Mini Mike joins the circus

Elisa for New Mexico


The circus is back in town – the Democrats are holding another presidential debate in Las Vegas tonight, and Michael “Mini Mike” Bloomberg will be on stage for the first time.

If you chose to tune in, you’ll see that the field of Democratic candidates for President is all the evidence one needs that their party in control of our federal government would be a disaster for America…

  • Bernie Sanders is a crazy socialist
  • Elizabeth Warren thinks she’s a Native American … and is also a crazy socialist
  • Joe Biden can’t keep his hands off people – especially women
  • Michael Bloomberg is the 2nd Amendment’s worst enemy

Our Republican Senate majority is the only thing that protected President Trump from being impeached, and it could be the only thing protecting our nation from destruction should one of these radical leftists become President.

I’m Elisa Martinez – a conservative Latina and Native American Republican woman running to flip New Mexico’s open Senate seat RED.

We MUST win this seat to protect our critical Republican Senate majority and protect our nation from the radical Left.

Will you will join the grassroots conservative movement supporting my campaign and help protect the Senate with a donation of $10, $25, $50 or more today?

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Democrats only need to flip a few Senate seats to swing the majority in their favor, which is why we MUST win New Mexico’s open seat.

Help me turn New Mexico RED and become the first Latina and Native American Republican woman in the U.S. Senate by chipping in to my campaign today!

Thank you,

Elisa Martinez

Elisa Martinez
Republican for U.S. Senate