Update: Maricopa audit

From Wendy Rogers on May 05, 2021

Dear Friends —

You wanted to get the truth behind the 2020 vote in Maricopa County. I did too. 

Today, we are one step closer. 

I am Senator Wendy Rogers, the pro-Trump firebrand Arizona State Senator who is putting America First in Arizona! Can you help me stand strong for election integrity?

This is no vapid partisan exercise. Facebook paid millions to the Maricopa Board of Supervisors to ensure the vote would go the way Big Tech wanted. We need to know the truth.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Arizona’s state Senate is set to begin a major audit of ballots from the state’s largest county after months of being reportedly blocked by county officials.

“It’s taken the Senate 2 1/2 months to win in court to uphold our right to issue subpoenas for election materials,” said state Senate President Karen Fann, “and another six weeks of researching to select the audit team to perform the full forensic audit.”

Arizona’s Republican-controlled Senate has had subpoenas to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors pending since Dec. 15 and has battled in court for the right to access to information and equipment needed to perform the audit.

A judge upheld the chamber’s right to issue the subpoenas, paving the way for a “detailed” review of the county’s ballots to include “testing the machines, scanning the ballots, performing a full hand count, and checking for any IT breaches.”

Now, Republicans in the state are ironing out the final details on how to conduct the audit, with lawmakers accusing county officials of attempting to “sabotage” the effort.

But the lawmakers were able to secure a “20,000-plus square foot facility known as the Coliseum at our state fairgrounds to perform the audit” and will have 24-hour physical and livestream security at the site.

“The Arizona Senate and the auditors have no ‘expectations’ of findings,” Fann said. “We are performing the full forensic audit to either dispel our voters’ concerns or, if a problem is uncovered, we must fix the problems before the next election.”

So here we see… we had to subpoena the ballots, sue the Maricopa Board of Supervisors, secure a separate facility, and hire an auditor ourselves. But we got it done and now we will FINALLY get to the bottom of what happened in Maricopa.

I am helping Arizona take action! I am the deciding vote on the action taken by the Arizona Senate to find the truth of the 2020 Election and ensure our elections are more secure going forward. 

The left-wing press is attacking me constantly. If I don’t buy ads, the truth never gets out. It’s expensive, but worth it. 

Will you stand with me for election integrity? What we are doing can be done in other places.

Can you stand with us today?

I am keeping my promises to fight for you!

Help me send a message – America is in chaos due to Biden, but Arizona can choose differently!

Thank you and God bless you.

Wendy Rogers, Lt Col USAF (ret)

Arizona State Senator

Arizona’s 6th Legislative District

P.S. I am fighting hard to fulfill my campaign promises. I am taking a lot of heat but I don’t care. Please support me by helping me reach fundraising my goal by April 30th. Thank you.


Urgent: We need volunteers to help “cure” ballots

Nevada Republican Party
From NVGOP on 05.11.2020 

Ballots can be challenged for problems including a missing or mismatched signature. To “cure” a ballot, a voter can take action to fix the problem so that their vote is counted.

There are thousands of ballots that were challenged in Nevada but that can be “cured” and still counted if the problem is corrected. In order to make sure each of your votes cast COUNTS, we are reaching out to Republicans whose ballots can be “cured” and still counted. 

Will you help us by joining as a volunteer?


Don’t worry! We will train you on how we will reach out to fellow conservative voters who need to “cure” their ballot. Just sign-up here NOW because we need as many volunteers as possible to join us. 

As you know, this race is close and these votes SHOULD count.

Sign-up here to volunteer and help now >>

Thank you,

Political Team, Nevada Republican Party



 2810 W Charleston Blvd #69
Las Vegas, NV 89102

You’re receiving this email because you care about Nevada.

The Fake News And Dems Don’t Think You’ll Vote

Nevada Republican Party

Charles, Fake News is practically calling the race already for Democrats across the nation. 

Show them just how wrong they are. Get out and vote!

Find polling or drop-off locations here: https://www.nvsos.gov/sos/elections/election-day-information

-Chairman Michael J. McDonald

(On this same page you can click your county and find drop off locations. This is a great way to avoid the long lines.)

P.S. We need all hands on deck for online fundraising today. Can I count on you to contribute just $2 or $5 bucks more now? Here’s the link to help: https://secure.winred.com/nvgop/election-day-2020


 2810 W Charleston Blvd #69
Las Vegas, NV 89102You’re receiving this email because you care about Nevada.

Our Dear Friend, Joe Collins, Writes…

I Need You To Rush On This


Joe Collins for Congress
From Joe Collins on 29.08.2020

We only have 66 days until Election Day, but we only have 37 days until voting by mail begins in my race against Maxine Waters, which is when the election really starts.

But before we reach those dates, we have a more pressing deadline…

I need your help to raise another $50,000 to meet our August fundraising goal before our month-end deadline, which is just 2 days away.

Help Joe
Defeat Maxine Waters »

I’m running to defeat Maxine Waters – a 40+ year career politician with the entire Democrat Machine behind her, which makes her not easy to beat.

Your support has put us in a position to win and finally kick her out of Congress, but in order to seal the deal we must ramp things up in these final weeks…

WEEKS. That’s all we have left.

Will you rush $100, $50, $25 or even $10 or another amount before my Monday night month-end deadline and help me defeat radical liberal Maxine Waters?

Rush $10 »
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Thank you,

Joe Collins
Joe Collins
U.S. Navy Veteran
Republican for Congress

Joe Collins 2020Joe Collins is a Black Conservative, Navy Veteran, and Republican from South Central Los Angeles, and he is running to to defeat radical leftist Maxine Waters. To support Joe’s campaign chip in $5 or more today!

Joe Collins For Congress
5777 W. Century Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

To Which I Reply…

Dear, Mr. Collins,

I would love nothing more than to help take that hateful career house rat, Maxine Waters, down from her high-horse so I am honored to make a $5 donation to your campaign. I don’t have much money but I know if Mad Maxine, and her ilk remain in Congress, and the Senate any longer I won’t have anything at all. I think Obama demonstrated that very clearly during his 8-year tenure in office with his stated idea of 1-2% GDP growth being the new normal. President Trump shed light on that lie by reaching 4.20% GDP at last count. That is high.

We can and will restore the economy to its previous level because the will of the people, and their faith in America drives growth, our faith in ourselves is what drives the economy. I am fully convinced by the evidence I’ve seen myself that the Democrat Party have lost their collective criminal minds and must go immediately, and permanently as a political entity.

Maxine Waters has been there much longer supporting those failed programs that just never seem to work. Why is that do you suppose? Perhaps there’s a correlation to the fact that all of the monies allocated to every failed programs certainly went in someone’s pocket even though the job contracted for wasn’t done.

The worst thing is the fact that she is extremely hateful and seemingly unhinged. She has called for this party sponsored violence we are seeing done to our families, friends, and neighbors homes, businesses, and the loss of their lives which is completely unacceptable to any right-thinking human being. For her party to condone it and worse, make excuses for it is completely unconscionable to me, and I vote Non-partisan and I will never vote for a Democrat again. Not in this life or the next.

I think you will make an honorable addition to Congress, Joe, and that would be a live unicorn level rarity these days. We know China would prefer Waters and friends which is why they all must go in 2020, and why I fully endorse you sir. I pray God will bless your candidacy and throw Maxine Waters down from the imaginary yet real throne she’s built for herself in our house.

We the people might not be perfect but unquestionably the principles for which we stand, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all are perfect. We can only hope to be our best selves and honor the sacrifices of those who have gone before us in their defense even to the fullest measure.

We the people will never be ruled by Marxists, socialists, communists, fascists, or any other extremists that rear their ugly heads and presume to rule the American people or erode our civil liberties as the Democrat party has always done in the past. We all have different dreams, Joe, but what unites us is that we all want our dreams to come true.

Godspeed your dreams, Mr. Collins,

Charles Ramos Jr. – Publisher at B.B. Wolfe Publishing.


I want to personally thank you for supporting my campaign, Joe Collins for Congress. With your help, we can unseat Maxine Waters, help President Trump Keep America Great, and Make California Great Again. Every dollar counts and every vote counts to regain the House in 2020.

– Joe Collins

Amen. – Charles.


A message from Nikki Haley
Dear Friend,

Recently, there’s been a socialist resurgence within the Democratic party, and it’s not some fringe movement. Even Senate Democrats are engaging in this dangerous flirtation with socialism and trying to market it as “free” government programs.

Friend, you and I both know there’s no such thing as free, and if Senate Democrats are allowed to continue down this path, it’s going to cost all of us.

The good news is, it’s not too late to put a stop to their extremism but we have to act now, and it starts with supporting Senator Martha McSally.

You see, Democrats only need to flip four Senate seats to seize the majority and they think they have a good shot at winning if they can defeat Martha and turn Arizona blue.

Since the day she joined the Senate, Martha has been a thorn in the Democrats’ side because she’s not afraid to call them out for their irrational ideology and aversion to pragmatism.

As a former fighter pilot who flew in combat, Martha knows the price of freedom, and she’ll be the first to tell you there’s no such thing as “free,” especially when it comes to government.

Martha’s fighting for pragmatic policy solutions, but Democrats want no part of it, they just want her gone.

We can’t let that happen, Friend, because as long Democrats willfully ignore the costly realities of their proposals, they have no place dictating our policies.

If you agree, join me in supporting Martha McSally today. This is a race we can’t afford to lose.

My very best,

Nikki Haley

Paid for by McSally for Senate, Inc.

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