The White House – February 07, 2020
James Madison 1, Nancy Pelosi 0
The Wall Street Journal
“A sorry period in Congressional history ended Wednesday with the Senate acquittal of President Trump on two articles of impeachment passed by a partisan and reckless Democratic House. Chalk up one more victory for the Framers of the Constitution, who realized the dangers of political factions and created the Senate to check them,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes.
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A Breakdown of Trump’s Most Triumphant Week Yet
The Federalist
“Whether one is a Donald Trump supporter or not, it’s impossible to deny this has been one of the best weeks for the Trump presidency ever.” Those successes include record-high approval ratings, a well-received State of the Union address, an expectations-shattering jobs report, and the end of Democrats’ impeachment stunt, Tristan Justice writes. 
More“Record economic optimism under Trump, better than Reagan, Clinton, Obama”

January Adds a Much Stronger-Than-Expected 225,000 Jobs
The Trump Economy shattered predictions again with 225,000 jobs added last month, beating the 158,000 expected, Jeff Cox reports. “There was more good news for workers: Average hourly earnings rose 3.1% over a year ago.” Wage growth for blue-collar workers outpaced gains for managers—a reversal from the previous administration.
Boom! “Trump’s Manufacturing Jobs Record Is Even Stronger Than We Thought”

13 Key Takeaways From President Trump’s Epic State Of The Union Address
The Federalist
“President Donald Trump’s rousing State of the Union address to a divided Congress encouraged his supporters with bold defense of conservative values, overtly reached out to independents on the basis of successful implementation of domestic policy goals, and in so doing enraged the Democrat left on what was already a difficult day for them,” Mollie Hemingway writes.
5 amazing moments from an unforgettable State of the Union!

Trump, the Developer in Chief, Has a New Way to Fight Poverty
Washington Examiner
“After more than 50 years, the outdated government-dependency approach to fighting poverty has shown its limits,” writes Tomas Philipson, Acting Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers. That’s why President Trump championed a new anti-poverty strategy with his 2017 “Opportunity Zones” tax cuts, which are spurring development and job creation in struggling communities.

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Trump Reminds CONGRESS What Matters to AmericaNS

The White House – February 5, 2020

Sen. Marco Rubio: Trump State of the Union Reminds Us of What Matters to America

“President Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday night was a much-needed and refreshing reminder that life does indeed exist outside the Washington bubble,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) writes for Fox News.
“He spoke to the hundreds of millions of Americans who do not spend each day refreshing their Twitter accounts to find out the latest ‘hot take’ . . .  It is time we focus on what matters to the American people, not to Washington pundits.”
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President Trump seized the moment last night with a “powerful, patriotic” State of the Union message to Americans across the political spectrum. “And then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reinforced his message with her oh-so-symbolic ripping up of the text. What, other than channeling the alienation of the Democratic base from the great American center, was she thinking?” the New York Post editorial board writes.

“President Donald Trump surprised an Army wife during Tuesday’s State of the Union address, bringing her husband home from Afghanistan and directly into the chamber . . . The crowd erupted with cheers and applause as Sergeant Williams walked down the steps to embrace his stunned wife and children,” Virginia Kruta writes for The Daily Caller.

“The jobs market kicked off 2020 in grand fashion, adding 291,000 in private payrolls for the best monthly gain since May 2015 . . . That was well above the 150,000 estimate from economists surveyed by Dow Jones,” Jeff Cox reports for CNBC.

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WEST WING READS – 01/31/2020

The White House – January 31, 2020
Crying Wolf on Impeachment
“The impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump is coming down to one big question: Will Democrats, by crying wolf, drown out the more legitimate Republican cry of foul? ‘Foul’ has served as the GOP’s most powerful and honest argument from the first days of these impeachment maneuverings,” Kimberly Strassel writes in The Wall Street Journal.
“Democrats broke every standard of due process, transparency and fairness in their House investigation, making a mockery of their constitutional duty.”
“They hid the identity of the original accuser, denying Republicans and the country the ability to judge his motives.”
  “They held secret depositions, barring more than three-quarters of House members, as well as the press and the American public.”
  “They called 18 witnesses, but blocked the president from calling any in his defense.”
“The White House legal team was excluded from the proceedings—prohibited from cross-examining witnesses, denied the ability to introduce any evidence that spoke to the central question of the president’s focus on Ukrainian corruption.

“The kicker: In the end, “Democrats approved two articles of impeachment that failed to identify a crime.” 
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“President Donald Trump will propose a $42 million budget increase in February to expand support for victims of human trafficking and to boost investigations and prosecutions.” The funding is part of a push by Ivanka Trump to bring more attention to the illegal trade, Michael Wilner reports for McClatchy DC.

“After joining the administration, one of the first assignments I was given by President Trump was to develop a plan to resolve the decades-old Israel-Palestinian conflict. I am pleased to say that, after three years of work, we have made a breakthrough,” Senior Advisor to the President Jared Kushner writes for CNN.

“Democrats have accused President Donald Trump of using the government to go after his political opponents, yet they are doing the very same thing right now on the floor of the U.S. Senate. They have wrongly weaponized the U.S. Constitution in order to go after their political opponent, President Trump. Does their hypocrisy have no shame?” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) write for Fox News.  

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WEST WING READS – 12/17/2019

From The White House – 12/17/2019

Schumer’s Hail Mary Bid to Save Dems’ Disastrous Impeachment Drive

“Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer knows his House colleagues bungled their ‘impeachment inquiry’ so badly that they managed to shift public opinion markedly against removing the president. So he’s hoping for a do-over,” the New York Post editorial board writes.

“In other words: do more fishing in hopes of getting something that might damage President Trump.” Here’s the problem: “Schumer is simply supposed to be part of the jury, along with the other 99 senators — and jurors don’t decide the witness list.”

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MORE: “Support falls for Trump’s impeachment, removal from office: CNN poll”

James Comey has finally admitted some ‘sloppiness’ over the surveillance warrant for former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.” But mere incompetence doesn’t seem to explain it. “Crossfire Hurricane was among the most politically fraught investigations in recent American history,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes.

“The stock market has been unstoppable under the influence of President Trump. The Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed 28,332.74 on Monday, meaning it has rallied 10,000 points, or more than 54 percent, since Trump’s election victory on November 8, 2016.” The S&P 500 is up more than 46 percent, Jonathan Garber writes in Fox Business.

“President Trump’s United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) is finally up for a vote this week — just in time for Christmas.” After a long delay from House Democrats, the NAFTA replacement will mean more high-paying jobs and lower prices on many goods, Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James writes in The Washington Times.

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The White House • December 16, 2019

Thanks to President Trump, drug prices are actually falling

President Donald J. Trump’s relentless focus on lowering drug costs is the reason Americans are seeing the largest, most persistent drop in medicine prices in half a century.

American healthcare leads the world on many fronts, including crucial medical innovation that is the envy of patients around the globe. But the high price of prescription drugs has hurt both our senior citizens and working families for far too long.

In the 8 years before President Trump’s inauguration—while Washington focused on government takeovers of healthcare rather than on solving real-world problems—prescription drug prices continued to climb by more than 3 ½ percent year-over-year. Today, prices for those drugs have seen year-over-year declines in 9 of the past 10 months.

What changed? The President. Rather than kick Americans off their health insurance plans or team up with socialists to plot “Medicare for All,” here are a few of the practical steps the Trump Administration took to make medicine prices more affordable:Record generic approvals: The FDA is now approving generic drugs at historic rates, generating savings for patients estimated at $26 billion.
 Ending unacceptable pharmacy gag clauses: President Trump signed legislation banning pharmacy “gag clauses,” which prohibited pharmacists from telling patients about the best deals on the medications they need.
 Strengthening Medicare Part D: The Administration finalized changes to Medicare’s payment rate for certain drugs to lower expenses for seniors, as well as provided more tools to demystify out-of-pocket costs for beneficiaries.  The result of these and other common-sense actions: Just this past June, prescription drug prices saw their largest year-over-year decline in more than 51 years.

Even better, Washington is on the verge of a bipartisan breakthrough to help American patients further. Senate Democrats and Republicans have joined to craft a transformative drug pricing bill that would improve Medicare Part D, hold drug companies more accountable, and save federal taxpayers billions of dollars to boot.

The Grassley-Wyden bill, backed by President Trump, would significantly cut what seniors have to pay for prescription drugs. Under the proposal, for the first time ever, Medicare Part D beneficiaries would have an annual cap on their total drug expenses. The $3,100 limit on out-of-pocket costs—which works out to about $258 per month—would save many seniors thousands of dollars. An inflation cap proposed under the bill would also end arbitrary and often devastating spikes in drug prices. 

Congress needs to send drug pricing reform to President Trump’s desk this year. Americans have waited long enough. There’s just one holdup, and it’s a familiar one: House Democrats’ partisan stunts. While Congressional Republicans have tried to push ahead with bipartisan solutions, Speaker Nancy Pelosi cut a deal not with conservatives or moderates but with members of her own party’s far-left Progressive Caucus.

The Pelosi bill is a win for the growing Democrat-Socialist movement. It relies on a bureaucrat to dictate prices for innovative medicines and enforces it with a massive tax that would put companies out of business. The Council of Economic Advisers predicts the far-left bill could erase nearly one-quarter of the anticipated gains in American life expectancy over the next decade.

So instead of joining with Senate Democrats—and Republicans in both chambers—to keep their promises to working Americans, Speaker Pelosi is backing a separate bill that is entirely partisan, unworkable, and in fact deeply harmful to Americans’ health.

It’s no wonder Americans want to drain the Swamp.

The President is ready to sign a bipartisan deal. Where is Speaker Pelosi?

NEW: Forgotten Americans are forgotten no more

WATCH: President Trump attends 120th Army–Navy game

At the 120th Army-Navy football game on Saturday, President Trump was met with thunderous applause as he walked out onto Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

Before kickoff, the Commander in Chief stood side-by-side with representatives from both service academies, along with Defense Secretary Mark Esper, for the playing of our National Anthem. President Trump also stopped by each locker room before the game to wish players good luck in person.

“President Donald Trump receives rousing welcome from crowd at 120th Army-Navy game”

Photo of the Day

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead
President Trump is joined by Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley during the 120th Army–Navy football game in Philadelphia | November 25, 2019

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