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Greetings sports fans. It’s a sad day indeed for Chicago White Sox fans everywhere as reports come in of the brain hemorrhage suffered Friday night byWhite Sox relief pitcher, Danny Farquhar. I’m sure that I can safely speak for the staff of Vegas Valley News if not then for myself and my own when I say that our thoughts and prayers are with Danny and his loved ones during this crisis, and as he recovers.

According to a report in USA TODAY,* Danny Farquhar, aged 31 fainted while in the dugout during a game against the Huston Astros. The diagnosis is that he suffered a ruptured aneurysm that caused him to have bleeding in his brain.

There are 10 symptoms of the onset of a ruptured aneurysm that all people should become or be made aware of.

Danny faced down four sturdy Astros batsmen in the top of the sixth inning of the game and produced two outs against Houston. But then, just after the end of the inning, Farquhar collapsed in the dugout.

Danny was immediately attended to by  Guaranteed Rate Field EMT’s already on the scene before he was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. The White Sox also reported that Danny regained consciousness while he was being transported to the emergency room at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

According to team spokespersons, Danny is stable, but he remains in the Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Rush University Medical Center. His condition remains listed as critical. The Chicago White Sox, in what seems to be a show of their trust in miracles, placed Farquhar on the 10-day disabled list this morning.

White Sox manager, Rick Renteria said in a statement this morning before their next game with the Houston Astros; “Our thoughts and prayers are with Danny and his family during this challenging time. We all need to stay positive and be focused on thinking and praying for the best.”

After updating the team on, Danny Farquhar’s condition, Renteria was asked if Danny would be requiring surgery. He replied, “We’ll see how they proceed and hopefully the outcome is a positive one. Danny had a strong heartbeat, a good pulse and was breathing well”

The Chicago White Sox have stated that they will provide the team’s friends, family, and fans with updates on Farquhar’s health as appropriate, but they also asked for those same friends, family, and fans of the team to please respect the need for privacy for Farquhar’s family. Perhaps well-wishers can leave their hopes and prayers for Danny on his Facebook page or on the White Sox page.

After Farquhar had been carried from the field after passing out, Mike Renteria told reporters that nobody on the team saw any type of signs prior to him fainting, that he might be suffering from such a deadly condition.


Danny’s teammates were shocked by the news that their mate had suffered a brain aneurysm.


James Shields, who started Friday’s game said. “Yeah, I mean, it crushes us in this clubhouse, and nothing really matters baseball-wise when something like that happens, you know? He’s definitely stable from what we hear, but he’s got a long way to go and he’s fighting,” he added.

A.J. Hinch, the manager of the Houston Astros said that a few of his players saw it when Danny suddenly collapsed in the dugout across from theirs. “We could see across the way that something was going on,” he said. “As the group went around him, it just became a scary scene. Then this morning getting that update, it’s very scary,”

White Sox-Farquhar-Brain Hemorrhage
Danny Farquhar BEN MARGOT / AP


I have personally seen far more miraculous recoveries from far worse injuries than that so I have every reason to believe because I know that, Danny Farquhar will enjoy a speedy recovery and be back on the mound pitching for the White Sox again in no time flat.


31-year-old Danny Farquhar was chosen by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 10th round of the 2008 draft. Danny then worked his way up through the roster until he made his major league debut with the Blue Jays in 2011. The right-handed relief pitcher has a record of 10-15 with a 3.93 ERA while putting in a total of 253 career relief appearances with Toronto, Seattle, Tampa Bay and Chicago.

Stranger Paths. The magic in the madness poetry collection. In review.

Dr. R.J. Zarkani – Poet

Greetings sports fans and welcome to the first ever independent edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat. The little sports column that now stands alone in the wake of the sudden and unexplained demise of Vegasvalleynews.com.

In spite of what may be, I am determined to carry on the name until the ownership figures it all out or hell freezes over.
Given the weather that we’ve been having lately that could very well be tomorrow. But for now, it’s shaping up to be a beautiful day here in the verdant Las Vegas Valley.

So let us turn our attention now to the wide world of literature and today’s featured author, Dr. R.J. Zarkani and her anthology of poems titled Stranger Paths. The magic in the madness poetry collection.

Stranger Paths provides its readers with a unique window on the world of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and the Iraqi war as seen through the eyes of a child growing up in its shadow as war brought stark reality home to her. Literally.
The book is divided into three parts and each one paints its own vivid portrait by dint of RJ’s economic usage of words which invoke those mental images. 

Part 1- Of Childhood And War.

This section of Stranger Paths “contains more than 30 poems shining a light on the untold truths of war.” It looks back to RJ’s childhood and the shock of a young girl who discovers that her life has been built on a foundation of lies and propaganda as bombs begin falling and she has to avoid soldiers, barricades, and wild dogs just to get to school.

Part 2- Of Positivity & Philosophy A Spiritual Journey.
The second section of Stranger Paths contains poems that RJ says play with positivity to show the good in the bad and the choice of happiness. Which she hopes will inspire thought and happiness in her readers. Such as this poem which conveys a simple yet profound truth called growing up.

GETTING OLDER By R.J. Zarkani The things you were dying for, Are the things you don’t want anymore.

Part 3- Of Magic And Madness
In the final section of Stranger Paths, RJ writes more about coming to America and the culture shock of trying to find a place within a foreign world where hopefully she can find herself.

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with, Dr. Zarkani on several occasions and I am still under her magical spell. In the sense that she is a very lovely and personable lady who has been through hell and made it to the other side. 

Not only that, she’s a Pharmacologist just like my best friend and mentor, Dr. James Belvin. She also works with juvenile cancer patients in a hospital I helped build years ago. That makes her a super-duper superhero in my book.

After reading her prosaic tale in Stranger Paths she’s even more of a superhero than ever in my estimation because I was born with a tumor on my left eye, and I recently lost my left kidney to cancer. She’s a warrior fighting childhood cancer on the front lines. Physicians diagnose diseases but it is the Pharmacists who actually treat them.
Doctor Zarkani told me that it was her desire to paint visible pictures in the mind of her readers and I can say, for myself at least, that she succeeded admirably. In Stranger Paths, Dr. Zarkani expresses that in her own words: The author wishes to share her story through poetry in hopes to inspire the survivor in you, the reader.

In the starkness and minimalism of the words she utilizes to relate her emotions and the austerity of her simple black and white photographs and pencil illustrations, you get the feeling of being in her shoes. But without a lot of clutter to dilute the vision and cloud the emotional imagery of the thoughts she expresses.

Dr. Zarkani says it best herself:
“I hope you join the child I was, as she stood watching missiles brighten the darkness of her village, smiling as she hopes for a change. I hope you see the positivity leaking through my pages bit by bit as poems continue on. I wish to share the untold story of my people, of the civilians at war, of the children that had no choice but to accept their fate. Our days are numbered but those numbers mean that we have survived so much, that we’re all the same.” –  R.J. Zarkani

I got my copy of Stranger Paths on Amazon and I read it nearly all the way through in one sitting. I skipped a few of the poems to get an overall picture of the journey but I read most of them. And I am reading the book right now. As this goes to press, Stranger Paths is the #2 ranked poetry offering on Amazon. I have no doubt that it will soon be at #1.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Stranger Paths, and I have no doubt that many people will enjoy it just as much as I did. All things considered, I believe that “Stranger Paths” is more than worthy of five of five stars.

Thank you, Doc. Both for sharing your work with me and for being a wonderful friend.