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From April Becker on 13/08/2020

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This is who I’m running against … the Democrat State Senate Majority leader who pushed through a sneaky bill in the middle of the night that changed our election laws and decimating election integrity here in Nevada.



AB4 is a BAD BILL for Nevadans and BAD for Americans and we know exactly why Nevada Democrats wanted to push this bill through over the weekend while Nevadans weren’t watching …

Nevada is a swing state that could tip the scales in November. 

THAT is just how important our Nevada Legislature can be — not just for us here at home, but for the nation. 

Will you help me take this seat from Democrat Nicole Cannizzaro? Together, we can stop the ruling class in Carson City’s continued assault on our election process, small businesses, and our freedoms. Chip-in now to flip this seat back and MAKE NEVADA RED AGAIN >>

I’m done letting special interest groups decide the future of my great state. Are you? 

Fight with me. Chip-in $5, $20, $150 or whatever you can now to TAKE BACK THE STATE SENATE MAJORITY and MAKE NEVADA RED AGAIN. 

Thank you,
April Becker

P.S. Will you make sure your friends and family know about our race and just how important it is for winning back the State Senate Majority here in Nevada?

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Update: Here’s what is happening with our ballot harvesting fight


As an important part of our movement, we wanted to send over an update on the fight to protect YOUR voting rights. 

Last week, over 700 Nevadans protested against Assembly Bill 4. Patriots from every county across the state showed up to speak out against the sweeping overhaul of Nevada’s election rules that were rammed through in less than 72 hours.

As you know, AB4 mandates ballots be mailed to all voters, legalizes ballot harvesting, allows for the potential of counting two mail ballots returned in one envelope, and lets ballots be counted if they arrive days after Election Day with no postmark.

This horrible legislation invites extensive voter fraud and dampens election integrity. 

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The fight is FAR FROM OVER but we wanted to say thank you for participating across the state to protest, for writing and calling Governor Sisolak telling him to veto, and for contacting legislators to remind them we are watching.

Read the latest on our lawsuit against the bill below:

Daily caller

TRUMP DEPUTY CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Nevada’s November Nightmare

President Trump is gaining ground in Nevada. Democrats know it, so they cut a midnight backroom deal in a brazen attempt to rig November’s election. Governor Sisolak ensured mass chaos and an election nightmare with the stroke of a pen.  

That is why President Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee filed a lawsuit last Tuesday to stop the chaos in Nevada. The President is fighting to make sure every citizen’s vote counts — and counts once. Our lawsuit seeks to invalidate Assembly Bill 4 as unconstitutional on two grounds. First, the legislation allows ballots cast after Election Day to be counted. Second, it violates the principle of one person one vote by not preventing some from having their vote count more than once.

Nevada Democrats implemented the exact universal vote-by-mail system President Trump has warned against for months. The state will mail every voter — living or dead, at home or moved — a ballot. This is the same system that led to the “train wreck” primary in New York. We still don’t know the results of key races six weeks after that election. Even Andrew Cuomo has been forced to admit the system is flawed. And this is the same system that left 100,000 votes uncounted in California’s primary. 

Rather than learning from their Democrat counterparts’ failures, Nevada’s liberal leadership decided to turn New York’s primary disaster into a November nightmare, making it impossible for results to be delivered on election night.  

There are secure options for voting during the pandemic. Many states, like Florida, provide a safe and secure absentee system and allow for robust early voting to avoid crowded polling locations and lines. In the traditional absentee framework, the voter request of a ballot is a key safeguard that protects Florida’s system, as it prevents election offices from blindly mailing live ballots to every name on their likely outdated and inaccurate voter rolls. Florida also requires signature matching and voter verification, crucial election integrity safeguards remarkably absent from Nevada’s new system.  

Nevada also now claims the ignominious first in the nation status for being the first place harvesters can openly harvest ballots after Election Day. The state will accept mailed ballots without postmarks up to three days after the election. So ballots cast after November 3 — invalid ballots — will be included in the state’s results. For example, if a Nevada voter wakes up on November 4 and finds President Trump is winning the state, he can make house calls to his neighbors, family, friends and even strangers who hadn’t submitted their ballots. He can get paid to harvest those ballots, drop only the Biden ballots in the mailbox and have those invalid votes counted. This is fraud. It defies the principle of election integrity. And the Democrats’ policy openly allows it.  

Put simply, this is Democrat elected officials delaying the election until they can find enough votes to win. 

But that’s not all. The law also lets paid operatives fill out ballots for voters 65+ under the guise of “voter assistance.” Rather than protecting voters from COVID, which Democrats falsely claim is their aim, this law invites harvesters into older voters’ homes to falsify ballots, increases chances of exposing this vulnerable population to COVID and swings the door wide open to intimidation of older voters.  

Universal mail-in voting will make a mockery of the American ideal of “one person, one vote.” In a free and fair election, President Trump wins hands down. Democrats are trying every hare-brained idea they can come up with to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Justin Clark is the deputy campaign manager for the Trump 2020 campaign.


Senator LINDSEY GRAHAM WRITES – Let’s get to the truth!
From Lindsey Graham on 28.07.2020 


With all the other news stories competing for your attention right now, you might’ve missed it, so allow me to point you to The Wall Street Journal headline:

Recently the Senate Judiciary Committee, which I chair, declassified a series of documents that clearly show top FBI officials had serious doubts about the debunked document that was at the center of the investigation into the Trump campaign.

My work to get to the bottom of what led to the Mueller investigation and millions of wasted tax dollars is far from over. I want to ensure our laws are carried out without political bias.

Now, as you can imagine, liberals everywhere are coming after me.

If you are as determined as I am to get to the bottom of the phony “Russia Collusion” smear against President Trump, please let me know by signing my petition today!

Stand with Lindsey Graham →

Charles, the liberals who are desperately attempting to derail the Trump presidency with their endless, politically motivated investigations must not be allowed to also skirt the law.

It’s going to take all of us standing strong together to uncover the truth and hold those responsible accountable for taking the law into their own hands – just like we must stand together to defeat the Democrats again in November.

Please let me know if you support getting to the bottom of the phony investigation!


Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham

Stand with Lindsey Graham →



I wanted to make sure you heard about this opportunity:

President Trump and his family have always loved Nevada. That’s why they’re continuing to make our great state a HUGE priority.

Donald Trump Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle are heading here to Nevada soon to help MAKE NEVADA RED AGAIN — and while they’re here we’re giving them notes from Nevadans like you to tell them thank you for making our great state a priority and to share which issues are most important to us here in our great state. 

Add your thoughts and write a note. Here’s the link:

They want to hear from us HERE in Nevada! Let’s gather as many notes as we can before they get here. 

After you write a note, will you send this email along and invite friends and family to write a note too? 

We don’t want to miss this opportunity to share with President Trump what matters most to Nevadans and to show our support. 

Thank you for getting involved,

Michael J. McDonald
NVGOP Chairman, MAGA Nevada