Five Stories President Trump Doesn’t Want You to Miss

The White House – Juneteenth, 2020
Assault on Open Speech is an Attack on America
Washington Examiner
“There are two sides in the defining fight ripping America apart, and they aren’t Republicans and Democrats. The fight is between those who believe that open speech is essential to preserving the nation and those who believe in narrowing the debate and favor cultural erasure,” the Washington Examiner editorial board writes.

On Daca, Obama Can but Trump Can’t
The Wall Street Journal
“The practical consequence of the [Supreme Court’s DACA] ruling is that a President can create an unlawful policy without legislation from Congress, but a future President cannot lawfully undo it without first jumping through regulatory hoops that can take years,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes.

Trump Signs Police Reform Executive Order in Rose Garden Ceremony
-Fox News
“The National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the largest law enforcement union in the U.S., praised Trump’s [executive order on policing],” Tyler Olsen reports. “‘It strikes a great balance between the vital need for public and officer safety, and the equally vital need for lasting, meaningful, and enforceable police reform,’ the organization said.”
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Trump Initiative Aims to Reduce High Suicide Rate Among Veterans
-The Daily Signal
This week, President Trump unveiled a new roadmap to address the issue of veteran suicide, Fred Lucas reports. “The loss of our heroes breaks our hearts and pains our souls . . .  They fought our battle overseas, and now we must join them in winning this new battle at home,” the President said at a White House ceremony.
🎬 WATCHSecond Lady Karen Pence on ending “stigma of mental health”

Lockdowns Hit Minority Businesses
The Wall Street Journal
Endless lockdowns hurt small businesses—and they may hit minority-owned businesses the hardest. “From February to April, the number of active black business owners fell 41%,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes. Local leaders “should bear in mind who’d be harmed most by the ensuing economic destruction” of more lockdowns.

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 February 26, 2018Charles Ramos JrAppealsBarackConstitutionalDACADecisionDreamersImmigarationimmigrants,LawnewsObamaTrumpU.S. Supreme Court

                 “DREAMERS” KEEP ON DREAMING

WASHINGTON, Feb 26 – Just this morning the United States Supreme Court refused to even consider President Trump’s appeal of a federal judge’s Jan. 9 injunction which effectively checked Trump’s attempts to end a program that provides benefits to immigrant children who were brought into the United States illegally.

This decision on DACA, or lack thereof, will effectively require President Trump’s administration to continue providing the same protections that he was hoping to bring to an end.

The repeal of the Federal program, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, better known as “Dreamers,” would have affected the lives of approximately 700,000 young adults, predominately Hispanics, who are now granted immunity from deportation. They are issued work permits for a period two-years, after which the youngsters are required by law to reapply for them, or forfeit those benefits.

Approximately 1.8 million persons, a large fraction of more than 11 million immigrants now living in the United States illegally, are eligible for the program implemented in 2012 by then President Barack Obama.

The Trump administration had argued that Obama exceeded his authority under U.S. Constitutional law when he bypassed Congress and created DACA.

Under President Trump’s appeal, the protections for “Dreamers,” if granted, would have begun phasing out in March of this year had the Supreme Court granted President Trumps motion.

In a brief order issued by the court, the justices did not explain their reason for refusing to hear the motion but stated that the appeal had been “denied without prejudice,” which indicates that they are still open to hearing further motions pertaining to the underlying legal issue which is still being considered by a lower court of appeals. The Supreme Court  Justices further warned that same appellate court to “proceed expeditiously to decide this case.”

In April the Supreme Court is slated to hear arguments regarding the legality of President Trump’s travel ban order which bars entry to people from a number of nations which have a population consisting mostly of Muslim peoples.

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