Under President Trump, our First Americans are being put first again!

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The White House • October 21, 2020

President Trump is committed to honoring the heritage of America’s first inhabitants, our Native American communities. To that end, his Administration just released a plan to continue partnering with Native Americans to build a brighter future for all people.

The plan, titled “Putting America’s First Peoples First: Forgotten No More,” outlines President Trump’s core principles to fight for these communities:

  • Respecting tribal sovereignty and self-determination
  • Promoting safe communities
  • Building a thriving economy with improved infrastructure
  • Honoring Native American heritage and improving education
  • Delivering better health outcomes

President Trump’s policies will add 51,000 Native American-owned businesses and up to 196,000 new jobs for tribal communities. In addition, tribal entrepreneurship will be supported through growing opportunities for access to Federal contracting.
With a priority on education, Federal investments will be increased in tribal colleges and universities, and $10 million is pledged to support the creation of new tribally operated charter schools. Federal funding will be doubled for the improvement of quality Bureau of Indian Education schools and other education options, as well.
The plan also continues to prioritize the important work of Operation Lady Justice, President Trump’s task force to address missing and murdered indigenous persons.
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President Trump disembarks Air Force One in Erie, Pennsylvania 
October 21, 2020

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God bless you, President Donald Trump. This is historic. No other President has done much of anything for the First Nations since Andrew Jackson evicted the Cherokee Nation from Georgia and forced them to walk to Oklahoma in the snow on The Trail of Tears.

On an unrelated note the War Chief of my Warrior Clan has informed me that I am being awarded a second eagle feather, this one being harvested lawfully and ceremoniously from a Golden Eagle without harm. My heart is soaring above the moon on golden wings. Thank you Lord Jesus for all of these blessings, for everything. Grandfather, I pray You will bestow Your Holy Spirit, Grace, and undying love on America forever. Hold her close to Your Heart and keep her peoples free and equal for as long as the wind blows and the grass grows.


Charles “Little Bear” Ramos Jr. – Publisher