Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Covid-Relief’ Bill Is Mainly Just a Left-Wing Wish List

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From The White House – October, 07, 2020
“The House speaker has been badgering the GOP to pass her $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill to ‘crush the virus, so that we can reopen the economy and our schools safely.’ Yet her bill would do almost nothing to achieve those goals,” Betsy McCaughey writes in the New York Post.
“Her bill would rewrite election law for 2020, barring voter-ID requirements” and making other changes that have nothing to do with relief for workers. “Pelosi’s version would fritter away hundreds of billions of dollars closing state and city budget gaps, with nothing long term to show for it. We won’t be any more prepared for the next pandemic.”
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“Support for Judge Amy Coney Barrett spiked over the last two weeks . . . The number of voters who say the Senate should reject Barrett’s nomination dropped three points to 31 percent,” Mairead McArdle reports. “Some Democrats [in Congress] have suggested or said directly that they are open to adding justices to the Court should Barrett be confirmed.” Read more in the National Review.

“Eli Lilly & Co. said it has requested U.S. authorization of the emergency use of an experimental antibody-based treatment for people with recently diagnosed, mild-to-moderate Covid-19, following positive results from clinical testing.” This antibody drug “could not only provide treatment but also potentially give temporary protection against the virus to people at risk of infection,” Peter Loftus reports in The Wall Street Journal.

When it comes to clean air, clean water, and conservation, “for far too long, the Left has pursued ineffective and unworkable policies that unnecessarily put jobs and economic growth at risk, rather than achieving practical results. This all changed with the Trump Administration, where actions speak louder than words,” writes Mary Neumayr, chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, for RealClearEnergy.

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Five Stories President Trump Doesn’t Want You to Miss

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From The White House – October 02, 2020
September Jobs Numbers Best Since Reagan-Era, Don’t Panic America
-Fox Business
America added 661,000 jobs last month, according to today’s jobs report, while the unemployment rate fell to 7.9 percent. “You may read elsewhere about an economic slowdown but September’s very positive jobs numbers actually confirm that we are still experiencing the most dynamic economic recovery in American history,” Andy Puzder writes.
BY THE NUMBERSSeptember Jobs Report Shows American Grit

Cuts in Policing Have ‘Led to 710 Murders and More Than 2,800 Gunshot Victims’ Across the US
-Daily Mail Online
“Major cities across the United States are seeing a ‘dramatic and widespread spikes in homicides’ after police funding cuts,” Lauren Fruen reports. University of Utah Law Professor Paul Cassell dubbed this rise in crime the “Minneapolis effect,” explaining that “as a result of de-policing during June and July 2020, approximately 710 additional victims were murdered and more than 2,800 victims were shot.”

Liberals Should Love Amy Coney Barrett 
-The Washington Times
“Liberals should love Amy Coney Barrett. As an independent woman who has held prestigious positions in legal academia, private practice and the judiciary, she embodies the ideal of professional excellence for feminists . . . If tenacious women like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg prepared the way for women to practice law, formidable women like Judge Amy Coney Barrett have paved it,” attorney Kelly Tshibaka writes.
WATCH: Supreme Court belongs to all Americans, Judge Barrett says

NBC News Misrepresents Internal DHS Memo About Their Response to the Kyle Rittenhouse Case
“NBC News misrepresented an internal memo given to Department of Homeland Security officials that was meant to brief them on the Kyle Rittenhouse situation the week it occurred in August. NBC News reported ‘officials were directed to make public comments sympathetic’ about Rittenhouse and it included quotes from the document.” In reality, these “‘sympathetic’ talking points were not talking points at all,” Julio Rosas reports.

Trump Nominated a Third Time for Nobel Peace Prize
The Hill
“President Trump has received a third nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize,” Aris Folley reports. “Four Australian law professors recently nominated the president for the high honor, with one of them, David Flint, citing his recent role in helping broker relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).”

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