Justice Is The Word.

Greetings sports fans and welcome once again to a long-overdue edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat that feisty little sports column that has been waging open warfare against social injustice and fighting the police hand-to-hand since 1976. I am all about the interests of criminal justice reform since the first time I was brutalized by police in the Ventura County jail and later by members of the Oxnard police department. So much has happened since my last column I almost don’t know where to begin.


Starting with the Coronavirus, or what some people have even called the Kung Flu Snafu, I thought I was safe and secure in my job when everyone was locked down at home under quarantine. The “experts” said we should find jobs we can do at home. I already had a great job I did at home so imagine my surprise when less than two weeks into the quarantine I got a layoff notice from my editor at do-it-yourself. com saying that all of the expert reviewers on the staff were being laid off until further notice. So far that notice has yet to come.

But I digress. 

I began fighting the police when I was arrested in Ventura after I took some friends to the Straw Hat Pizza Parlor and one of them toilet papered the bathroom. I had nothing to do with that yet I was arrested and ended up being beaten because I spoke out against the injustice of it. I had done nothing wrong I was there but I did not participate in any way in TP’ing the bathroom and only learned of it being done after the fact. Forget the fact that the Straw Hat Pizza Parlor sold a pitcher of beer to me and I was only 18 the police were unconcerned about that. They said so.

But as for me. for having the audacity to fight back against them after I was assaulted in the county jail I was hogtied and left in the middle of the floor that way all night long. And yes they took their licks out on me before they left.

The second time it happened was in Oxnard California, which is still in Ventura County. I was standing on a block wall outside of my own home watching a trash can burning right behind the fire stationhouse across the street when the cops pulled up demanding identification, etc. My best friend whose parents manage the trailer park we lived in was with me and to top it all off he and I and were the assistant managers of the trailer park and lived in a house as a perk of the job.

We complied and put our hands on the wall one of the officers hit me in the back of the head with his flashlight. After that, it was on. I refused to cooperate with the officer in any way and he arrested me for it. He then put me in the back of the car with the windows rolled up and when I started raising hell he opened the door and sprayed me in the eyes with mace then he closed the door. 

There’s nothing worse than being in a closed cop car after you have been maced because you can’t breathe. I kicked a side window out without hesitation so they beat the hell out of me and put me in another undamaged cop car, hogtied like before. Because I’m the criminal remember? I was on my property minding my own business not breaking the law so naturally, it was okay to hit me in the back of the head with a huge flashlight for complying with his orders because that’s what the citizens of Ventura County want are police officers who are not afraid to beat the shit out of them if they should feel it’s necessary.

If we are to go back to the first time I was falsely accused and convicted you would have to go back to 1977 when I was 13 years old. I was in trouble for taking my mother’s VW bug for a joyride. No big deal right? At least it wasn’t until my stepfather told the Judge whom he knew from way back, by the way, that he was afraid for his life that I was going to kill him when in fact it was the other way around. Part of that is documented in my story Night of the Hillbilly Hit Men which is posted on my website at

He paid two people he supervised on a Yell County road crew two cases of cheap, warm beer to come to our house and kill us. And got away with it too. Since he was raised in Yell County and I was not the judge took his word for it and made me a ward of the state of Arkansas. They lied and told me it’d be a sort of vacation and they took me away from my home for 8 months until I was paroled by the state at the age of 14. I was the only kid in my high school that had a parole officer so I was way ahead of the curve in 1977.

Since that time I have been exposed to the disgusting truth about the sordid side of law enforcement that no one ever talks about. Why don’t they talk about it you might ask? Because you cannot fight the police. If you get on their bad side they will stop you every chance they get and harass you until the end of time. Everyone knows that is the truth so let’s not even pretend it’s not real.

Let’s talk about that thin blue line the police have drawn between them and us. They’ve seemingly boiled the vast number of unique diversities found in humanity down to where it’s simply us and them, or cops and robbers if you prefer. You’re either a cop in their world or you’re a robber. 

Three times in my lifetime I have been falsely convicted of crimes I did not commit and can prove that I did not commit them. But that doesn’t matter to the court to them I’m just a number with a dollar sign in front of it. Incarceration is big business and business is good.

The first time I was falsely convicted was in Greenburg, New York in 1994. My boss tried to pull a gun on me in the Coca-Cola Bottling plant in Greenberg. He didn’t know that I had a gun on me because our General Foreman, who was also Mexican like myself, stopped me out behind the bottling plant in Philadelphia just before this happened and told me to beware of the owner because he is an asshole. I was told that the owner carried a .32 automatic pistol in his pocket.

All I did was ask for the money he had told me I could have from my coming paycheck so I could get home to Virginia after he fired me. I was fine with being fired but not with the idea that I might not make it home. I asked him nicely and politely for the rest of the money he promised and he started getting abusive and began calling me names in the plant’s break room in front of everyone. How many of those sorry bastards stood there watching this going down and said nothing? Every last one of them.

 When the man put his hand in his pocket I knew he was not going to hand me the keys to his car, or his wallet, he was going for a gun and I let him know I was armed by pulling back my coat and that’s when I became the bad guy. I was arrested and charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm.

At the very same time, perhaps a week later, Christian Slater, a world-famous white TV actor was busted inside the terminal at JFK airport carrying a concealed and loaded pistol. He got a slap on the wrist and that was the end of it for him. My nightmare was just beginning behind the same charge.

After George Pataki, the new governor cut the public defenders budget in half directly across the board meaning their paychecks we’re half of what they used to be the day before the public defender’s office bailed out on all of us and would no longer even answer the phone from the jail like they did the day before.

The judge in Greenburgh Court told me if I took the case to trial and lost which he assured me I would before I had even pleaded he said he was going to give me 15 years. He said that was an unlawful sentence but I could take it up with the Appellate Court in 5 to 7 years because they were quote-unquote rather busy. The Appellate Court was busy undoing 96 to 98% of Westchester County’s convictions that is why they were so busy. Criminal judges like that one. Criminal judges like that one.

How do you predetermine the outcome of a trial that has not even had a preliminary hearing yet? The American prosecutor has a favorite saying in that they can indict a ham sandwich. How do you predetermine the outcome of a trial that has not even been set? That’s easy you sit on the bench in Westchester County and pretend to be a judge that’s how. 

Not long before the most brutal night of my life, I was in courts holding there in Valhalla the Westchester County Jail when an officer got lippy with me and I told him to kiss my ass in so many words. He got in my face and started running his mouth but I stood my ground. he got right up in my face and then he suddenly threw his hand up, right past my face and then he smoothed his hair back.

I flinched, because I thought from my past experiences in the county jail in Ventura, California that he was going to hit me, and a bunch of his buddies, who had quietly eased up behind me, jumped me and choked me out. Before I even knew what had happened I was waking up on the floor with cops all over my back. I told the duty Sergeant it was bullshit and he agreed, but they still did it. Many people, both cops and robbers alike, witnessed that incident and it was recorded on videotape by the jail’s cameras. 

They also witnessed when I woke up and cursed that-of-a-bitch out and his supervisor too. The supervisor even admitted that what the cop did was wrong but they still did it for him and they still covered it up just the same. They choked me out cold for no reason except to perhaps show us all there in courts holding that they could.

Fast forward some days, to a night when I was on the phone talking to my girlfriend in Virginia. I was in the day Hall on 3 East, the maximum-security wing, when the always-locked steel door opened and four inmates from the other side of the wing, inmates who were supposed to be locked down in their cells at that time, came into the day hall and jumped me without preamble. When they were done they were let out of the day hall by the black cop who had paid them a carton of cigarettes and a Bic lighter to do it. 

It happened just before shift change and graveyard came on duty. He tried to lock me in my cell so he could go home because he knew if that happened it would all be forgotten about. In the morning it would be as though it never even happened, and I was not going to let that happen. I spit a mouthful of blood from my split lips all over his pretty blue shirt and in seconds two cops came after me then to take me to the infirmary one of them being a sergeant two cops came after me then to take me to the infirmary one of them being a sergeant I knew and respected up until that point. I had done nothing wrong but I still had a broken rib because of it. Because. Because of a racist black cop.

The only thing I can figure is that he hated me for the color of my Mexican/Indian skin which is white. I cannot think of any other reason for what he did that night and for what happened to me because I never said or did anything wrong to him to deserve the beatings I got that night. I got beatings from more police officers than I could count because I dared to fight back. I was begging them to put my handcuffs around in the front because the muscles were pulling on my broken rib and I could barely breathe it hurt so bad every time I drew a breath.

In the infirmary, another black cop who was like 6′ 6 inches tall looked at me and said well maybe if you would ask nicely I would do that.” I had literally been begging them, and him just moments before so I guess that must have been his idea of a joke. Some sense of humor. When I said fuck this and tried to rip my hands out of the handcuffs the nurse told them I was scaring her and told them to put me in a holding cell. My angel of mercy threw me to the wolves because I was the robber in that charade and they were the cops. Herself included.

Sergeant Hitman and another officer escorted me to the holding cell and when we got there the officer, who was on my left with his arm linked through mine, slammed me face-first into the door jamb. Since I had the same grip on his arm he had on mine I slammed his punk ass into the brick wall face first. He grabbed me by the back of the neck then and shoved my head down then he started telling me how much trouble I was in now.

That’s when I noticed his foot was right there between my feet. Before he knew what hit him I had crushed the top of his foot with my heel. A move my Sensei told me will cripple the opponent if done forcefully enough. I made certain it was sufficient to do just that. The next and last time I saw or heard about that pig, he was on crutches. What happened to me after that, is mostly a blur because I was beaten repeatedly by the SORT team. They called themselves the Ninja Turtles because of the helmets, boots, body armor suits they wore.

Why did they jump in on the act and beat me too? Duh, because when I fought back I became the crazed robber in their narrow world view. I was kicking the living fuck out of the windows in my cell screaming for justice and it came in body armor and fucked me up.

 I was in the hospital for a week from those beatings, and all because of the absence of color in my skin. I had a broken rib and my foot was broken very badly from kicking windows. Twice during that night, they played the suffocation game where two cops kneeled on my back one on each side and another cop had his knee on my neck. Part of the game as we heard George Floyd say is trying to tell them you can’t breathe. Their typical response that night was; “if you can’t breathe then how are you talking? If you’re talking, you’re breathing.” 

The truth of the matter from the other side of that perspective is that you are begging for air with your dying breath. I could hear it in George Floyd’s voice. That breathless gasp for air and mercy. I called out for my mother when they were beating me down in Valhalla and nobody heard a thing.  

To make it even more unjust, a black prisoner in New York City was beaten much the same as I was except they took a plunger handle and stuck it in his rectum. He got a media blitz and millions of dollars in a lawsuit settlement which is right and just and may God bless his every step, but I got Bupkis. That’s not to even infer that it was any fault of that victim as was not the case. What is the case is the fact that 

 Did I go out upon my release and start burning upon my release and start burning New York City to the ground as I should have? Of course not. Brutalizing the innocent is the job of the police department.

Is it that we’re not bad enough just when we were poised to reopen America again a cop named Chauvin and killed a black man named George Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota. Chauvin held his knee down on Mr. Floyd’s neck until he was dead. What bothered me the most was the dead look in Chauvin’s eyes as he looked away while George Floyd begged for his life saying I can’t breathe. at one point we could hear him cry out for his mother just before he passes away. I have been there and I have had that done to me more than once. The police like to kneel on your back and your neck and if you say you can’t breathe they say “if you can’t breathe then how are you talking? 

That question is easy to answer once you’ve been there. With your dying breath, you will always beg for your life.

For 8 minutes the suffocation game went on until George Floyd finally stopped moving and the breath of life left him. It breaks my heart just to see his face as he was in life now because I watched him get executed. No way was I going to look away I watched him die because the only difference between George and me is they let me live.

I got another raw serving of the American injustice system years later in Colorado when my ex-wife set me up and put me in prison deliberately. She even told my friends in Las Vegas she was going to take me back to Colorado and put me in prison and she did just that with the help of a malicious prosecutor. 

So there I am in the Weld County jail in Greeley, Colorado waiting for my day in court because there was no way in hell the state could convince a jury I was guilty, and the next thing I know I’m strapped to a restraint chair in shackles and chains, getting punched in the chest by the jail manager. A giant of a man who was twice my size. By the time the dust settled a single second-degree assault charge had become 17 and 16 of those were against peace officers. 

My public defender, a beautiful and very sharp black lady came to the jail to see me one day and I was chained to the floor in four-point restraints. 

Why? Because I dared to fight them back and I would not stop. She told me I was already looking at over 200 years didn’t I think that was enough? I said after the first 100 years who gives a fuck? I told her to see what the DA was offering for a plea deal and she came back at me with 10-16 but I not only had to cop to brushing a cops ankle with the side of my foot after the jail manager punched me, I had to stand up in court and lie for the first time to a judge. I had to tell him that I assaulted my wife to obtain the deal. It was that or try to fight an airtight case on their part because they had predetermined my guilt and there was no way I could prove otherwise as long as it was my word against theirs.

Somehow it never struck the DA as odd that my wife made 3 different statements on the same police report of the alleged incident and none of them are more than partially true. I can’t figure out to this day how they extrapolated the criminal complaint against me from three different versions but they sure did. I guess that worked the same way it did when they convicted one guy of murder in Fort Collins, or when they convicted my Kola, Michael Standing Bear of murder and he proved he was innocent while in prison for life. He was reinstated to the Bar immediately BTW. Yes, folks, they even eat their own, if, the price is right.

I spent 10 years in solitary confinement and almost went back for 2 more years when a Lieutenant at Sterling Correctional facility assaulted me because I went to the office and asked him to move me to a different cell since I was having a lot of problems with my cellie and it was likely to get nasty. I didn’t want to catch a new charge and get more time on top of the 14 years I already had. When he put his hands on me and shoved me into a door facing while he was taking me to the hole bet your ass I went after him and I tried to hurt him too.

They gave me a sham of a hearing whose outcome was pre-determined I was convicted of assaulting the pig. I was upstairs in the segregation unit (again) right at Christmas time waiting to go back to CSP to super-max and solitary confinement when I got a reprieve from Kevin Milyard the Deputy Director of CDOC who said I might be incorrigible but I did not deserve to go back to CSP. He saw the same videotape they convicted me with. It showed the lieutenant shoving me into the door jamb. Another one of the many reindeer games they like to play.

A mangy stray dog should never be treated the way I have by the police and yet here we are in the 21st century still being brutalized by the people we pay to protect and serve us. Because we are not one of them they serve their interests or those of whoever holds the purse strings.

Far too many innocent people are being killed even now in the name of justice for George Floyd and that serves only the agendas of those who carry out those murders and that means the looters, the rioters, and the Chauvin’s of the world, or the dirty cops. The pigs who stood there and watched should be charged with felony murder but the one who was kneeling on George’s back should also be charged with the same crimes as Chauvin.

For the first 6 years I was in CSP I was at war with the pigs there because having all those assaults on police officers made me look pretty bad. I told them we were at war and that it would be my only mission in life to think up new and creative ways to fuck with them every minute of every day until the first thing they thought of when the woke up in the morning was that they had to go to work and deal with me all day long. After a few months of that, the Captain came to talk peace and we made a deal which I upheld. I got my TV and phone calls back and never lost them again.

Even as recently as 2017 I suffered injuries while I was in jail at the hands of my keepers when a deputy in the Nye County jail drug me backward down a hallway by my handcuffs because one of his buddies didn’t feel compelled to do his job of picking up legal mail. He said he was too busy. All of the reconstructive surgery my doctor did to repair my right rotator cuff was torn all to hell but does our Sheriff care? Nope. She was too busy prosecuting a young kid for stealing 10 cents worth of dry brownie mix from the kitchen. Food his taxes and his parent’s taxes paid for. They have no problem with feeding your friends and family members shit for food but don’t take a handful of dry cake mix or you’ll get convicted of theft.

So now here we are, George Floyd is dead, the entire world has gone insane, people are arming themselves for Civil War part 2 – Gone With Their Minds, cities are in ruins and flames, and people want answers and they want them now. 

Myself especially. I want answers and I want them now. I want answers in the form of questions such as how do we keep another George Floyd from being murdered in the streets like a cur dog? I don’t give a fuck what he was doing or what he was high on that was a case of the use of excessive force with complete indifference to the value of all human life.

They did it to George Floyd because they did it to me first and they got away with it. Scott free and squeaky clean they got away with it and nobody ever heard about it because it happened in Westchester County. The home of the Clinton’s and the Rockefellers, and the wolves of Wall Street in general. The rich folks don’t want anyone to sue their county and take money out of their pockets so it’s next to impossible to get a conviction or judgment against them in court but I did accomplish that much anyway if little else.

f anybody has reason to burn New York to the ground it’s me. Or Colorado, or Nevada, or California, or Arkansas too for that matter. And don’t think for even one second that those thoughts didn’t enter my mind during those many long, lonely nights that I lay on my steel bunk staring at the walls or the ceiling think about how unfair it all is and knowing that there was absolutely nothing I could do about it but sit there and take it like a man as they say. I did just that and a whole lot more though.

As soon as I went to jail I decided that I was not going to be the same person when I got out again. I began writing and studying the craft of writing and I wrote 7 novels before I decided to sleep for the next 5 years.

And now here we are. I am very hopeful, and happy as well to know that for the first time in my life that we will see a lot of positive changes in the criminal justice system including some sweeping reforms inside the walls.

First and foremost, we must acknowledge the First Step and Second Chance Acts that make parole in the Feds available for the first time in 245 years. They will ensure that when your son or daughter, or other loved ones get out of prison they will not have to go back to a life of cops and robbers where they have no hope for any kind of a future.

There will be people outside the walls waiting for them to get out. People who have opportunities and apprenticeships, scholarships, and trade partnerships with small businesses and colleges throughout the United States. For the first time in history paying one’s debt to society will mean something to the debtors. Finally, a person convicted of a felony has a chance to have a level playing field straight 

I know that we have been greatly blessed to have Donald J. Trump serving our great nation at this point in history and I know that whatever else you might say about the President he does love his constituents regardless of race, creed, or color. because I worked with the Nolan Center and 2nd Chances to get the laws passed just as they are so that no child is left behind like Hillary’s kids were when Obama left office.

Before I got out of prison I received a letter from a gentleman who was stating an advocacy group for prisoners and he wanted me to work with them but I wrote back I didn’t know where I was going or what the future held for me really but that I would continue to fight for the rights of convicted felons to regain our freedom through effort and positive changes in our own lives and the lives of those around us. It made my heart soar like an eagle when I saw that gentleman honored at the commencement ceremonies for the first graduating 2nd Chances class in Las Vegas not very long ago.

There is no doubt whatsoever that if the Democrats had won the White House in 2016 the United States would probably have ceased to exist as a free nation by now. If they have their way it will do so anyway. 

Everything else they tried failed so now we come to their end game. Insurrection.

Clearly, upon examination of the evidence, there is more to the murder of George Floyd than meets the eye and I have a few questions I’d like answers to. I am certain many of you do as well.

Many people have been talking about the evils of systemic racism. Systems cannot be directly or overtly racist and still employ multiple ethnicities of people from every conceivable culture on the planet as law enforcement does. Sooner or later someone with a conscience is going to blow the lid off of it and expose it to the world. And so far, nobody has. The matter as I said is one of indifference and even utter contempt on both sides of the issue. 

The police brought this mess down on themselves and now they’re reaping what they sewed. Every time a cop or someone in their employ saw a cop abuse a prisoner, or a supposedly innocent until proven guilty suspect on the street and said nothing about it they planted a seed. Every time a cop watched or took part in violence against inmates and said nothing they planted another poisonous tree and they took root. So, here we are and the trees have begun bearing their poisonous fruit. Now what? 

To hear the left-wing tell it the only answer to one bad cop we know about is to defund the police. That is insanity writ large at best. That’s worse than throwing a car away because it ran out of gas or burning your house down because the plumbing is leaking.

Two very appropriate analogies because the BLM and Antifa mobs want to burn it all down.

Okay, let’s say you burn it all down then what? Nature abhors a vacuum more than most dogs do a vacuum cleaner and we can see that as groups of armed citizens claim they are taking jurisdiction over the lives of American citizens who did not vote for any of them or asked them to police their neighborhoods. These groups are nothing but strong-arm protection racketeers who will most assuredly not be concerned with the civil rights of any individual that is not one of them. 

So, then here we are right back where we started from only now it’s far worse than any nightmare George Orwell ever had because the police don’t rape, rob, pillage, loot, burn, and kill people. One might argue against that being true but it has never been done on such a grand scale as what we have all witnessed since George Floyd died 2 weeks ago. 

I have asked this question before and I have to ask it again now. If you don’t care who you destroy, or kill in the interests and name of Justice, what the hell do you care if the police do it too?

Is it the competition you cannot stand? The hypocrisy of it all is no doubt lost on the mob, and the politicians who love them, but nobody else is buying it even for a second. This tiny faction which represents a minute percentage of Americans has somehow gotten it into their heads that the United States is a Democracy. Gee, I wonder who could have given them that idea. Democrat Party.

They have been shouting this is how democracy works in our streets and prove how much better it is when democracy tears down your business you worked your entire life to build and burns it to ashes at your feet rather than protecting you from it and the evil police who used to keep those businesses from being looted and burned. If you don’t bow down and kiss heir asses you’re a racist.

Nobody in this country has any business talking about racism to a Mexican Indian such as myself because before all of you other people showed up behind Columbus we owned this land from sea to shining sea and it was pristine. 

Now it’s far from being pristine, and not only is it burning but it’s on the verge of being lost forever to self-interest groups that claim to be about justice. I call, Bullshit. The plain truth of the matter is that they want to bring the United States down so they can rape, rob, burn, and kill whenever, wherever, whatever, and whomever they please.

In what screwball world does that serve the interests of justice? Anybody who says it does is either a liar or they’re clinically insane. Call me whatever you like I don’t base my self-esteem upon anyone’s estimate but my own and I know God only made one race. The human race so arguably yes, you could say I am racist in the sense that I hate what is going on because it hurts everyone but the Democrats.

They have plenty of money for armed guards, security cameras, alarms, walls, and to buy dirty cops off with so they could not care less if you burn one of their properties because they have insurance. Guess who the insurance companies are going to pass all of these billions of dollars in losses on to? You, the ordinary policyholder that has to have a car and a home and they have to be insured by law, are going to pay back every last penny of it. 

Brilliant move.

Now that parents of all colors are searching through looted grocery stores that are not likely to be rebuilt, where do these revolutionary geniuses plan on getting diapers, and milk, and formula? Or medicine if their babies get sick? From the nation of Chaz? Once the weed and stolen Oreo’s run out Chaz will dry up and blow away like so much smoke which is what it is. A diversion. A provocation to attempt to get gun owners up in arms and prove to the world the Democrat Party is the only thing that can fix the world now. 

I have news for all parties concerned. The Democrats have had all this time to do it and now they say they are the cure? Bullshit. They’re the disease. Half of my family was in Mexico and the other half was locked on a reservation courtesy of your local Democrat Party when the Civil War started so don’t look at us Kimosabe. We didn’t start the fire.

The first step to resolving this issue and it is unquestionably the biggest issue we shall ever face as a nation again has to be creating a level playing field. That means qualified immunity must be taken from the police immediately. Nobody needs any officer’s personal information such as address and so forth because as Pat Lynch, New York City’s PBA president pointed out the other day in a speech to law enforcement and to whom it may have concerned, the inmates do share that information and extortion is not as uncommon from prison as you might care to know.

Oversight, transparency, and accountability will go a long way toward healing the deep wounds that have been inflicted upon society by the cowardly actions of a small percentage of the law enforcement community. 

What makes it so much worse and prevalent in society to this day is the fact that it is a badge of dishonor to tell on a fellow police officer for breaking the law. Good, honest cops stand to lose their shields if they tell on a “brother officer,” and that has to stop immediately or there will never be any basis for trust between the police and the communities at whose pleasure they serve. 

Since the looters burned a lot of cop cars I think it would be a great idea to increase neighborhood foot patrols for a plethora of reasons. The first being closer community involvement by the patrolmen and safer streets for the children to play on. 

The cops need to see that we are not all bad guys and understand that they are not all good guys either. But we can strive together to be better neighbors and better stewards of this nation. That same idea has been handed down to us through the hands of so many generations of Americans of the most diverse and amazing people from all corners of the Earth.

I submit that nowhere else in history has such a thing been seen before nor will the Earth ever see anything like it again. And the inescapable truth of it is that it would be replaced by the worst kind of evil if it is torn down as the liberals and socialists want it to be. No democracy in the history of mankind has ended with a nation un-enslaved and intact.

No democracy is going to take over the United States government. Not by hook, crook, or vox populi. The rights of the individual proceed before the rights of the many or there are no rights at all and from me to all of you who seek to dismantle the Republic yet again you can kiss my ass.

I have very few civil rights left but with those few remaining rights, I can fight for and defend the rights of others who cannot do so for themselves. People who have no voice like my oldest best friend who is in prison. He tells me about the rotten soy burger they feed them after it’s been sitting and marinating in blood for days at a time. He says it’s nasty as fuck. Another old friend in prison in another state tells me about the indifference DOC had toward him when they almost let him die.

 In most instances, I have to look at things objectively both as an Inspector, and a Journalist, and consider it in the context of what if that was being done to me or mine and act according to the will of God whom I serve and nobody else in the capacity of a Chaplain. But the problem that George Floyd put a name and a face to for everyone offends my soul to the core. It always has just as it always will because my father and his father taught me to love and respect the law, if not the man.

I did exactly what I set my mind to do when I went to prison under false pretenses for the second time. I changed my life around completely but I was never a party animal I am a homebody I don’t go out and hit the clubs or rave all night it’s just not my style. I have continued to fight the good fight for criminal justice reform across the board. I retired from my trade and became a Special Inspector after 13 years of incarceration and 10 days of studying for the exams. Prison did not define, me or my future. I did.

Nobody handed me a second chance I earned it on my own and I helped get the First Step and 2nd Chance initiatives made law. Now I can sing I fought the law and I won and I fought them on their playing field. I wear a gold shield on my belt visible at all times. To remind me of all that I’ve come through and worked so hard for and remind me of what I have achieved personally in the face of extreme adversity.

I love the law and the justice for which it stands. Just because it’s too late to save myself from that pain and humiliation for the sake of those people who otherwise have nobody to fight for them. Duty, honor, and above all else integrity is what my badge means to me. It means everything to me and like me it’s one-of-a-kind.

It’s now a Federal standard all states have to adhere to and there will be more very soon as people begin to come together to heal the wounds we have all suffered from the actions of a few bad apples on both sides of the issue. To me, that is cause for a national celebration, not a reason to burn the place down. Duh. 

But the tabloid press, or mainstream media as some call them, have their private agendas so a lot of the news about criminal justice reforms taking place now under the watch of the president fall by the wayside because Rachel Maddow is having a prime time hissy fit over how damning some fake documents that don’t even exist are proof that America needs to fire Trump.

Meanwhile Steven Colbert – MSM sellout extraordinaire, is describing how the universe will go crashing into some ultra-cosmic space ditch and explode if President Trump is not drawn quartered, and burned at the stake before his, meaning Colbert’s, 15 minutes of fame dries up and blows away like all good smoke and mirror shows do. If not sooner. 

This is the bottom line. 

The United States police force as we know it was designed that it should always be of the people, by the people, and for the people. If I am not my brother’s keeper, what manner of person is? In poor communities and neighborhoods where there are bad cops send your best young men and women to the police academy. Help them achieve their goals and give back to the community they know and the people they love.

Everything we have, everything we profess to be as a nation, every right and privilege any individual claims in this Republic is based on the rule of law in a document called the Constitution and in the Bill of Rights. There is no gray area, period. Every person is presumed to know the law and is therefore duty-bound to uphold it which loosely translated means obey it.

 If any individual shall give up those rights through whatever willful criminal actions, violence against the innocent, advocate or participate insurrection, or take up arms against the United States (which BTW is “us as in we, the people”) then you’ve chucked up Farley and that brings up your only remaining civil right at that point. 

You have the right to remain silent. If you give up the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney and to have one present during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney one will be provided for you at no cost to you. Do you understand? 

The good news is that if and/or when they do get out of federal and/or state prison they’ll have a fresh new start to look forward to thanks to the President’s First Step and Second Chance initiatives won’t they?

#DefendThePolice – Because all lives matter.


Mayhem Continues, Protest Narrative Crumbles

The White House – August 11, 2020
“The press has been playing defense for Portland anarchists for weeks, suggesting riots and arson against a federal courthouse were provoked by federal agents protecting it,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes.
“So much for that. Over the weekend Portland police were forced to declare two riots. On Friday police said ‘people defied orders to disperse and threw rocks, frozen or hard-boiled eggs and commercial-grade fireworks at officers,’ the Associated Press reports.”

Last week, rioters attempted to set a Portland police precinct on fire and block its exits.

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Ivanka Trump, along with top security officials and business leaders, “will unveil $122 million in new programs and partnerships for the administration’s Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative Tuesday afternoon,” Rich Edson reports. W-GDP is focused on eliminating both legal and regulatory barriers as well as the cultural norms that hold back women’s empowerment across the globe. Read more in Fox News.
“Access to high-speed broadband internet is not simply nice to have, it is a necessity in the 21st century . . . The lack of access means some kids are doing their homework in parking lots of fast-food restaurants—or not at all. That’s why President Trump’s initiative to expand access to broadband is so important,” Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue writes in The Oklahoman.
“For over a century, telehealth services have languished in a policy quagmire. Even as technology revolutionized our communication systems, telehealth struggled under the weight of stringent regulations and expensive, proprietary software that made widespread adoption challenging for patients and health care providers.” That’s all changing under President Trump, Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy writes in Newsweek.

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