Amy Coney Barrett Redefines Feminism:

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From The White House on 01.10.2020 

‘A New Role Model for Women Instead of the One Size Fits All’

“Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who had her first sit-downs with senators Tuesday, has impressed congressional Republicans by redefining feminism,” Alex Swoyer and Gabriella Muñoz write in The Washington Times.
“A working mother of seven school-age children who rose to the top of the legal ladder, Judge Barrett balanced life as a classroom mother while handing down rulings as a federal circuit court judge . . . A devout Catholic, Judge Barrett also provides Christian conservative women one of their own as a new feminist leader for young women.”
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“More than 80 percent of the world’s population lives in countries with high or severe restrictions on religious freedom,” U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican Callista Gingrich writes. “As America has shown time and time again, we will not sit back as individuals are killed, jailed, harassed, or tortured for their faith.” Read more in Fox News.

“What’s happening in America today reminds me of life under Communism,” Rod Dreher writes. “Who needs the gulag when you can compel obedience by threatening someone’s job or destroy her reputation on social media? Why bother with the secret police when the masses already hand over detailed personal information to Google” and other massive technology corporations? Read more in the New York Post.

“President Donald Trump signed an executive order and declared a national emergency Wednesday to expand the domestic mining industry. The executive order is also meant to support mining jobs, alleviate unnecessary permitting delays and reduce the nation’s dependence on China for critical minerals,” Adelle Whitefoot reports in the Duluth News Tribune.
READExecutive Order on Addressing the Threat to the Domestic Supply Chain

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Trump Announces Distribution of 150m Rapid Coronavirus Tests

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From The White House – September 29, 2020
“President Trump announced on Monday that his administration will distribute 150 million Abbott coronavirus tests that produce results in just 15 minutes,” Cassidy Morrison writes for the Washington Examiner.
“Trump said that 50 million tests would go to the most vulnerable communities: 18 million to nursing homes, 15 million to assisted living facilities, 10 million for hospice care providers, and nearly 1 million to historically black colleges and universities and colleges in tribal nations. Another 100 million tests will be allocated to states and territories to support efforts to reopen their economies and schools.”
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“Judge Amy Coney Barrett, whom President Donald Trump has nominated to fill the Supreme Court vacancy created by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is a distinguished scholar whose judicial philosophy balances a commitment to originalism with a respect for precedent,” Adam Freedman writes for City Journal.

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“An important piece of economic news has been overshadowed recently due to the important coverage of [the] Supreme Court . . . Released two weeks ago, the Census Bureau’s report on ‘Income and Poverty in the United States’ for 2019 clearly shows that, pre-pandemic, President Trump’s economic success blew past that of any other presidency,” Andy Puzder writes in Fox Business.

“Minneapolis, Minnesota’s plan to defund and then disband their local police force has ‘collapsed’ according to a New York Times report from over the weekend. Some of the Minneapolis City Council members who pledged to abolish the city’s law enforcement—including the City Council president—now say they regret making that promise,” Emily Zanotti reports for The Daily Wire.

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