What’s up CNN? What’s up Fact-Checker? Remember how you both insisted David Hogg is a survivor who was at the Valentine’s Day shootings at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School? I do. Remember how you sneered at real Journalists like myself who told the truth from day one and you called us conspiracy theorists and liars? I do. Allow me to refresh your memories for you all in case you’ve conveniently forgotten. Russian bots my ass.

Here’s the truth, finally, straight from the Hogg’s mouth so to speak.

It became about “us” meaning you and your so-called “movement” when you stood there and said nothing while David Hogg lied and smeared the good names of honest Journalists. Men and women who have also died to protect the First Amendment and still face persecution even from our own ‘side”. I won’t name name’s but their initials are CNN.

What the actual fuck is wrong with you people? Are you stoned, or stupid? You must be stupid because I was stoned as all hell when I wrote the story of the shooting and I got everything right. What’s your excuse?

As for the others in this video it has always been about you and nothing but you or you would have outed David Hogg as a liar from the start. But, nope, not you honest kids, nope. Instead, you kept your mouths shut until the truth finally came around and bit you all in the ass and you had to make this truth-telling video to try and salvage the integrity you pissed into the wind years ago. Now there is no movement, just a pathetic parade of liars and fools that got caught.

I support and defend your right to think as you wish, within the law, and defend it to the death. But lying, libeling, and slandering honest people to advance your cause makes you all phony as fuck in my book. Cause and chorus alike. Where are the apologies for the vicious attacks on the people who were telling the truth that should be in this video?

Don’t even expect me to forget all the BS David Hogg said about Journalists like myself and other’s who have suffered for their credibility ever since this happened 3 years ago because he’s a bald-faced liar. This is so pathetic I could almost cry for your parents sake. Especially Hogg’s poor parents whom he harangued in public and said they’re too stupid to program a cell phone. Vindication is a beautiful thing when the truth is on your side.

CNN, Fact-Checker? Fuck you both and take your horses with you. I call Bullshit, now make something of it.

Charles Ramos Jr – Publisher B. B. Wolfe Publishing


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Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg. Victims or victimizers?

Much ado has been made in the so-called mainstream media lately by both the left and the right sides of the fence that seems to be dividing the nation over social issues championed by the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.



Particularly a great deal of the hullabaloo has been made over whether Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg are genuine survivors of the shootings at MSDHS or “crisis actors” who seek only to get their 15 minutes of fame which ostensibly they intend to parlay into an acting career.

It is not the stated nor shall it be implied or in any way construed that Vegas Valley News or Myself support any cause but freedom,  the truth, and the freedom to tell the truth. That being said I am more than willing to entertain, examine, and present any and all evidence which would tend to impeach what the evidence gathered here tends to prove.

I participated in a student-organized mass school walkout at Ortega Junior High School in Sunnyvale, California 41 years ago in support of our teachers who were striking for better wages because the school district refused to pay them a decent living wage.

I voted for Hillary, but I took an oath on three separate occasions to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Although I do not own a gun I will not surrender any right without a battle.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms is as inviolable and inalienable a right as it is my right to keep and arm bears if I so desire. I can argue successfully before the U.S. Supreme Court that I have that right under the First Amendment right to freedom of expression by asserting I was spoofing my Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. I can just as easily make a case for it being protected by Equal Protection of Law as well.

I do for a fact support and defend the right of individual’s to gather in peaceful assembly and to make their voices heard. These same students will one day inherit the reins of power in this country and it won’t be long before that happens either. #OathKeepers

What cannot be abided are liars and/or hypocrites. Not if they should presume to use a platform of human tragedy to further their television and film careers. This being then at the expense of dividing our nation along party lines while casting aspersions on what they mockingly refer to as the “Mainstream Media” and/or those whom they refer to as, “conspiracy theorists.”

Screenshot (49)

David Hogg seems to be forgetting his story on camera

And this embedded video link tends to show this as David Hogg relates his alleged story to a reporter for CNN who can be heard coaching Hogg off camera. Hogg clearly is not relating a personal event from his own stream of consciousness as he repeatedly stumbles his way through the narrative.

In my own experience, this is a trait far more common to actors who often forget their lines than it is to someone who’s relating the details of such a horrendous event.

Hogg then does several more impromptu revisions in a row that take him from saying that, “One of them went into a bathroom, (His friends) in the same, I believe in the same hallway as the shooter. Then Hogg motions to the camera with an upraised finger and says “Uh, hold on” to which a mans voice off camera replies “Okay.”


David Hogg then goes on to say, “One of them went into the same bathroom I believe as the hallway shooter.” Here Mr. Hogg looks away to the left and pauses before he then states, “He was in there at the same time, and he was in the bathroom and he didn’t know if he, ( The alleged friend still) was going to live.”

Screenshot (53)

If I have learned anything it is that whenever there is more than one version of the same story coming out of the same mouth both may be lies but one of them is a lie for certain.

This video, as SOTN points out in the article, was pulled off the air by YouTube but not before it was copied. We all know by now that a webpage never really goes away does it?


The State Of The Union, not only presents evidence that tends to show that Emma Gonzalez is, in fact, a crisis actor, but they further reported that Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg are cousins, and presented this as evidence to support their claim.

Screenshot (59)

This is the page for Emma Jane Gonzalez as it appeared in the SOTN report. There are seeming discrepancies in these that raise questions of a possible case of mistaken identity. Facial recognition software can settle that issue. Nor have I or anyone I know of been able yet to substantiate the allegations that Gonzalez and Hogg are related by blood but the possibility remains just the same.

SOTN posted the following as evidence of this close family relationship by showing the results of two separate independent investigations that found evidence which SOTN contends does tend to show that Emma and David Hogg are in fact cousins. There is a clear lineage if their evidence cannot be refuted by the Gonzalez or Hogg families.


SOTN goes on then and contends that their investigation shows that Emma Jane Gonzalez is not only listed as an actor on (a webpage for information on Indie movies, actors, news, and such), but also as a writer, and producer who has starred in a show for streaming television called, The Outs in 2012 in which she played  Eat Your Feelings in 2014

Screenshot (40)
The current form of the same page which I found on my own

But now the plot thickens considerably because the webpage for Emma Gonzalez has changed significantly overnight.

Screenshot (36)
This was the page on March 14th
This was the first version of the IMDb webpage belonging to Emma Jane Gonzalezas it appeared in the SOTN report.

This is what the web page looked like in the SOTN report.

The following text is presented as written in a report by CBS NEWS* To whom all rights belong.

“>David Hogg Denies he’s a crisis actor

David Hogg, who survived last week’s mass shooting at a Florida high school, has become an outspoken voice in the national gun control debate. Now, he is responding to unsubstantiated allegations that he is an “actor.”   Video via @CBS

“I’m not an actor in any sense, way, shape or form,” Hogg, 17, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday. “I am the son of a former FBI agent, and that is true. But as such, it is also true that I … go to Stoneman Douglas High School and I was a witness to this.”

Then there’s the matter of an email that was sent from Alex Leary the aide to a Florida state lawmaker to the bureau chief of the Tampa Bay Times which said that the two people in the picture “are not students here but actors that travel to various crisis when they happen.” David Hogg was one of the people in that photograph.

Leary subsequently lost his job for sending that email while David Hogg went on insisting that he is not an actor, he’s a kid. “I’m not a crisis actor,” he said, “I’m somebody who had to witness this and live through this, and I continue to have to do that.”

Screenshot (39)
Here he is stirring up trouble in Redondo Beach last year where he got a lifeguard fired 

Many other side rumors have been flying around about Hogg having graduated from High School in California. That is not the issue. The issue is that Hogg vehemently denies being a crisis actor when his acting credits pages say otherwise.


David Hogg (V) Before 

David Hogg (V) After.

Screenshot (42)
Note that this is David Hogg (V) There are 4 others.

As I conducted my own investigation, both Gonzalez and Hogg were being identified as crisis actors by the press.  They denied it vituperously spitting venom back at their accusers and making snide dismissive remarks about the validity of the charges. I

The evidence is irrefutable that David Hogg is a self-proclaimed crisis actor and from his own mouth he’s proven himself a liar.

When the leading issue is school security falls under the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness which is protected by the First Amendment must be construed by the U.S. District Court to be of paramount importance to all other considerations of U.S. Constitutional Law to its authors and to all. This covers gun ownership and the Second Amendment which inarguably is a pursuit not of life but of liberty and happiness.

It must follow, and rightly so, that the individual’s pursuit of life must be construed as being just and inviolable. Soit must be by way of common sense/logic held to be inviolable that the pursuits of liberty and happiness must follow in due course to the extent that any reasoning person being of sound mind might expect even a minimal right to retain and enjoy these rights on an equal footing before the law must put the pursuit of the preservation of the individual right to life above all others.

This is inarguably the reason underlying the structure of the Preamble to the  Constitution as well which places the establishment of justice and the assurance of domestic tranquility above that of the common defense which as the Civil War illustrates perfectly must be the proper order and rule of law for the Constitution to achieve any semblance of security against the presumption of any other right or any given rule of law that violates these rights.

The right of Habeus Corpus must then be the foremost rule which proves this beyond all doubt.

Nor can it be denied that the primary concern of all parties as an individual or for society as a whole must be that as few lives as possible are ever lost in the halls of a public school. #NeverAgain would be the answer to many prayers but it is clearly not the nature of modern day society that this will ever be the case.

The number of persons shot on school campuses has not been zero in the 34 days following the shootings at MSDSHS. If you take away guns that still leaves more lethal alternatives and many more defenseless targets.

Common sense has finally infected the U.S. House of Representatives who by a nearly unanimous vote passed a measure to increase the security of the nation’s schools by applying the lessons learned in the aftermath of Parkland and the 17 lives lost there.

The next step must be to ensure the safety and security of all schools in a professional and organized manner by qualified law enforcement agencies and officers. This can be accomplished at minimal expense through providing federal, state, and local tax incentives to those who LEO’s who volunteer their time based upon the total number of hours served per year.

It’s all too clear that amending the Second Amendment will never change anything but the level of division and animosity between the pro and anti-gun lobbies. The obvious conclusion to this can only be an unacceptable increase in the level of violence and subsequent loss of life. The ultimate consequences of this do not bear contemplation, nor do they defy even the simplest imagination. Such a thing as this simply and inarguably cannot be allowed to threaten the security of the nation as a whole.

It cannot be denied that the preservation of the individual right to life must be the primary duty of the people as a whole; it must then follow that the primary duty of the individual must be to the preservation of the people as a whole.

No lesser standard whatsoever,  for any cause or ideology can ever be held to preclude this in any nation being conceived in liberty and dedicated to the principle that all men are created equal. Clearly, this was the intent of our founding fathers and of the people who have defended those same principles, with or without giving the fullest measure of selfless devotion, and sacrifice from the beginning.

While those on the left shout obscenities across barricades. Those on the right are shouting obscenities across police lines at those middle who are shouting hatred and violence at both sides in their turn.

Nobody then is listening to what any other side has to say which serves only to further undermine the body and spirit of the individual rights of freedom of speech, expression, peaceful assembly and protest.

These being inalienable rights adopted and ratified by each state unanimously so that all men should have a voice in their own security and that from many voices should come one single voice. That being the voice of reason, law, and justice for all.

Obviously, that is definitely not the case in these United States of America and that is an unconscionable threat to the preservation of the union that must be avoided at all costs.

There is no doubt that both the Broward County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI drop the ball or Scott Petterson dropped them both; it can also be said that the guardians of Nikols Cruz dropped it, as did his friends by not following up on their complaints to officials, and the school dropped it by not showing more concern for the welfare of Mr. Cruz. To the extent that they might have taken a closer look at his abhorrent behavior.

Pointing fingers, however; won’t bring back the 17 lives that were taken away on January 14th or fill the void they left behind. It would be wrong on the highest level to dishonor them by making things worse by demanding your way is the only way when compromise is always available and a solution can always be found no matter how big the problem is or how complex.

The most disturbing thing that I witnessed in my investigation of these issues was the censorship of tweets that I sent which showed all of these web pages to those who were denying it apparently without having looked into it first. It’s foul to me that Alex Leary lost his job over this.

Screenshot (47)

If Twitter is censoring authors and journalists as a matter of policy or practice then perhaps journalists and authors should consider censoring Twitter. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the #BlueBird too. If you wish you can all come and join me at Tell them AKA Mad Max sent you.

In the meantime, cooler heads need to prevail here and people in leadership roles need to start leading the way to resolutions, not revolutions that won’t accomplish anything good. The surest way to beat anyone at their own game is by playing within their rules better than they do. Get out and register to vote, get involved and maybe even run for office. Every person has the power to change the world every day by everything they do.

But nobody wants to inherit a battle zone of a nation or world. Only by working together to find suitable resolutions to the problems that America faces today can We The People enjoy the blessings of liberty. Sue for peace.