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Judicial Watch – June 4th, 2020

Dear Mr. Ramos,

Judicial Watch has long been the national leader fighting to enforce federal laws designed to protect the honesty of our elections, and to challenge efforts to weaken those safeguards and make it easier for ineligible individuals, including illegal aliens, to vote.

In fact, we recently filed a lawsuit against Pennsylvania and three of its largest counties (Bucks, Chester and Delaware) over their failure to follow National Voter Registration Act and clean their voter rolls. 

This Pennsylvania action follows closely on the heels of a similar lawsuit we filed against North Carolina and two of its largest counties (Guilford and Mecklenburg) for failing to clean their voter rolls as required by federal law. North Carolina, we allege, has more than 1,000,000 inactive voters on their rolls!

Dirty voting rolls can mean dirty elections!

And now, calls from the Left for out of control mail-in voting makes the need for clean voter rolls even more essential!

No organization in the country (including the U.S. Department of Justice) is as effective as Judicial Watch holding states and counties accountable under federal election law!

That’s why we’re in Pennsylvania and North Carolinaand why we may file more lawsuits against states and counties we previously warned about their failure to maintain clean voter rolls. 

And this is why I hope you will support our efforts with your best contribution today to Judicial Watch.

The fight over honest elections is in full swing across America. The organized Left (funded in large part by George Soros) is pulling out all the stops to weaken election safeguards, permit illegal aliens to vote…and illicitly tilt the electoral playing field in their favor for years to come.

And our dogged and persistent litigation to see that existing federal election laws are enforced (as we have successfully already done in states including California,OhioIndiana and Kentucky) are the single most effective means to thwart the Left’s unconscionable drive to corrupt and degrade the integrity of our elections and undermine the very foundations of our Republic.

That’s why I hope you will join our fight by making your best contribution to Judicial Watch right now. Your support will help us continue to fight through the courts and the legal system for ballot integrity, while keeping us on track with all our other investigations and litigation. Thank you!
Thomas Fitton

P.S. Under the guise of the corona virus crisis, the Left is calling for out of control mail-in voting which makes the need for clean voter rolls even more essential. That’s why our work today is even more important and why your best gift now will help tremendously

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