Senator John Kennedy Writes, Help a Real Leader Save the Senate


The radical Left is dead set on flipping the Senate blue and having a wide-open path to poisoning America with their Socialist agenda.

There’s no question that our Senate is the last line of defense from the nation’s complete takeover by the radical Left.

Folks, I’m asking you to help my friend John James beat another lying Democrat, Gary Peters, and help save our Senate majority.


John is a brave veteran who served our country valiantly in Operation Iraqi Freedom, brought hundreds of jobs to the great people of Michigan, and has continued to stand up for his community and fight for kitchen-table issues daily.

This is the type of leadership that will save our Senate. We can’t let the Left and their liberal billionaires continue to pour money into this race. They’re out spreading lies, throwing mud, and attacking John’s good character in order to win. It’s the worst that partisan politics has to offer and we’ve got to do our part to help him fight back.

Will you help John save the Senate?


Let’s put the radical Left in their place. It’s time we ensure our Senate majority and get back to business. 

God Bless,

Senator John Kennedy

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