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Did you see President Trump’s tweet yesterday?

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The destruction of American small businesses, court houses, and capitol buildings is unacceptable and those responsible MUST be held accountable. This is not justice for George Floyd and it disrespects his memory.

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I signed it before I published it.

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How to Get Your Law Firm Noticed by Potential Clients

President, Abraham Lincoln once said: “Give me five hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.”
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Giving birth is one of the most special moments of a mother’s life. That is, unless she is forced to go through it completely alone – unsure if her baby will survive even the first minutes and hours of his or her life – in a dirty jail cell without proper medical care while being filmed…

That’s exactly what happened to Diana Sanchez.


Diana was arrested for identity theft when she was eight months pregnant. A few weeks later while in jail, she went into labor. Once she started having contractions, she begged to be taken to the hospital. 

There was no answer.

After hours of painful labor, Diana realized that no one was coming to help her. She was going to have to give birth in her cell, alone. At 10:44 a.m. – more than five hours after she first asked for help – her child came into the world, not into the arms of a doctor or loving family, but into a dark, dingy jail cell.

Sadly, Diana’s story isn’t unique. 

Incarcerated mothers across the nation receive the same kind of inhumane treatment every single day. At any given time, at least 8,000 incarcerated women in America are pregnant. There are no mandatory standards of care for these women, and they often wind up spending 20 hours a day in isolation.  

Even worse, many pregnant women are forced to wear heavy, painful restraints that, according to the American College of Obstetricians, can harm both mother and child.    

If we say we are pro-life, how do we accept a policy that risks a baby’s life?  No matter what crimes these women may have committed, innocent babies certainly shouldn’t have to pay for their mothers’ mistakes.

President Trump agreed when he signed the First Step Act last December. This bill prohibits shackling of pregnant women in federal prisons. However, the majority of those pregnant incarcerated women are held at state prisons and jails – and like Diana, are still being shackled. 

Here at the Nolan Center, we’re working to make sure that incarcerated mothers in state prisons are treated with dignity and have access to the care they need to bring healthy, happy babies into the world. Want to join in? Click here to buy one of our limited edition dignity tees. >>>


Buying a shirt helps in two ways: 

1. The proceeds go toward fighting for better conditions for incarcerated women.
2. Wearing the shirt brings more attention to this issue and encourages others to get involved.


Thank you,
Kaitlin Owens

American Conservative Union Foundation’s Nolan Center for Justice 9/26/2019

America’s criminal justice system is broken and it will take conservatives to fix it. A part of the American Conservative Union Foundation, we work to advance conservative reforms to our criminal justice system that improve public safety, strengthen government accountability, and advance human dignity. Join us in the fight by going to:

Paid for by the American Conservative Union Foundation’s Nolan Center for Justice
201 N. Union Street, Suite 370 Alexandria, VA 22314
QuakerRECollaborativ (@Quakers4RE) | Twitter


Check out this awesome 'Justice+Society' design on @TeePublic!



As a guy who graduated from Michigan State, it’s hard for me to love Nick Saban. But after watching this video of Alabama’s greatest football coach, you’ll understand why I do.  

You see, Coach Saban recently spoke about the consequences for his players when they get in trouble. He makes the point that young people make mistakes. (And I don’t think Coach Saban is talking about curfew violations.) When they do, society has a choice: we can either throw the book at them or give them a second chance.   

In this video, Coach Saban makes a powerful case for second chances. >>>

Nick Saban Criminal Justice Reform Video

Maybe Nick Saban should give up coaching to work on criminal justice reform full time? If he did, our communities would be safer AND my Michigan State Spartans might be able to beat ‘Bama. 

In tribute to Coach Saban and his belief in second chances, 

Roll Tide!

David Safavian

American Conservative Union Foundation’s Nolan Center for Justice

Our team at the American Conservative Union Foundation’s Nolan Center is fighting for conservative criminal justice solutions that make our neighborhoods safer, hold the government accountable, and advance the cause of human dignity. For more information on our work, go to:

Speaking Of Good News

David at the Nolan Center

Writes this morning:

Hey Charles,

As part of Second Chance Month, we wanted to share some of our most inspiring second chance stories with you.

John Koufos - Right on Crime

 Up first is John Koufos, the national director of reentry efforts for Right on Crime. He was once a high-powered New Jersey attorney, but then in 2012, he was convicted of a crime and sentenced to 6 years in prison.

While incarcerated, John used his legal experience to help former offenders restore their driver’s licenses and get identification.

Through these efforts, John was able to identify a new purpose for his life and career:helping offenders prepare for their re-entry into society after imprisonment.

Today, John directs Safe Streets and Second Chances, where he works to develop comprehensive reentry activities to ensure offenders have a successful return home to their communities.  

John’s experience on both sides of the criminal justice system makes him a prime example of how instrumental a second chance can be for those formerly incarcerated.

Liberty and Justice for All,

David and the Nolan Center team


Amen to that, David. My Kola, Michael Standing Bear, was doing time when I met him in Arkansas Valley CF in Pueblo, Colorado. I got out not long before he gave his case back to the state by proving who did it and he was reinstated to the bar immediately from what an honorable source related to me. He had our warden so hemmed up in litigation for messing with Native American civil rights the man could do nothing but sit at his desk and stare at the walls all day but he could not give a single order to anyone. That gentleman is someone I am so proud to call my friend that my heart soars like an eagle when I remember him and know he’s free.

There was another one there at the facility that liked to mess with Native American packages and items coming in through property.He was the intake Sargent too and property master and a major prick. He gave me a hard time over every religious item I ordered and some non-religious items as well. He just had a stick up his butt for everyone and he loved using his position to beat you with it.

I decided to pull it out and use it on him the morning I was released and I went down to intake with the sole intent to fuck with him as much as possible. You know how some people have a talent all their own?

He told me I was going to go back to my unit until I found all the property on my list I didn’t have with me. I gave that stuff away to the Kolas or sold it to the homies. All I had was my TV and my typewriter. I told that Sargent, “I’m sure that’s what you think is going to happen but let me assure you’ve lost your fucking mind because that ain’t happening,” He didn’t say a word he went back to filling out paperwork. He told me he was writing me up, I said, who gives a damn toss it on top of the other 56 I already have. He told me; your PO is going to violate you for it. I told him he won’t give a fuck about it either. He even tried to convince me but I wasn’t buying it. It turned out I was right too I told my PO he said he didn’t give a fuck. I was the only prisoner being released that day and I had a ball fucking with the dude after all the crap I had been put through for the last 13 years by him and his ilk..

He thought I’d get hemmed up because I had no laundry to speak of either and I needed a release from the laundry officer. A brother in laundry slid me right on through he knew what’s up it’s not like the towels and underwear are leaving the facility. I got the laundry Officer’s signature went to medical got cleared lickety-split and I was right back in intake fucking with him in no time at all.

Short version; I got him so mad that he lost his position because he cussed out a Major on the phone about the time I was still fucking with him. Pardon my language but it’s pertinent because messing with someone on that level is a Fucking art form. From the moment I walked in, all the way to gate.

I not only made him give me some decent fitting dress out clothes when he tried to give me a pair of Shaq’s pants and shirt I finally got in the closet and got my own shit. I instructed him on how to size a persons waist for pants. Whenever he put me in a holding cell I’d start singing. I gave him a big fat dose of his own Karma and I know he was glad to get rid of me.

My little gift to my brothers behind the walls in Colorado and elsewhere. From #112819. Keep your head high always. – Charles Ramos, Jr., Publisher and staff writer at


America’s criminal justice system is broken and it will take conservatives to fix it. We are a part of the American Conservative Union, which has been fighting for conservative causes since 1964. We support the President’s efforts to bring common sense conservative reforms to our criminal justice system.

Paid for by American Conservative Union Foundation’s Nolan Center for Justice
201 N. Union Street, Suite 370 Alexandria, VA 22314
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