‘New Border Wall Is Getting Results’

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From The White House  – October 31, 2020 
“The border has physically changed as a result of the Trump administration’s decision to fund projects along the 2,000-mile dividing line” between Mexico and the United States, Anna Giaritelli reports for the Washington Examiner.
“Years of labor is overwhelmingly evident and compelling. The wall is up, everywhere.”
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In Philadelphia this week, “rioters threw stones and bricks, and some 30 officers sustained injuries. The agitators looted businesses, and officers arrested 91 people, including three for assaulting police and 76 for burglary . . . After unrest this summer, the [Philadelphia] City Council reduced police funding by more than $33 million,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes.

“Under President Trump’s leadership, [America] achieved energy independence and energy dominance, becoming the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas . . . This achievement has had a profound effect on our economy, in the form of jobs and affordable energy,” Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette writes in the Midland Reporter-Telegram.

How does America’s economy today compare to our country under President Obama? “The sluggish first five months of the Obama-Biden recovery led to the slowest recovery in U.S. history,” financial expert Douglas Carr writes. “The Trump administration’s first five months of recovery are the nation’s fastest ever.” Read more in National Review.

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JUST BEFORE 8:30 AM PST THIS MORNING AN EARTHQUAKE OF MAGNITUDE 7.4 STRUCK MEXICO NEAR PUERTO ESCONDIDO. There have been 5 aftershocks ranging from 4.0 – 4.6 since.

Just minutes ago the following information was shared on social media reporting of a Tsunami wave having been spotted off the west coast of Mexico. Residents along the Pacific shoreline are advised to be aware and act accordingly by heading for high ground immediately. It’s always better to err on the side of caution. Thank you to Sai Ganesh for sharing this information. Godspeed.

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 April 3, 2018Charles Ramos JrCaravanIllegal paradelas vegasNAFTA warningnewsTrumpTrump’s warningTwitter

As everyone must surely know by now there is a huge caravan of over 1,200 illegal immigrants crossing Mexico coming from Central and South America with the intention of crossing the border of the United States in violation of Federal law.

Alfonso Navarrete,  Mexico’s interior minister, did not address the issue of the caravan directly, but on Twitter he wrote that he had spoken to the U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Monday and that the two had “agreed to analyze the best ways to attend to the flows of migrants in accordance with the laws of each country.”

Mexican Senator Angelica de la Pena, who presides over the Senate’s human rights commission, told Reuters that Mexico should protect migrants’ rights despite the pressure from Trump, while former President Vicente Fox called for Mexican officials to take a stand against Trump’s attacks. Trump keeps “blackmailing, offending and denigrating Mexico and Mexicans,” he wrote on Twitter on Monday.

Under the laws of Mexico, people who enter Mexico legally from  Central America are generally allowed to move freely through the country, even if their intent is to illegally enter the United States.

President Trump spoke out on Twitter on Monday, accusing Mexico of “doing very little, if not NOTHING” to stop the flow of immigrants crossing the U.S. border illegally. “They must stop the big drug and people flows, or I will stop their cash cow, NAFTA,” he concluded.

Just 30 minutes ago President Trump tweeted giving rise to the writing of this article.

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 18m18 minutes agoMore

The big Caravan of People from Honduras, now coming across Mexico and heading to our “Weak Laws” Border, had better be stopped before it gets there. Cash cow NAFTA is in play, as is foreign aid to Honduras and the countries that allow this to happen. Congress MUST ACT NOW!2,791 replies2,382 retweets7,858 likesNot long afterward President Trump told reporters that he will use the military to guard the border with Mexico against the parade of illegal immigrants approaching the United States.“We are going to be guarding our border with our military. That’s a big step,” The President said in a statement to reporters. 

Dave Boyer and The Washington Post contributed to this article


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 June 18, 2018Charles Ramos Jrchihuahuafootballgerman shepherdGermanymexicosoccerWorld Cup



Greetings sports fans and here we go again with a Valley News Sports Beat Monday morning as we turn our attention now from Father’s Day, to focus on football and the World Cup Soccer Tournament. The big news of the day being, of course, the huge upset victory for the Mexican National team as it beats the defending world champion Germany 1-0.


In spite of all their pre-game hype on Twitter that featured among other things a chihuahua trying to mount a seated German Shepherd dog that was looking back at the tiny chihuahua with utter disdain. Not to mention the uber-conceited comment made by a player from Germany and quoted in the media who said that soccer is a game where 22 men chase a ball around for 90 minutes, and then Germany wins.

2006 FIFA World Cup - Mexican Supporter in Hannover
Mexican fans show their support.

Oh but that certainly was not the worst thing that was said by far. On Sunday the German newspaper, Die Welt, took a cheap shot and threw a low blow at Mexico by publishing an insensitive and inflammatory headline about what Germany was going to do to the Mexican team on the pitch by alluding to President Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Maybe Die Welt meant for that ill-advised remark, “Sorry, Mexiko, Heute bauen WIR die Mauer!” which means; “Sorry, Mexico Today WE build the wall!” to light a fire under the German team. The problem, however; is that it had the effect of firing up the wrong team.

By hinting that Germany was erecting a wall against Mexican soccer’s advance, the editors at Die Welt seem to have already forgotten all about their own, Berlin Wall and the pain it caused their own country for so many decades.

The German player in the picture is saying, “But we promise we’ll drop you off again.”

Germany’s memes were clearly over the top as far as testing the limits of sportsmanship, and classlessness goes. That they displayed a decided lack of maturity and discretion is indisputable, and now they are paying for it today as the internet is buzzing from all of the chihuahua screws German Shepherd jokes that are flying around making social media sites like Facebook and Twitter seem like an international airport for mosquitos. One Twitter user replied to that dog-on-dog meme with; Wie fühlt sich dein Spundloch Jetzt an Welpe? Only in English.

There is an old saying to the effect that; if you want to hear God laugh tell Him your plans. Apparently, God was listening to all of that pre-game hype and couldn’t keep Himself from laughing as Mexico and Germany took to the pitch Sunday morning. Where Germany, for all of their barking and strutting about, only got bitten in the arse by Karma instead because the Chihuahua’s were clearly not the least bit intimidated by the big dogs from Germany.


Four-time world champion Germany was the heavy favorite going into the match. The team was expected to be a daunting contender for a fifth overall victory on the World Cup stage but were unable to mount an effective attack against the tough Mexican defenders. That defense was designed and led by team manager Juan Carlos Osorio.

Exactly two weeks before  2018 World Cup opener against Germany, thousands of Mexico’s El Tri fans were clamoring for Orsorios’ head on a silver platter. And they most certainly were not alone. “Fuera Osorio! Fuera Osorio!” They shouted, or Osorio out! Osorio out!

Coach Osorio was an extremely unpopular person in Mexico where his constant tweaking and experimenting with the team’s strategies was often thought for blame after poor performances. To their fans way of thinking, this was the main reason that Mexico wasn’t playing as well as they expected them to.


On Sunday, however; playing the defending world champs in the biggest game of his life as a coach, Osorio was completely vindicated and now El Tri leads the 2018 World Cup’s list of winners from the 4th day of the tournament.

This is because the opposite side of that coin is that Osorio’s game-specific strategies give his players customized game plans that are tailored to a specific opponent. Juan Carlos is undoubtedly the best in the world at designing a plan of attack that effectively neutralizes each opposing team’s strengths while simultaneously exploiting their weaknesses.

He had 7 whole months to prepare for Sunday’s match against Germany and he clearly made the most of that time to develop a specific plan of attack for Germany. One that he knew would give his team its best chances of winning. That then was the story in Russia Sunday morning of Mexico’s win over Germany.

Mexico’s Hector Herrera celebrates with manager Juan Carlos Osorio after El Tri’s 1-0 World Cup win over Germany. (AP)

There were several distinct strategies which were symbolic of the complexity with which Osorio devised it. The first of those strategies was to put the brakes on Germany’s attacking specialists. to do this, Osorio deployed three active midfielders who were able to shuttle back and forth, vertically and horizontally, in front of the defense. Their responsibility was the area of the midfield that Thomas Muller, Mesut Ozil, and Julian Draxler typically operate in.

While that would seem to leave ample room for Toni Kroos, called by many the most technically-gifted passer in the world to run wild in but this was not to be the case. Juan Carlos Osorio assigned Carlos Vela a quasi-man-marking assignment, which required him to follow Toni Kroos even if he had to track him all the way across the field to do so.If Kroos dropped into the left back position, then Carlos Vela defended as a right winger, with Miguel Layun dropping back to play as either a right-sided central midfielder or a right-side wingback. If Kroos was playing central, then Carlos Vela would take up the number 10 position, and Miguel Layun covered wide right. In this manner, Osorio and Vela took Toni Kroos completely out of the game, making him little more than a spectator to his team’s demise on the world stage.

This then meant that Germany’s main route, if they wished to get the ball past Mexico, had to transition through wide channels. Joshua Kimmich is always a threat down the right side, but again Osorio had a strategy waiting to counter that threat and he used the aggressiveness of Germany’s fullbacks, especially Kimmich’s, to his own team’s advantage.

Whenever Germany had possession of the ball, Chicharito was usually left alone to take on both of Germany’s center backs two-on-one. But then whenever Mexico would win the ball, Chicharito would check to it while Vela, Layun and Hirving  Lozano would break out into the spaces vacated by the fullbacks, or into the defensive midfield space that was often left open by Toni Kroos.


Who of course was busy watching the match somewhere else and no doubt cursing the incessant little “Chihuahua’s” that kept nipping at his heels and playing him out of position.


This then was the reason why Mexico was so effective and deadly with their counterattack. That deadly strategy was masterminded by the previously despised, Juan Carlos Osorio who is undoubtedly a Mexican national hero today. Which is no less than it should be.


Mexico gained the victory on this day, on this field, but if Osorio hopes to go any further in Russia and advance the team closer to hoisting the World Cup trophy, then they will have to be a great deal more tenacious and efficient than they ever have been before going into their next match.

Both the Geman manager and his players were outcoached and played by the other side but after the match, Mark Hummels, Germany’s center back, whined and complained about his team’s inferior tactics and intimated that the problem lay in the ineffectiveness of the coach and his staff. For certainly the fault could not have been his to share in any way nor that of his teammates.

Mexico’s defeat is hardly any reason for Germany to panic at this point in time. The defending champions were simply outfoxed and outscored by a team that designed and executed a brutal plan of attack and so vanquished them. The German team is still the best and they are undoubtedly still quite capable of repeating their last World Cup victory.

Even so, the fact remains that Germany is a loser on Day 4 and because of that fact they are currently on a head-on collision course with their bitter old rival, Brazil in the 16th round.