They paint these walls to stop my pen, but the shithouse phantom strikes again! -Anonymous.

Puritans banned Christmas.

I warned you censors at Twitter about messing with my First Amendment rights and that you cannot keep me off of Twitter or stifle my opinion.

I am calling on all of my followers, and their followers, and their followers too to do the same thing to Twitter that they are doing to us. Boycott them and shut the app off for the next 72 hours and watch the fireworks begin. Call their sponsors and pitch a bitch in their ear about those who support the oppression of opposing viewpoints in public. Twitter can suck my right nut and make the left nut jealous for all they mean to me or to my quality of life in general. Ask yourselves if ou can say the same or not and then shut them down. They want us off the air then by all means let us accommodate them.

Construction of a social media platform does not serve to separate any individual from the Constitution. I don’t know how yet but I will file injunctions until you are shut down permanently and I am seeking any and all who wish to join in a class action lawsuit aimed at shutting your beak permanently.

Any violation of any individuals civil rights is an abomination to every right thinking person. The liberals in the left-wing causes that the owners and handlers of Twitter do support best wake the fuck up and take notice of the trend this sets and realize that they will be the next ones silenced and in the yokes.

Each and every individual in the United States is presumed and duty-bound to know and uphold the law as a condition of citizenship. When the individual does not then there are consequences that are described within those same laws. Since the Twitter corporation wants to assume the rights of an individual then they are bound by law to uphold those rights for every individual or they forfeit them voluntarily, and again, there are consequences.

It’s a crying shame that the ACLU doesn’t have the time to uphold such insignificant things as the right to free speech or I would seek help from them. But after being rebuked by them 3 times while I was being brutalized in the Westchester County jail by a racist guard and a bunch of other cops and inmates paid by cops to beat me, and again by cops in Colorado I have no more use for the ACLU than I have for Twitter.

You would do well to keep it in mind that I don’t need you, Twitter. You need me, and you need the millions of others like me who feel the same way I do about the banning of viewpoints that do not agree with that of the ownership of Twitter. You need those numbers to make those dollar bills that feed the corporation. There are plenty of other places for us to go.

To be perfectly honest with myself Twitter does absolutely nothing to enrich my life other than talking to the people there and I can get that on Fubar, or Parler, or LinkedIn or True Mastery, or Inklyte, or…

Let’s all go somewhere else and leave Twitter to try and be profitable with nothing but a bunch of bots and paid trolls who have nobody left to troll on.

I will see you all on Parler as @CharlesRamos63 #SuQitTwitter.


The Management.