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Greetings sports fans and welcome to a late night Sunday edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat, the little column that could, and may just do so yet. You never can tell.

Turning briefly to the world of sports the Dallas Cowboy’s defeated the Detroit Lions at home in Dallas when a 38-yard field goal by, Brett Maher made the final score 26-24, Dallas.

But enough about sports let’s turn our attention now to PT”S GOLD  A sports pub which is located at 6610 South Fort Apache just a half a block north of Sunset Boulevard.

I was in Vegas this past Thursday to take my mother’to her doctor’s appointment and we decided to stop to have lunch on the way home.

But, where to go that’s not the same old same old?

We were going to go and eat at the Mountain Springs Saloon (reviewed) until I saw a billboard for PT”S that advertised a delicious looking $7 hamburger so I said hey let’s try that.

PT”s has some great food from my experience, going back to 1997 when I used to hang out sometimes at the one in Henderson with my girl. We would shoot pool, eat mass quantities of seasoned curly fries (for which PT’s is somewhat famous), and watch football games on the many televisions there. I always had a great time.

PT’s was our favorite place to hang out because it was where we first met and it’s a great sports bar. At least it was way back then. I don’t know what’s happened to it since then but I know that I don’t much care for it.

We stopped in at the one on Fort Apache because it’s on our way home and Mom went in ahead of me. She ordered the hamburger which comes with curly fries so I didn’t order my own basket of fries as I am generally wont to do. When the burger came there were not even enough fries on the plate to put a respectable potato back together from amongst the scraps.

The hamburger itself and the curly fries were delicious. The problem came when we got out to the truck and looked at the bill one more time. I had to wonder since when does a $7 hamburger and 2 cups of coffee add up to $20.10 so I went back in and asked the bartender. He explained to me that the $7 burger is a special offer that was only available during happy hour which runs from 5PM to 7Pm and from 12AM to 2AM daily in all PT’s locations around Las Vegas.


Obviously, we arrived too early for the early bird special, but I thought $20.10 was little much for so little. Our server explained to me that my mother had not ordered the $7 dollar burger and that even so it was still not happy hour yet and so I could accept that with no problem.

I called PT’s Gold on Fort Apache during the course of writing this article and spoke to a very helpful young gentleman who told  me that the regular hamburger they serve during unhappy hours is, in fact, $10.00 and that they charge $3.00 for each cup of coffee but he also told that he always gives his customers a free refill or two.

I would certainly hope so. At $3.00 a cup, Juan Valdez could afford to buy a new donkey and Columbia in no time flat and then where will we be? Chaos, anarchy, California! Egad!

But what I still cannot wrap my mind around is that the bartender apparently gave himself a $2.50 tip on top of our order that we were not told anything about until I disputed the bill. So the question that comes to my mind is since when is it cricket to tip yourself at the cash register?

Mom asked me why he took her credit card when she ordered but I told her it was to run a tab on while we were there. A practice not unknown to most pub patrons worldwide.

I just didn’t know that the bartender was running his own tab on it as well.

Perhaps our bartender took one look at us and decided that we were a couple of non-tipping hicks from over the hump in Pahrump and if he wanted to get a decent tip he was going to have to do it for us by adding 50% more gratuity to the $5.00 (20%) tip we gave him for serving us one hamburger and 2 cups of coffee.

He said he would give me back the money when I questioned him about the cost of the meal but I figured if he needed $2.50 bad enough to Jack it from a sickly little old lady like my mother then he must need it far worse than she does. She paid the bill not me.

I just drive the truck, write the articles and take out the trash.

I find myself wondering if perhaps PT’s might not stand for Petty Theft’s now, but that is a matter of speculation upon which I will not speculate at this time due to legal constraints and such…

What I do know is that I was completely disappointed by the small number of french fries that came with that $10.00 hamburger when what I wanted was a basket of them.

The last time I was served something like that was at Po Folks in Jacksonville, Florida. I ordered a catfish dinner as did my boss and when they came there were 3 fries on both plates. She told us they didn’t have very many potatoes so I gave her a $5 bill and told her to send the cook to the grocery store for 40 pounds on me, or take the dinner back.

I must be getting nicer in my old age.

This was not my first visit to this particular PT’s location either. I visited them last Spring and had coffee and a basket of curly fries while I charged my phone. The hamburger and the curly fries (as always) were tasty, and the restaurant is very lovely quiet, dark, cool, and clean and but neither myself nor my parents will darken their doorstep again no matter where they’re located.

Just sayin.


Vegas Valley Sports Beat

 October 22, 2018Charles Ramos JrCarrabba’sdrink. buffetfine diningfoodgrillHendersonitalianlas vegas


Greetings sports fans and welcome to another thrilling Sunday edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat. The irregular little sports column that is about most everything but sports.

Turning our attention to the world of Las Vegas cuisine and a review of Carrabba’s Italian Grill, but the one in Henderson. I want to apologize to our server, Bri (Bree) for taking so long to write this review. It’s not really that I’m lazy it’s that I’m overtaxed and under-weathered physically, and lazy. But my mind and memory are as clear and sharp as ever and my lunch at Carrabba’s was truly a delightful experience I’ll not easily forget.

Whether you’re new in town, planning a visit, or passing through on your way to elsewhere you may find yourself wondering at some point in time where to go for some really good and authentic Italian food in Las Vegas.

If by chance you do you can do far worse than to put visiting Carrabba’s Italian Grill for lunch or dinner high on your list of immediate priorities. Immediately if not sooner.

Go ahead and write that address down if you like. No worries I’ll wait.

702-990-0650 NO WAIT  

10160 S Eastern Ave Henderson, NV 89052-3914 GET DIRECTIONS

Open for lunch daily11AM – 9PM  Happy Hour: 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm

 WiFi Available

Okay, got that all down now? Cool. NO?! Too bad! No soup for you, 1 year!

I was in town with my mom, cruising down Eastern Avenue in search of cheesy comestibles when we spiedCarrabba’s Italian Grill. It was an easy decision to stop in for a late lunch before mom had to go back to the doctors’ office. I ‘ve seen and heard their ads many times on radio and television so I’ll admit that I’ve been hungering for just such an occasion.

Proprietors can pay plenty of professionally phony PR people to post any possible passle of pompous prattle, or promote and praise practically any positive piece of pretty, properly prepared and presented propaganda (If you’ll please pardon my personal preference in pronouns) they prefer to proffer, but patently the proof is in the Pasta Primavera.

Say that 3 times fast.

From the moment we walked in I was genuinely pleased by the overall impression I got from the staff and the atmosphere itself. The soft colors and dark wood of the dining room are soft and understated yet quiet, elegant, and comfortable. The soft jazz music playing on the stereo is clear no matter where you are seated.

To the right, just as you enter, is a well-stocked, highly polished, beautifully crafted wooden bar where diners can order a cocktail or wine and an entree or what-have-you from the vast number of choices available on the menu.

I  liked their open kitchen arrangement whereby you can see the kitchen staff from about the chest up as they prepare your order. It reminded me of Sapporo, the sushi restaurant. Another thing both have in common is that I hope to visit them again soon.

Bri was very helpful, knowledgeable, courteous, efficient and prompt with drink refills and extra bread. When it was time to go, Bri was there with the check and doggie boxes for the leftovers.

I ordered lasagna and Mom had the shrimp and scallop linguini ala vodka which features their gluten-free Casarecce pasta along with sautéed shrimp and bay scallops tossed with basil in a tomato vodka cream sauce. It also came with a bowl of Mama Mandola’s Sicilian Chicken Soup. Carrabba’s comprehensive online menu describes it thusly as a: Spicy chicken soup that has soothed the family for generations. Available in cup or bowl sizes. Request without pasta. (sic)

The lasagna was a huge piece of cheesy comestible tastiness that practically melts in one’s mouth and the shrimp and scallop linguini ala vodka were delicious. The Mama Mandola’s chicken soup was no slouch either.

Some of Carrabba’s entrees might be seen as a bit pricey to some but as any cook knows you can’t make a Denver omelet without breaking a few assets. Yours. Quality ingredients cost dough and clearly, someone loves Carrabba’s very much because they made the time and effort to put it into their food and it shows.

If you love great Italian food, fast friendly service, and a clean quiet atmosphere then Carrabba’s is definitely the right place to go. If what your tired old taste buds crave is a tantalizing  Italian treat then drop by your nearest Carrabba’s and dig in today. Just find your way to Eastern Avenue and follow your nose from there to Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Tell them your tummy sent you.

If you’re not hungry by now, check for a pulse then either call 911 or hurry on over to Carrabba’s. Your tongue will be all like OMG!, and your mouth will thank you for it. For the overall experience, I give Carrabba’s two forks up.

Thanks a million, Bri, you’re the best.

All images courtesy of Carrabba’s Italian Grill.


Vegas Valley Sports Beat

 August 12, 2018Charles Ramos JrDiningfoodlas vegasnewsSapporosushi

Greetings sports fans and welcome to another sunny Las Vegas Sunday morning edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat. It’s August and that means pre-season football! WOOHOO! That being said let us turn our attention to food because good food and football go hand in hand.

I have to admit a certain bias whenever it came to the issue of sushi in the past. Even to the present day when I told a friend I have always considered sushi to be fish bait. It had been her dream for so long to eat at Sapporo however that I was willing to give it a try. Besides, I had 2 blueberry and cream cheese bear claws in the truck should it turn out to be that sushi was not my cup of tea.

Photobombing Sapporo in Las Vegas with Mom.

It’s nothing more than that I have never been much on fish-eating verses fish-catching because I don’t care for the fishy taste. Even so, I went in with the notion of giving it a try. If for nothing else to see what all the fuss was about.

For anyone living in Las Vegas or who might be planning on visiting our little city you, of course, want to experience the best that the city has to offer and the bolder the better is the gold standard in Las Vegas. Sapporo meets that standard admirably with its innovative revolving sushi bar.


I was surprised by Maria’s reaction when we pulled up in front of Sapporo. she got out of the truck dancing a little jig because she couldn’t believe she had finally made it there after waiting so long to find it. She forgot to mention that Sapporo is a revolving sushi restaurant but that was of no real consequence. For me, it added to the experience greatly.

It was nice from the first moment we sat down. Our waitress was right on the spot with drinks and throughout the meal. She was very courteous and efficient about taking our soup orders and making sure that everything was in apple pie order as far as whatever we needed and to answer any questions.


So this then was my first encounter with sushi and chopsticks together in the same room and I admit a slight amount of trepidation but I dove right in and I have to admit that I was more than mildly surprised at just how good it really was. I especially loved the Whitetail tacos, and the lobster tacos all of their fish tacos were delicious. But if I were to pick the very best one that I had, it would have to be the Cajun blackened style fish. It was very tasty.


Beside our booth, a conveyor belt ran carrying past us a parade of delicacies I think any sushi lover will be well pleased with. There were California Rolls, green tea cakes, fish tacos galore and lots and lots of tasty dishes whose names I cannot recall. All you have to do is grab a dish as it goes past your table and go to town. Each dish is preceded by a small sign that lets you know what it is and each sign is followed by 2 covered dishes of that item.


Maria told us that the key to eating sushi is to pop the entire morsel in your mouth at once not to nibble at it like a fish testing a shrimp on a hook. She was right of course and the dipping sauce made it that much better.


They have a little trolly that runs over the top of the belt and delivers special orders from the kitchen which is pretty cool. I have never been a big fan of ramen noodles as most people know them but the Miso ramen soup at Sapporo was excellent. I could eat it every day no problem.


I heard it was expensive to eat at Sapporo but for the 4 of us we ate 27 plates at $2.50 per plate the total bill came to $22 per person which if you think about the average cost of lunch at any decent establishment it’s likely to cost more in the neighborhood of $35-$50 per person. The sushi was excellent and we all got full so what more can one ask for? and at a great price too? It’s a no-brainer for sure.

There’s no waiting for your order it’s already going past you as you sit down to eat. I personally like that very much. I think many will agree that there’s not much worse than watching a crowd of diners eating while you wait forever for your own order to come.

Bear in mind that I have never had sushi before so I have nothing to compare Sapporo to but if you look at it in that light, I honestly enjoyed the food very much and I would recommend Sapporo to anyone who loves sushi, or to anyone who, like myself, have never tried it for whatever reason.

For those who might still feel like eating bait is somehow just not right you can always take a few of the shrimp home along with a few popcorn lobsters and if the fish aren’t biting that day you can always eat them yourself. I personally don’t see the shrimp making it that far.

Located at 4671 Spring Mountain Road in Las Vegas Sapporo is open every day from 11:30 am to midnight. Phone (702) 915-7500 or visit their website at