The Fake News And Dems Don’t Think You’ll Vote

Nevada Republican Party

Charles, Fake News is practically calling the race already for Democrats across the nation. 

Show them just how wrong they are. Get out and vote!

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-Chairman Michael J. McDonald

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What’s up CNN? What’s up Fact-Checker? Remember how you both insisted David Hogg is a survivor who was at the Valentine’s Day shootings at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School? I do. Remember how you sneered at real Journalists like myself who told the truth from day one and you called us conspiracy theorists and liars? I do. Allow me to refresh your memories for you all in case you’ve conveniently forgotten. Russian bots my ass.

Here’s the truth, finally, straight from the Hogg’s mouth so to speak.

It became about “us” meaning you and your so-called “movement” when you stood there and said nothing while David Hogg lied and smeared the good names of honest Journalists. Men and women who have also died to protect the First Amendment and still face persecution even from our own ‘side”. I won’t name name’s but their initials are CNN.

What the actual fuck is wrong with you people? Are you stoned, or stupid? You must be stupid because I was stoned as all hell when I wrote the story of the shooting and I got everything right. What’s your excuse?

As for the others in this video it has always been about you and nothing but you or you would have outed David Hogg as a liar from the start. But, nope, not you honest kids, nope. Instead, you kept your mouths shut until the truth finally came around and bit you all in the ass and you had to make this truth-telling video to try and salvage the integrity you pissed into the wind years ago. Now there is no movement, just a pathetic parade of liars and fools that got caught.

I support and defend your right to think as you wish, within the law, and defend it to the death. But lying, libeling, and slandering honest people to advance your cause makes you all phony as fuck in my book. Cause and chorus alike. Where are the apologies for the vicious attacks on the people who were telling the truth that should be in this video?

Don’t even expect me to forget all the BS David Hogg said about Journalists like myself and other’s who have suffered for their credibility ever since this happened 3 years ago because he’s a bald-faced liar. This is so pathetic I could almost cry for your parents sake. Especially Hogg’s poor parents whom he harangued in public and said they’re too stupid to program a cell phone. Vindication is a beautiful thing when the truth is on your side.

CNN, Fact-Checker? Fuck you both and take your horses with you. I call Bullshit, now make something of it.

Charles Ramos Jr – Publisher B. B. Wolfe Publishing