U.S. Loses $19 Billion in Afghanistan Reconstruction Funds to Fraud, Waste, Abuse

U.S. Loses $19 Billion in Afghanistan Reconstruction Funds to Fraud, Waste, Abuse

Afghanistan reconstruction has been a huge and well-chronicled debacle that continues fleecing American taxpayers nearly two decades after its inception. Judicial Watch has reported on the various boondoggles over the years, most of them documented in tremendous detail by the SIGAR. Highlights include the mysterious disappearance of nearly half a billion dollars in oil destined for the Afghan National Army, a $335 million Afghan power plant that is seldom used and an $18.5 million renovation for a prison that remains unfinished and unused years after the U.S.-funded work began. Over the summer, the U.S. government got slammed in an audit for spending tens of millions of dollars on useless and ineffective drug addiction programs in Afghanistan as part of the reconstruction effort. In a scathing report, the SIGAR blasts the U.S. for not knowing the impact of its investment and failing to conduct site visits to project locations or maintain required files or records.

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Our Dear Friend, Joe Collins, Writes; Today is the day!

Mad Maxine Waters spews hatred. As usual.
Joe Collins for Congress
From Joe Collins on 03.11.2020 
Charles –

Today is the day we finally defeat and replace failed Congresswoman Maxine Waters, re-elect President Trump, and ensure economic recovery and prosperity, freedom and safety for our community and our country.

Your support has put us in position to unseat Maxine, and I am humbled and grateful! But what I really need you to do today is get out and vote, if you haven’t already.

Please make sure you know where to submit your ballot today by clicking below.

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We’re fighting for every single vote today. We can’t leave any on the table in order to defeat Maxine.

To support our efforts through Election Day, please make one final contribution and propel us forward to victory.

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Thank you so much for your support!

Joe Collins
Joe Collins
U.S. Navy Veteran
Republican for Congress

Joe Collins 2020Joe Collins is a black conservative, Navy veteran, and Republican from South Central Los Angeles, and he is running to to defeat radical leftist Maxine Waters. To support Joe’s campaign chip in $5 or more today!

Joe Collins For Congress
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Joe Collins is a veteran of the United States Navy. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.
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My Closing Message: From Our Dear Friend Jim Jordan Who Writes…

Jim Jordan
From Jim Jordan on 03.11.2020 08:13


In 2006, I was elected to defend the Constitution of the United States of America; I’ve never let anything distract me from that mission – and it’s exactly what I’ll continue doing if re-elected to on November 3rd.

Please take a moment to watch our final campaign ad of 2020, and if you are inclined to chip-in a couple bucks to help me keep this ad running through the end of the day today, please know how grateful we are for your continued support.

Help Me
Keep My Final Ad Running

I won’t let anything distract me from my mission. I hope you’ll stand with me today. America is worth fighting for.


Jim Jordan
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Delaware, OH 43015

Lacy Johnson Writes: Today Omar Loses Her Job

From Lacy Johnson For Congress on 03.11.2020 08:15
 We have fought a year-long battle for this day…. I am on the verge of making history and removing the most anti-American person from Congress.

This race is too close to call and I cannot allow Ilhan Omar to steal this election. Her ballot harvesters will do all they can to suppress my conservative voters.
 HELP MY TEAM OF LAWYERS ENSURE ELECTION SAFETY DONATE $25 = $275DONATE $50 = $550DONATE $100 = $1100Omar has cheated on America for long enough and we can’t let her cheat her way back to Congress.

Help me defeat her TODAY. This is the final push we need to unseat her. ACTIVATE YOUR FINAL 1000% match here >>

Fellow American, I need you to make your FINAL donation to STOP Omar and to PROTECT America.DEFEAT ILHAN OMAR: THE ENEMY OF AMERICAToday we win,

Lacy Johnson
Candidate for Congress
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The “N” Word

Black Female Veteran

I knew that when I decided to run for public office, I would have my life scrutinized and that personal attacks come with the territory.

I have spent my life fighting tough battles. As veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and a small business owner, I have learned how to face tough situations and persevere. I thought I was ready for anything.

However, I have to admit, I was not ready for the insults and racial attacks that have been hurled at me from the left, mostly for the same reason.

As a black female, I dared to have my own views, I defy what is expected of me from the Democrat party and step out of line to express my conservative values.

Send A Black Conservative Female to Congress ✈

Here as just some of the comments I have received:
*Warning – Graphic Language*
“Half Breed” (which I am not.. both my parents are black)”
Auntie Tom,
Uncle Tom”
House N*****r”
“High Yellow Girl”

Send A Black Conservative Female to Congress ✈

I am a strong conservative woman and these comments cannot harm me. What concerns me is that there are people out there that think these attacks are okay because I dare to be a conservative…That my ethnicity should dictate my political party and that black females are not allowed to step out of line and think for themselves.

➔ It’s no wonder that Democrats have been able to get away with promoting an education system that consistently fails black children for the benefit of the special interests that fund their campaigns.

➔ It is no wonder that the Democrats have been able to look the other way as the majority of babies aborted are babies of color.

➔ It is no wonder that the Democrats are able to call President Trump a racist, even as he passed historic legislation reducing prison sentences for thousands of non-violent offenders of color.

I am proud to think for myself and I am proud to be a Republican.

Send A Black Conservative Female to Congress ✈

Every American was born with the God-given right of freedom of thought. I will not tolerate the hateful attacks from the left, simply because I dared to tell them I will not look the other way.

I am asking you to stand with me today and put an end to hate the left spews everyday.

Thank you,

Aja Smith
United States Air Force Veteran
Republican Nominee for Congress

P.S. Charles, with your help, I can be the first Black Republican female to be elected to the House of Representatives from California. You can be a part of history by joining my team today!
– Aja

Send A Black Conservative Female to Congress ✈

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Aja Smith is a retired member of the United States Air Force. Use of her military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Air Force or the Department of Defense.