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Greetings and happy Valentine’s Day sports fans.

Like me, I’ll bet many of you are waking up this morning wondering where in the world am I going to take my beloved Valentine for a special day of alone time? Las Vegas certainly has some beautiful parks but let’s face it friends; there are not all that many romantic getaways to be found within the city limits.

This being the case, Las Vegans and visitors alike will be happy to discover a terrific little mountainside hideaway called The Mountain Springs Saloon that’s but a short ride from downtown.


The Mountain Springs Saloon doesn’t have a luxury resort hotel, and they haven’t a spa in the Springs either. But what could possibly be more refreshing than spending the day in the warm sunshine and cool clean mountain air with good people, and good music close to one hand, good food and a tasty Bloody Mary close to the other?

Taking your sweetheart along for the ride might also be conducive to peaceful rest and relaxation on this lovely warm Valentine’s Day.


Tucked neatly away off to one side of Blue Diamond Highway, ( Nevada Highway 160) and nestled atop Spring Mountain just over the hump between Vegas and Pahrump, this rustic old saloon is famous worldwide for its hospitality, food, music, and charm. Most of all it’s known for its wallpaper. A time-honored tradition, first-time visitors to The Springs are encouraged to personalize a dollar bill and affix it to the wall. Or the ceiling, or the wooden Indian, or the front door, or the barmaids, or….?

Mine’s taped to the tip of the left horn of the huge buffalo head above the center of the bar.


The staff is like a family, always friendly and courteous, and there’s a lot more to do than just belly up to the bar and chug ice cold brew beside the huge stone fireplace. A live band plays every Sunday afternoon and there’s even room to dance with your Valentine.

Visitors can shoot pool and enjoy some free popcorn while the jukebox is jumping or they can take their food and drinks outside and sit on the front porch or at one of their numerous picnic tables where speakers bring the jukebox to you. Challenge your Valentine to a game of horseshoes, or to a putting contest on the large putting green in the center of the parking lot. There’s even a volleyball court with real sand.

Those of a mind to take a hike will find an abundance of back roads and trails crisscrossing Spring Mountain. While others will appreciate the grotto where a spring-fed Lilypond is home to some enormous Koi fish.

Situated behind the saloon, the restaurant is deceptively tiny. But visitors to the Mountain Springs Saloon can order at the bar from an everchanging menu that’s sure to please even the most discerning pallet. Patrons who venture back to the outdoor counter to, order, however, will be delighted by the variety of quirky signs and stickers affixed to the walls. And there’s ample seating for eating in the food court beside the Koi pond.

Visitors and locals alike will be relieved to find that it’s always 10 degrees cooler on top of the mountain, and the front porch is the perfect place to put your boots up on the rail in the cool of a summer evening and watch the sunset.

For those who prefer being indoors, they offer air conditioning, video poker machines on the bar, with several large screen TV’s behind it where patrons can catch the latest sporting events and news.

Every last Saturday from March to October they have a pig roast that features slow roasted pork and chicken. A $10 ticket gets you a plate brimming with your choice of meats, baked beans, cole slaw and or potato salad, a free drink, and one raffle ticket. $20 gets you 3 free drinks and 3 raffle tickets.  At 5:15 pm your ticket stub could win you some fabulous prizes including collectible T-shirts, liquor, even $100 in cash. Serving starts at 10 am.

Whether you are looking for a place to hang with or without your Harley, your homies, or your honey, or if you’re just passing by on your way between Las Vegas and Pahrump, the Mountain Springs Saloon is a wonderful wayside watering hole well worth wandering your way in to see.

Open from 10 am to 10 pm every day (that snow doesn’t close down the pass) they’ll stay open later sometimes if there’s a crowd up in the house.


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Greetings sports fans and welcome to another thrilling Sunday edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat. The irregular little sports column that is about most everything but sports.

Turning our attention to the world of Las Vegas cuisine and a review of Carrabba’s Italian Grill, but the one in Henderson. I want to apologize to our server, Bri (Bree) for taking so long to write this review. It’s not really that I’m lazy it’s that I’m overtaxed and under-weathered physically, and lazy. But my mind and memory are as clear and sharp as ever and my lunch at Carrabba’s was truly a delightful experience I’ll not easily forget.

Whether you’re new in town, planning a visit, or passing through on your way to elsewhere you may find yourself wondering at some point in time where to go for some really good and authentic Italian food in Las Vegas.

If by chance you do you can do far worse than to put visiting Carrabba’s Italian Grill for lunch or dinner high on your list of immediate priorities. Immediately if not sooner.

Go ahead and write that address down if you like. No worries I’ll wait.

702-990-0650 NO WAIT  

10160 S Eastern Ave Henderson, NV 89052-3914 GET DIRECTIONS

Open for lunch daily11AM – 9PM  Happy Hour: 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm

 WiFi Available

Okay, got that all down now? Cool. NO?! Too bad! No soup for you, 1 year!

I was in town with my mom, cruising down Eastern Avenue in search of cheesy comestibles when we spiedCarrabba’s Italian Grill. It was an easy decision to stop in for a late lunch before mom had to go back to the doctors’ office. I ‘ve seen and heard their ads many times on radio and television so I’ll admit that I’ve been hungering for just such an occasion.

Proprietors can pay plenty of professionally phony PR people to post any possible passle of pompous prattle, or promote and praise practically any positive piece of pretty, properly prepared and presented propaganda (If you’ll please pardon my personal preference in pronouns) they prefer to proffer, but patently the proof is in the Pasta Primavera.

Say that 3 times fast.

From the moment we walked in I was genuinely pleased by the overall impression I got from the staff and the atmosphere itself. The soft colors and dark wood of the dining room are soft and understated yet quiet, elegant, and comfortable. The soft jazz music playing on the stereo is clear no matter where you are seated.

To the right, just as you enter, is a well-stocked, highly polished, beautifully crafted wooden bar where diners can order a cocktail or wine and an entree or what-have-you from the vast number of choices available on the menu.

I  liked their open kitchen arrangement whereby you can see the kitchen staff from about the chest up as they prepare your order. It reminded me of Sapporo, the sushi restaurant. Another thing both have in common is that I hope to visit them again soon.

Bri was very helpful, knowledgeable, courteous, efficient and prompt with drink refills and extra bread. When it was time to go, Bri was there with the check and doggie boxes for the leftovers.

I ordered lasagna and Mom had the shrimp and scallop linguini ala vodka which features their gluten-free Casarecce pasta along with sautéed shrimp and bay scallops tossed with basil in a tomato vodka cream sauce. It also came with a bowl of Mama Mandola’s Sicilian Chicken Soup. Carrabba’s comprehensive online menu describes it thusly as a: Spicy chicken soup that has soothed the family for generations. Available in cup or bowl sizes. Request without pasta. (sic)

The lasagna was a huge piece of cheesy comestible tastiness that practically melts in one’s mouth and the shrimp and scallop linguini ala vodka were delicious. The Mama Mandola’s chicken soup was no slouch either.

Some of Carrabba’s entrees might be seen as a bit pricey to some but as any cook knows you can’t make a Denver omelet without breaking a few assets. Yours. Quality ingredients cost dough and clearly, someone loves Carrabba’s very much because they made the time and effort to put it into their food and it shows.

If you love great Italian food, fast friendly service, and a clean quiet atmosphere then Carrabba’s is definitely the right place to go. If what your tired old taste buds crave is a tantalizing  Italian treat then drop by your nearest Carrabba’s and dig in today. Just find your way to Eastern Avenue and follow your nose from there to Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Tell them your tummy sent you.

If you’re not hungry by now, check for a pulse then either call 911 or hurry on over to Carrabba’s. Your tongue will be all like OMG!, and your mouth will thank you for it. For the overall experience, I give Carrabba’s two forks up.

Thanks a million, Bri, you’re the best.

All images courtesy of Carrabba’s Italian Grill.