Ed Rollins Wants To Know; Have You Voted?

Great America PAC
From Ed Rollins on 03.11.2020 08:33


It’s the final thing Great America PAC can do to help President Donald J. Trump win a great victory TODAY in this pivotal 2020 Election, Charles – have you voted yet?

If you have – whether at the polls in person today or earlier or by mail – will you please let us know so we can add your vote to our tabulation?

If you haven’t, please make it a priority immediately to get to your local polling station and cast your vote for our President and Trump Republicans – and when you have, please confirm your vote!

Charles, rest assured, we’ll be monitoring the results regardless of how long the final decision takes, ready to support President Trump all the way to the end.

Thank you for all you do, Charles – please confirm your vote today!


Ed Rollins, Chairman

Ed Rollins,
Chairman, Great America PAC

Re-elect President Trump

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Have I voted yet? Let me put it this way, Ed.