attacking the integrity of our elections across the country and circling the wagons.

From Planned Parenthood to the Center for American Progress, left-wing activist groups are pushing the same false talking points that while we flatten the curve we must upend our elections. Voting must be more “inclusive” (by adopting liberal policies).


Nancy Pelosi’s $3 trillion bill would launch a federal takeover of our elections, all in line with Elias’ lawsuits in 29 states. Their mission is to nationalize ballot harvesting, gut signature verification and voter ID laws and send millions of ballots to voters who have died or moved away, before November.

That’s why the Republican National Committee and Trump campaign have launched our Protect the Vote effort, a digital platform which spotlights our efforts to protect against the Democrats’ assault on our elections as they push for sweeping changes, including vote-by-mail and more ballot harvesting amid the coronavirus pandemic

The opportunity for fraud with these Democrat proposals is enormous. There are over 200,000 inactive voters in Clark County alone. Inactive voters are given the opportunity to update their registrations and can still request a ballot in the upcoming election. Individuals are only deemed inactive after the state receives evidence from the Postal Service that they have moved.

“Knowingly mailing a ballot to a wrong address is bad enough,” a Review-Journal editorial recently argued. “Combining that with the elimination of signature verification is an open invitation to shenanigans and makes absolutely no sense.”

That’s why this week I sent a letter to Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford requesting an investigation into Clark County’s backroom deal, and potential violations of state election and open meeting laws. Democrat officials in Clark County did not allow any public input before unilaterally upending its election procedures.

Our elections must be free, fair and secure. They should not enable voter fraud at the taxpayers’ expense.

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