Here is one I thought you could use for your publication.  i would like to also let you know the author has an article in the Jan Feb 2020 Analog magazine with his name on the cover.  The book is very interesting and thought provoking.  
I have others but would like to see if you would be interested in this one.  

Out of This World Ideas and the Inventions They Inspired Edward M. Wysocki, Jr @ Create Space, 4900 LaCross Road, North Charleston SC 29406 https://www.emwysocki.com/
9781724654038, $17.99, www.amazon.com 

Over the years debates have taken place about where things we take for granted ever came from.  “Out Of this World Ideas And the Inventions They Inspired” begins to settle the discussion by showing if and how science fiction influenced inventors to create many devices and things we use every day.  Some of the revelations are did “Star Trek” play a role in the creation of the cell phone, GPS, and clear metal as brought out in Trek movie 4?  Wysocki also reveals where and how the waterbed was created while he also shows authors of science fiction who were also scientists and what they contributed to the world besides their writing. Like his other two books Wysocki has a writing style that is clear to understand as if he is talking directly to the reader.   “Out of This World Ideas And the Inventions They Inspired’ is fascinating reading for all science friction fans proving with it’s impressive cover how important it is to catch a person’s interest to want to enter the work in question Hopefully this will be a series that will delve further into other things and what helped them to be created.  Reviewed by Gary Roen 

Gary Roen is the author of three current books Slotski’s World, Journey, and The Forgotten Father Coping With Grief.  All are available at Amazon.com he is also a nationally syndicated book critic.   

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