From Melissa Clement on 09.10.2020 

We don’t have much time. 

Requiring parental notification for minors seeking abortions is our only chance to save lives and protect our daughters, granddaughters, sisters, and friends.  

But with 26 days left until the election and 40 days left until our petition deadline, we are still short of the signature goal.  

We have filed for an extension of our deadline, and while the Secretary of State and all 17 county registrars have agreed to the extension, Planned Parenthood just filed to intervene and deny o PROTECT OUR GIRLS

We are a group of concerned parents and the disappointment and downright fear that this news brought us has been overwhelming.

A parent should know before their daughter – as young as 9 or 10 – gets an invasive surgical abortion.

And that is why we NEED YOU. I WANT TO HELP!We need money to fight them, we need signatures (in case our extension is not granted) and we need prayer right now for a miracle to fight against those who don’t care about protecting our girls.

So sign up today to volunteer and spread the word with your friends, family and members of your community.

Thank you,

Melissa Clement 
Protect Our Girls
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Five Stories President Trump Doesn’t Want You to Miss

The White House – July 31, 2020
Texas Couple Has Saved 68 Lives and Counting With Their COVID-19 Plasma Donations
-Good Morning America
“Brian and Dina Murphy of San Antonio, Texas, have made it their mission to help others by donating plasma to 68 people after both fell ill with [Coronavirus] in March,” Angeline Bernabe writes. “I felt that really, God really saved me and to be a survivor,” Dina said. “I felt that this is really what he wants me to do—to help others.”
🎬 President Trump: If you had COVID-19, donate plasma to save lives!

There Is No Substitute for Proactive Policing
City Journal
“As budget cuts begin to affect police personnel, departments may have to pull officers from proactive activities and place them in response cars to manage the demand for emergency calls,” criminal justice professor William Sousa writes. If 20th-century American history is any guide, “higher rates of crime and disorder will likely result.”
🎬 WATCH: Attacks on law enforcement have led to a violent crime surge

Restoring America’s Energy Dominance
-The Marshall News Messenger
“In the very near term, President Trump championed the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) which helped bring the energy industry back from the brink of collapse in the face of plunging prices as a result of the pandemic . . . In the longer term, President Trump has rolled back stifling regulations which have constrained American energy production,” Texas state Rep. Chris Paddie writes.

Ben Carson: How HUD Is Helping Ohio’s Foster Youth
One year ago, “HUD launched the Foster Youth to Independence (FYI) Initiative, a unique program offering housing vouchers to localities to award to foster youth so they can receive rental assistance when obtaining their first home in the private rental market,” Housing & Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson writes. “To date, 26 states have received funding for 680 individual vouchers, for a total of $5.6 million.”
First Lady Melania Trump: “A team effort to help America’s children”

These Kids Are Getting Left Behind When Schools Go Online
According to experts, “millions of school-age children live in households without home internet service, high-speed internet, access to computer devices or help from parents who know how to use them,” Catherine Shoichet reports. “Last spring, some schools warned they were seeing a growing number of students missing online classes.”
🎬 President Trump: Reopen schools by protecting at-risk populations

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Trump Signs Executive Order Expanding HHS Efforts to Help Foster Children

The White House – June 25th, 2020
“President Trump signed an executive order [yesterday] directing the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department to further assist foster children with what the department says are bipartisan measures particularly needed during the coronavirus pandemic,” Sam Dorman writes for Fox News.
“We are grateful to President Trump and his administration for their commitment to strengthening and improving America’s foster care system through this executive order,” Lousiana Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards said.
Click here to read more.

“The Trump administration announced Monday executive and regulatory action that will suspend guest worker visas through the end of the year and permanently end the exploitation of the H-1B visa system. Together, these actions go further than any administration in history toward prioritizing American jobs,” Rachel Bovard writes in USA Today. 

“Fury exploded outside the Wisconsin State Capitol on Tuesday night as protesters smashed windows at the statehouse, attacked a state senator, and tore down two iconic statues—including one of an abolitionist who died trying to end slavery during the Civil War,” Molly Beck and Lawrence Andrea report for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“The ignorance and nihilism of those who would tear the [Emancipation Memorial] statue down dishonor the freed slaves who created it and are remembered by it, the man who dedicated it, and the president who freed them. It deserves to stand forever, a silent monument whose history and character speak louder than anyone who would destroy it,” Jack Butler writes for National Review.

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The White House – June 24th, 2020

President Trump holds joint presser with President Duda

President Trump hosted President Andrzej Duda of Poland at the White House today, where the two leaders held a joint press conference in the Rose Garden.

🎬 WATCH: President Trump and President Duda hold joint press conference
America and Poland share a long, storied partnership rooted in protecting freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. Three years ago in Warsaw, President Trump delivered one of the defining speeches of his presidency, calling for courage in the defense of Western civilization against all enemies who seek to destroy it.
“Through four decades of communist rule, Poland and the other captive nations of Europe endured a brutal campaign to demolish freedom, your faith, your laws, your history, your identity—indeed, the very essence of your culture and your humanity,” he said.
“Your oppressors tried to break you, but Poland could not be broken.”
Today, the West faces new challenges, including the scourge of terrorism. Poland is a stalwart NATO ally in this fight, meeting President Trump’s call to contribute 2 percent of its GDP to defense spending. Poland also facilitates critical military training for the United States, showing incredible hospitality and support for the U.S. troops deployed there.
“I don’t think we’ve ever been closer to Poland than we are right now,” President Trump said today.
🎬 President Trump welcomes President Duda in the Oval Office
MOREPresident Trump is strengthening America’s partnership with Poland

See the historic child welfare order President Trump just signed

More than 400,000 young Americans are in foster care today, including 124,000 who are currently awaiting adoption or some form of permanency. About 20,000 of these young people age out of the system each year without a permanent family.
These young people without “forever families” endure a range of heartbreaking outcomes. Forty percent experience homelessness. Half are unemployed by age 24. More than a quarter end up incarcerated, and 1 in 4 face post-traumatic stress disorder.
America cannot rely on government alone to care for our nation’s children. Improving our foster care system will take partnerships with private, faith-based, and community organizations to achieve the best outcomes for vulnerable children and families.
To achieve that, President Trump just signed a historic child welfare executive order that will strengthen our foster care system in three important ways:
  1. Improve partnerships between state agencies and public, private, faith-based, and community groups, including by holding states accountable for recruiting an adequate number of homes for all children
  2. Secure resources for vulnerable families and youth, such as by expanding state access to financial help for guardianships
  3. Increase federal oversight of requirements that keep children safely out of foster care when possible and ensure a permanent resolution—reunification, adoption, or guardianship—whenever the system must become involved

President Trump values solutions that are pro-family, pro-child, and pro-permanency. By encouraging and helping states work with more community partners, those who step up to help America’s children will have a strong system of support.

See President Trump’s historic child welfare executive order.

Photo of the Day

President Trump, joined by First Lady Melania Trump, signed a historic executive order to strengthen America’s foster care system | June 24, 2020

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PUBLISHER’S Note: I do not typically add notes to press releases from the White House for my own reasons and I don’t want to get in trouble with them inadvertently. But when I read this my heart literally smiled and soared like an eagle to know what this Executive Order is going to mean to so many children who have nothing and nobody to cling to when darkness is all they can see. It means light and hope have come for them and they brought the cavalry with them.

I finally figured out why the Democrats and their lunatic fringe on the left are going after Donald Trump with so much gusto. Never before has any politician much less a president gotten into office and actually kept their word. Trump has all the way across the board. Now you can see why those who came before never did. They never could because this is what would have happened and they knew it.

JFK tried to.

Some things President Trump has done have had to be changed as is often the case but always, it is hoped, for the better. That is the only hope of many lost children who have by and large been abandoned to a system that doesn’t care as long as the social workers get paid on Friday and get that paid vacation I’ve never had every year.

The United States government being of the people, by the people, and for the people is not the one way street everyone seems to think it is. The whole thing only works for everyone when everyone gets involved and makes it work. The beauty and the strength of America is the unity of Americans to make life better for their neighbors first.

Burning churches, minority owned businesses, and orphanages is the Democrat Party’s way and that to me proves where their hearts lie. Emphasis on LIE.

This Executive Order proves, to me anyway, when taken together with the criminal justice reforms he has already signed into law, prove definitively the kind of heart our president has. Despite all their combined efforts to prove otherwise. And on an unprecedented scale that quite frankly, is a national embarrassment. They don’t care about the spectacle they’re making of themselves in front of the rest of the world. I’m abjectly humiliated for them since they seem incapable of comprehending the fact that they’re all stone-cold crazy and destined for the dustbin of history.

Just as soon as Google is finished rearranging it to fit their preferred narrative that is. God bless you Donald Trump for this love. God bless the little children, keep them, and hold them close. Far from the likes of these Democrats and other devils. Amen?

Charles Ramos Jr. – Owner & Editor-in-Chief at B.B. Wolfe Publishing