Under Trump, Americans Have Seen Their Best Wage Growth In 40 Years

West Wing Reads
From The White House – November 02, 2020 
“Many on the left refuse to admit President Trump’s populist policies have provided massive benefits to working-class Americans . . . Yet, during the first three years of the Trump presidency, wage growth was off the charts, especially for low-income workers and African Americans,” Robb Sinn writes for The Federalist.
“The Obama era proved dispiriting for many African American wage earners. The first three years of the Trump administration were a comparative godsend.”
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“An American citizen kidnapped in Niger last week was rescued in neighboring Nigeria by US special forces,” Jon Levine reports. “Our Nation salutes the courageous soldiers behind the daring nighttime rescue operation and celebrates the safe return of yet another American citizen!” President Trump tweeted. Read more in the New York Post.

“A major part of the mainstream media’s strategy has been to preserve the perception of its neutrality and keep its role as hidden as possible . . . For four years, Mr. Trump has shined a piercing light on the media’s bias. He has blown the lid completely off its cover. And despite relentless attempts to discredit and destroy him in response, he has survived and even gained momentum,” Frank Pavone writes in The Wall Street Journal.

“Trump’s focus on patient-centered markets is delivering better care, more choices, and lower costs. Since the release of Trump’s drug-pricing blueprint in 2018, drug price inflation has been flat—in significant part thanks to three consecutive years of record-breaking generic drug approvals by the Food and Drug Administration,” HHS Secretary Alex Azar writes for the Washington Examiner.
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ICYMI: This Election is About Your Liberty

Donald Trump Jr.
North State Journal

The Democrats are coming for your freedom — not just your AR-15.  

No one is surprised to hear that Joe Biden wants to restrict our Second Amendment rights. If his close affinity with Beto “we’re-going-to-take-your-AR-15” O’Rourke wasn’t enough to convince you, just look at Biden’s published gun control wish list.  

If Biden were to win, he plans to limit the number of guns you can purchase, force you into buy-back programs and gun registries, and cripple our domestic gun manufacturers by making them liable for guns they produce.  

While Biden is open and proud of his anti-gun positions, he is less transparent on other issues. 

Biden is against many of the most successful charter schools. He has said he would ban charter schools operated by businesses. He opposes opportunity scholarships that allow students and parents to select a school environment or curriculum that is right for them. In short, he is an avowed enemy of school choice. 

On public safety, Biden spent the summer in his basement in relative silence while rioting, looting and burning was happening across the country in cities controlled 100% by Democrats. He also openly endorsed “redirecting” police funding, though he has since walked those comments back after it became clear that it could cost him votes this November. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any better from there. 

ICYMI: How to Spot a Zombie: Joe Biden Edition

How to Spot a Zombie: Joe Biden Edition

President Trump’s re-election campaign has launched a new public service announcement offering tips to viewers on how to spot a zombie in its natural habitat during the Halloween season. The ad lists multiple telltale signs that an individual is a zombie, including aggressive behavior, a craving for human flesh, and uttering incoherent moans and groans.

The ad calls on voters to cast their ballot for President Trump on Election Day and keep zombies like Joe Biden out of the White House. After all, what could be spookier than a Joe Biden presidency? This ad will air on “Fear the Walking Dead,” and “The Walking Dead: World Beyond.”

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ICYMI: Trump Campaign Ad Slams Biden for His Attacks on the Energy Industry

Trump Campaign Ad Slams Biden for His Attacks on the Energy Industry

On the heels of last night’s debate, the Trump Campaign today launched a new ad exposing Joe Biden’s plans to ban fracking and destroy the energy industry. While President Trump proposes pro-growth policies to deliver the Great American Comeback and maintain energy independence, Joe Biden would happily sacrifice millions of good, blue-collar jobs in the oil and gas industry to appease his radical base. As last night’s debate proved, Joe Biden is an empty vessel for the radical left and cannot be trusted to lead our country’s economic recovery. As Jen says in this ad, if Joe Biden has his way, it will be the “end of a lot of livelihoods.”

This ad will air in Pennsylvania and as a part of the $55 million in combined spending between the Republican National Committee and the Trump Campaign in the closing weeks of the election.

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ICYMI: New Trump Campaign Ad Slams Joe Biden’s History of Racist Policies and Remarks

Trump Campaign Ad Slams Joe Biden’s History of Racist Policies and Remarks

The Trump Campaign has launched a new ad denouncing Joe Biden’s forty-seven year history of enacting discriminatory policies and insulting Americans of color. The ad highlights Joe Biden’s support of legislation that ripped apart Black families and wrecked their communities. It also showcases Biden’s repeated, racist attacks against Black Americans who happen to disagree with his policy agenda. While President Trump promises continued success for the Black community through his Platinum Plan, Joe Biden plans to enact the same policies which have hurt Black Americans for decades.

This release comes on the heels of a tough night for Joe Biden, where he was repeatedly confronted by voters about his troublesome record. Biden had zero answers for voters last night, and has zero answers for how he will lift a finger to improve the lives of Black Americans should he be elected.  This ad is part of this week’s eight figure ad buy and will run on select network cable outlets. 

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ICYMI: Trump Campaign Launches “Por Trump,” A New Spanish Ad Featuring Hit Song by Salsa Band Los 3 de La Habana

Trump Campaign Launches “Por Trump,” A New Spanish Ad Featuring Hit Song By Salsa Band Los 3 de La Habana

ICYMI: Joe Biden: 47 Years of Failure, 0 Answers

Joe Biden: 47 Years of Failure, 0 Answers

On yet another day where Joe Biden is hiding in his basement while President Trump is out on the campaign trail, the Trump campaign has released a new ad highlighting Biden’s 47 years of absolute failure and status as the embodiment of the Washington D.C. swamp.  Joe Biden is a diminished, Washington D.C. insider who has spent 47 years in politics and has done nothing for the American people, instead using his status to enrich his family and himself.  With mere days left until the election, he hides from the American people and the press, refusing to answer for his radical agenda, record of failure, and evidence of corruption. Joe Biden simply has no explanation for his disastrous policies and decades of failed leadership.

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ICYMI: The Hill: Republicans surpass 150 million voter contacts

Tal Axelrod
The Hill

The GOP has surpassed a milestone in voter contacts in the 2020 cycle, reaching 150 million voters through door knocks and phone calls as it looks to produce a spike in Republican turnout in next month’s elections. 

The number of contacts by Trump Victory, the joint field effort between the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Trump campaign, surpasses the high-water mark set by former President Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012 and nearly doubles the 71 million total voter contacts the group made in 2016. 

The milestone, reported first by The Hill, comes as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has seen surges in fundraising, allowing him to spend large sums of money on advertising.

The former vice president has relied more on virtual engagements and dumping millions of dollars into national and swing state ad buys as a way of appealing to voters during the coronavirus pandemic while following social distancing guidelines. He has only recently resumed in-person canvassing.

ICYMI: Trump Campaign, Nevada GOP File Suit In Nevada, Demand Transparency and Accountability in Nevada Election System

Trump Campaign, Nevada GOP File Suit In Nevada, Demand Transparency and Accountability in Nevada Election System

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., along with the Nevada Republican Party, today filed suit in the First Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada in Carson City against the Nevada Secretary of State and other Nevada election officials over their disregard for the election integrity principles of transparency, accountability, and equal treatment under the law. The Campaign’s lawsuit demands that the state ensure transparency in the ballot counting process, affirm the secrecy of voters’ ballots, and treat all voters equally under voter eligibility and signature authentication laws.

Matthew Morgan, Trump 2020 General Counsel: “President Trump has long fought for a free, fair, transparent election. Today he takes that fight to Nevada’s election officials, who would apparently prefer to avoid accountability and hide ballot processing and counting behind closed doors rather than do so transparently, as the law requires. In a voting system that Democrats rammed into place less than 100 days from Election Day, the highest levels of transparency and accountability are necessary to ensure every valid ballot in Nevada counts—once.”

Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald: “Transparency is paramount to ensure Nevadans the right to a free and fair election. Clark County’s refusal to allow people to observe the handling of ballots and their low standards for matching signatures should disturb all voters. It is troubling that those trusted to run our elections are going to have to be compelled by the court to follow state law and protect this election. We join President Trump in his fight for transparency and accountability in Nevada’s election system.”

Nevada’s election officials have undermined election integrity by keeping the voting process secret.

  • The Trump Campaign’s Petition for Writ of Mandamus, or in the Alternative, Writ of Prohibition is available here.
  • Nevada law, NRS 293B.353(1), is clear that local election officials “shall allow members of the general public to observe the counting of the ballots at the central counting place if those members do not interfere with the counting of the ballots.” Clark County is disregarding this clear statutory obligation to accommodate poll observers and ensure transparency. The Trump Campaign and Nevada GOP request the court mandate Clark County allow meaningful observation of the ballot counting process.
  • Clark County has failed to protect ballot secrecy as required by AB4, Section 16.(1)(c), leaving opened ballots in envelopes with voter identifying information. We request the court restore the secret ballot under Nevada law by using new unmarked envelopes to move opened ballots.
  • Despite limiting the number of observers out of COVID-19 concerns, Clark County has unreasonably rejected the Republican Party’s offer to pay for cameras to observe the ballot counting process in lieu of having individuals present while minimizing public health concerns during observation. We request the court mandate Clark County accommodate camera placement to ensure transparency while mitigating health concerns.
  • Nevada has a process to challenge the eligibility of voters who vote in-person under NRS 293.303, but unequally and arbitrarily gives voters who vote by mail an advantage by offering no comparable challenge process for mail-in voters. We request the court ensure Nevada treat all voters equally under the same eligibility process, rather than single out the in-person voters for disparate treatment in violation of the Constitution’s equal protection guarantee.
  • Contrary to every other county in Nevada, Clark County alone is misusing a signature authentication machine by setting its sensitivity levels below manufacturer standards, creating a two-tiered voter authentication system that denies voters the equal protection of the law. Clark County must not be allowed to dilute the fundamental right to vote of all Nevadans and should be held to the same authentication process as everyone.

The Trump Campaign and the Nevada GOP’s October 21 letter to the Nevada Secretary of State states: Please understand that the NVGOP and the Trump Campaign take seriously the integrity of the election process and will not stand idly by while certain officials tread on the rights of the people to participate in the election and have their votes counted. As such, unless the your office directs Clark County to: (1) allow observation of the entire ballot counting process; (2) assure all such observation is meaningful observation; and (3) accommodate the request of the NVGOP and the Trump Campaign to place cameras so observation can be done in a safe and secure manner, then the NGVOP and the Trump Campaign will have no alternative other than to seek legal relief.

The face of Congressional evil, Maxine Waters spews hatred. As usual.

I’ve been Mexican my entire life so that makes me a person of color according to A. O-C and some other flapping yaps that don’t matter. Since I’m also a card carrying member of one The First Nations, so that makes me a unique shade of color.

I am a Bear Clan warrior, and I have attained among my Kola’s, or peers if you prefer, the rank of Warrior First Class and I have 2 eagle feathers that unlike most Americans I can wear in my hair. One is solid white and the other is a Golden Eagle’s feather. I have a BIA roll card and number which means I was vetted before getting it and they went back more than 700 years to my family in Spain.

My skin is white, and so is my Lilly white buttocks. Only one part of my body is actually Mexican brown and that’s my BMW but we’ll not delve into that here and now. The point is that we are all the same. Our clan is part of The Human Beings, we have a traditional Lakota Lodge and follow the traditional Lakota ways that’s what we aspire to be. Human Beings.

Not just battle ready men without fear of death, but men who stand up for those beneath himself, the weak, the meek, the poor, the tired, the hungry, the huddled masses, and the widow, before themselves and would instantly lay their life down to protect any of them from their enemies, without fear of death.

Anybody who thinks seriously that their brand of Human Being is better than anybody else’s is beyond delusional. We are all made the same inside and out. We all have the same common DNA that links us to one another as brothers and sisters.

Pigmentation doesn’t really count for much considering a tattoo artist can change a person’s skin color. Considering the inescapable fact that this Mexican Indian or Mestizo has not seen one blessed drop of privilege from the coloration that I can call to mind. It sure as hell wasn’t when I was walking through black neighborhoods but then again I have never had any problems when I did.

If you think being color X Y or Z makes you a better human being then good for you, but you really have no business being in an adult conversation unless it’s to shut your mouth and listen until you finally wake up and wise up.

Charles Ramos Jr. – Publisher


Donald J. Trump Tweet



This is the biggest political scandal in history. Sleepy Joe, Lyin’ Obama, and Crooked Hillary led a treasonous plot by SPYING ON MY CAMPAIGN and then blaming it on the RUSSIANS!

Biden shouldn’t be allowed to run. He got CAUGHT and now he needs to pay the price.

The Liberals have ALWAYS been trying to take me down, and more importantly, they’ve been trying to take YOU down, Charles.

We can’t let this go on any longer. We need to FIGHT BACK. I want to make a statement SO BIG that even the Fake News won’t be able to ignore us.


Please contribute ANY AMOUNT in the NEXT HOUR to help make a HUGE statement and your gift will automatically be 825%-MATCHED. >>
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Please contribute ANY AMOUNT RIGHT NOW and your gift will be 825%-MATCHED.

Thank you,

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Donald J. Trump
President of the United States

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Contributions to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Paid for by Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a joint fundraising committee authorized by and composed of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. and the Republican National Committee.

This notice has been posted free of charge as a form of public service provided by this Publisher.



I have stood before an officer of the United States Marine Corps and taken the oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic and I have taken it 4 other times since so I will not repeat it again here except to say that I was sworn into the Marine Corps while I was still attached to the USAF and as far as I know I have never been released from that oath.

I know that every word spoken by the President in this video is the absolute truth and I know for a fact that there is a lot he left unsaid because he has already said it before. Donald Trump has been true to his every word and the Democrats have nothing to show for this whole time but a pack of lies. Lies told to us again and again by liars both in the tabloid presses and in Congress. Robert Mueller knew long before he drew his inconclusive conclusion to the Russsian collusion delusion that the whole thing was predicated on falsified evidence. I knew it then and so did he. Either that or he’s unbelievably stupid.

If they do not rein in their paid jackals, thugs, and thieves from pillaging, robbing, raping, looting, and burning then the consequences are not going to fall on those people whom they have clearly and deliberately with malice aforethought misled down this path but those who have misled them. Justice is going to fall swiftly upon the head of the snake and it is going to be cut off.

The Democrat Party of my Father and his father before him is dead and gone. It has been subverted and perverted by the left-wing radicals such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whose name makes me want to spew it from my mouth like an especially nasty tasting loogie. Unmasked socialists like her and Bernie Sanders want to make America into the United Socialist States of America and that is never going to happen even if it means hunting every last one of them to extinction. Dead or alive there will be retribution for this insurrectionist movement against the people of the United States and we know where they live.

If I have to die for standing up for what I know is good and just then I’ll be singing my death song when I storm the gates of Hell. Bet your ass I’ll have plenty of liberals coming with me and the armies of Heaven at my back.

I do not like to preach even though I am a pastor I did that for my own reasons unrelated to proselytizing which I don’ t do. God Himself said that all are not meant to hear the Word of God or to understand it no matter what you say to them or show them.

I have said it before and I am not likely to say it more often but I know if I say nothing then I am complicit if even one of His sheep should be led astray by the lies of the enemy. I have known nearly my entire life that this day was coming. It has been shown to me in visions many times and I have been struggling to understand it and come to terms with it and I have.

I spent many hours seeking God in my youth seeking to know the truth and I eventually found it. I never even wanted to believe it was true or not true, but now here we are and it’s all happening just as I saw it. There is no doubt whatsoever that God is real, the Jesus Christ was crucified by the same Philistines that seek to destroy the last bastion of God and freedom on the planet so that they can usher in their ideal of a new world order whereby every man is not free but made a slave to the state that provides for their every comfort. Velvet chains are still chains, a gilded cage is still a cage.

The Book of Revelations warned us specifically about this point in history and those who have understanding have reckoned the number of the beast. The meaning of this passage is the sheer number of people who are doing their own thing and walking contrary to God. They claim they rape, rob, and kill in the name of Justice but I have bad bad news for those fools. The Archangel, Michael holds the scales of Justice in his hand and a sword in the other, and Justice is coming for them. Mark it on your calendar.

These same people are shaking their pathetic little fists at God and challenging Him to a fight. As I told you all last Easter Sunday when the churches in Sri Lanka were bombed and many innocent people lost their lives for going to worship God in His house this is God’s fight and we are not to take part in it lest we too should be destroyed when He returns in HIs fury to avenge the meek. Even so, we do have a legal and moral obligation to defend our neighbors from evil.

This was one very serious mistake on their part and now they are compounding that error by way of this insurrection. A poorly disguised movement for justice that is clearly and deliberately aimed at taking down the Trump administration and the United States with him to hide their crimes and finish the task of selling America to the highest bidder. Which, according to President Trump, and other, even more, reliable sources, was China.


There is no doubt in any right-thinking person’s mind that mail-in ballots are nothing more than a pathetic attempt by Congress and the DNC to continue their scheme to gerrymander enough key districts in certain states that would keep a Republican candidate from ever being able to attain the Oval Office again. We have seen remnants of that plan where Democrats in Congress have tried to get that garbage past the courts and were shot down. Already there have been so many accounts of ballot fraud and mishandling of the ballots that the very idea there is any integrity associated with mail-order elections is beyond laughable.

Democrats have openly petitioned the courts in Nevada and other states to allow ballot harvesting and have sought the reversal or dismissal of laws related to fair elections. When the courts have determined before this time that the election processes are fair as they sit then the only possible reason anyone could have for contesting them and opposing them diametrically is that they want to introduce fraud into the process but are being kept from doing so by pesky fair play laws.

There is already no way to say there has been fairness in the process and it’s not even close to election day yet.

What the actual fuck people?

They can march around together all night standing shoulder to shoulder in the streets and burn the nation to the ground but they cannot go to their local polling stations and vote because they might catch a virus? Are you freaking kidding me? I call BULLSHIT!

We have already witnessed the power of the DNC over mail-order election fraud in California in the 2016 elections. A number of Republican candidates were leading in the exit polls by a wide margin when out of the clear blue sky comes 200,00 mail-in ballots and every last one of them voted Democrat. Imagine that. Governor Newsome who happens to be related to Nancy Pelosi (no big surprise there), won by 200,000 votes. Hm. What a strange and fortuitous coincidence said nobody. Even stranger still was the fact that 60,000 of those ballots were missing the same vote for Senator. Hm. Wonder how that might have happened? Not.

Ballot mill.

The FBI’s forensic documents labs in Quantico, Virginia will be able to make short work of that issue I’m sure. I for one will never accept the results of any mail-order election. Not as long as people like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are around I won’t.

Again it must be said that I would just as soon watch the entire world thrown in the fire if that is the fate that the world should choose, individually that is. I know I won’t care about any of it after I leave this world so why start a pointless exercise like that now? I serve God and nothing, or nobody else. It is God’s wish merely that you should love one another as He has loved you.

To the extent that He gave His only begotten Son so that whosoever should believe in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life I think that is a fair request for God to make in return. As it is written there is no greater love than that a man should lay down his life for his brother. This is to be taken literally of course for there certainly is no greater love than that because that is the final act of love.

However, it doesn’t start nor stop there. It is not just for anyone who is actually, or theoretically willing to jump in front of a bullet meant for their kin or for their fellow man. It means that you are willing to give your life to taking care of people who are less fortunate than yourself no matter what your station in life might be. Love thy neighbor means that you shall give of yourself to those who have no hope of ever repaying your kindness in the knowledge that God will take care of you in return just as Jesus instructed His disciples to do when He sent them out to preach the Gospel of the Resurrection to the people. He said to them take nothing with you and pay no mind to how you are to survive and His word is still law today.

That is the meaning of life is that we understand we are all a part of God and He is part of us and that we hopefully choose eternal life over unending pain and fiery death in the end. Once you learn to love your neighbor as yourself then you begin to see the magic that is God and how itis within you yourself.

Christianity is not a religion. We are Christians simply because we acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the living temple of God and the only way that we can be saved from the nature of this world. And in case anyone has since forgotten, the Earth was given to Satan by God to do as he pleased upon it.

He certainly has been busy you have to give Satan that much. He got a bunch of fools to build Hollywood and make a liberal Disneyland out of the entire state of California and now he is gleefully watching those same misguided souls burn down their only hope for freedom in the entire world. America.

I know for a fact that you know a tree by its fruit and the only fruit the so-called protestors, left-wing radicals, and the Democrat Party that controls these factions has displayed to me is evil, cancerous, and perverse and now we must face a final decision. Who’s side are we on?

In this, I would strongly advise you all to consider your answer wisely because this is the final act of mankind. The final page has turned and this is us coming to the end as has been foretold for centuries. I am sure a lot of people right now are watching the events unfolding all over the world and asking themselves what the actual fuck is going on here? This is what it is. A literal battle between good and evil being played out on the world stage between the DNC and one man. President Donald J. Trump.

If Trump was all they were after I would likely say let them have him. Throw Trump to the dogs and let that be the end of it but that will never be the end of it. Why not you ask? I’m glad you asked. It’s because they’re not after Trump, they are after you. And your progeny. That much has become crystal clear since the very minute Trump was elected and the Dims began saying now we have to impeach him.

I voted for Hillary so I was like what the actual fuck is that all about? That’s not Kosher at all. And then I began to see more and more evidence of sedition and still, I watched. I spoke on much of it throughout the entire past 4 years. I’m pretty sure I was the first to label the collusion delusion a witch hunt because that was how it struck me from the beginning. I knew it was all smoke, mirrors, and a liberal dose of media bullshit and I said it was nothing but a fishing expedition that was going to lead to no good end for those fishing.

I was right of course, and now, by the grace of God, the Democrats have been forced to expose themselves for what they really are. Evil incarnate. One massive criminal enterprise with tendrils that reach down into the lowest levels of state and even local governments.

Why? Because that’s how you drain a treasury. You steal it all through legal channels that you have conveniently legislated in your own favor. How does that work one might ask? I’m so glad one asked. By setting less innocuous laws in place that trigger the payment of monies through various programs which then go through endless licensing hoops, and are studied by committees that do nothing and bill the federal government exorbitantly for doing it through billable hours. Even so-called volunteers in offices that do not get paid are billing Uncle Sam for more hours per week than there are hours per week. In some of the worst cases of welfare fraud in the state of California, which incidentally gets 35% of the money allotted to welfare while the other 49 states are left to divide the rest up equally among themselves. Gee, I wonder how that ever came about. Not.

I also wonder how it is then that there are so many homeless Americans living on the streets of San Francisco. I remember when that was one of my Dad’s favorite TV shows back in the 21970’s. Now it only calls to mind images of people squatting and shitting in the streets of San Francisco. It calls to mind the images we have all seen of trash, human feces, used condoms, and used hypodermic needles, and worst of all used up human beings lying around all over the streets of San Francisco. Jesus wept but not Nancy Pelosi. Nope, not her no. She is too busy touting her freezer full of chocolate ice cream and her basket full of delicious chocolates to her adoring fans on late-night Television.

I honestly wanted to puke watching that vulgar display of inhumanity and the virtual blow job the host, who incidentally is of British origin, was giving her while she did it. For me, it was like watching history repeat itself. It was Marie Antoinette all over again saying let them eat cake but I guess since that has already been said, Nancy Pelosi went the opposite direction like a good little Satan worshiper always does and said let them eat ice cream.

People are finally waking up to the fact that America is under attack from within and from without. The Democrats have been forced into playing their end game by the election of Donald Trump and their repeated failures to take him down. and the consequences for the Democrat Party are going to be dire.

There’s little point in attacking the people in the streets if the head of the beast is still attached because that is the problem, not the protestors. We saw plenty of that during the first Civil War. Let us not forget who started that and why either or we fail to learn the lessons of history and are doomed to repeat it. Not so this time. The leaders of this attempted coup and those who have perpetrated these unconscionable acts of treason, sedition, and open warfare against the people of he United States by any person regardless of race or station will pay the fullest measure of devotion for their crimes.

I will happily tie the nooses and drop the trap doors on every last one of them myself if called upon to do so. I’ll even donate my time and do it for free if they’ll throw in transportation and lunch.

So let’s get back to the important issue. God. Why is all this happening when everything seemed to be going so well? You must surely have to be wondering that by now. That answer requires a brief history lesson. A very long time ago a group of Knights called the Templars discovered the Ark of the Covenant underneath the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. They picked up their shit and they hauled ass out of there with the bad guys hot on their heels because they had been ratted out by someone. There’s one in every crowd as Jesus can tell you,

Long story short it ended up here in the United States courtesy of the Order of Freemasons. Many of our founding Father’s as we all know now were members of the Freemasons and they buried the Ark underneath the Washington Monument after setting up the Democratic Republic of the United States of America. You can see their wisdom and foresight once you understand this is true in how they framed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

It is self-evident to anyone that they were all too aware of what the future would hold for the people who would be called upon one day to defend it from their own government. That is why we have the First and Second Amendments. Each one is designed to protect the other. Without those protections in place and inviolable the people can easily be enslaved by their own elected officials.

Which brings us to the present day when it is happening all around us just as George Washington and many others who signed the Declaration of Independence feared it would. Just as Abraham Lincoln feared it would.

When President Trump tells you that this is a battle between good and evil he is not being the least bit facetious. That is precisely what it is. Even more so now because now that by and large, the left knows that the Ark of the Covenant is in Washington D.C. That is evidenced in the way they wasted no time proclaiming they were going to attack and dethrone God last week. That’s the funniest thing I have ever heard or ever will.

Those fools think that if they have control of the Ark they can make God serve them. I think we can all guess how that is going to end up except that it’s simply never going to happen to begin with. God does not serve anyone, all things serve God whether they like it or not.

The left as I’ve stated before have made their home on the Left Coast in Hollywood and have made fantasy and bullshit a way of life. Now we are finding out about the evils of an elitist drug called Adrenochrome. This drug is actually a hormone secreted by the adrenaline gland and it is far from new. It was first discovered in the 1930s. It is no secret but it actually is a secret because not even my computer’s dictionary knows the word. Not even the retired Pharmacologist I work part-time for knew the word when I asked him about it last night. But there it is if you watch Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. The main character in the true story movie, Gonzo Journalist, Hunter S. Thompson introduced us to it years ago by showing us how he was using it in the 1970s.

In the movie, Thompson’s “lawyer” produces the Adrenochrome and explains that it is extracted from the adrenal glands of freshly killed horses. Now we are finding out that the Hollywood A-list elite has been using Adrenochrome for many years and that it is being extracted not from horses but from missing children who are beaten, tortured until just the right time and then they are murdered and the raw Adrenochrome is extracted from their corpses.

2500 children disappear every day on this planet. Think about that while you ask yourself how Sandra Bullock, Johnny Depp, and Brad Pitt, just to name a few, still look the same after all these years. Conscience is catching up to Ellen as you can hear in this video on Facebook. She sounds like she’s ready to eat a bullet. It’s easy to ignore what you know is right when taking a stand means certain death for a career in Hollywood. That much is certain but you cannot escape yourself and you can only lie to yourself for so long before it catches up to you.

According to the Pharmacist I spoke with about Adrenochrome last night, the hormone was originally believed to be beneficial but then it turned out that it was highly deadly in that it eats the body up faster than it normally would by increasing the levels of adrenaline in the user far beyond the norm. The effect of this is the same as it would be for a patient with Adrenal Cortical Hyper-Function.

Personally, I could not care less if Brad Pitt starts to shrivel up and blows away. At a reported cost of $1,000 per dose of Adrenochrome I honestly hope they choke on it. How many doses are there in a dead child’s body after they’ve been beaten, tortured, and murdered brutally? That I cannot say but it’s apparently more than enough to make murdering children a very lucrative business.

It is because of this wholesale murder of God’s children that He is returning to set this world right and those who have taken part in these atrocities are going to be mowed down by His sword no matter what they do or where they hide. Those are the souls that God has been counting against this day and now it’s upon us all.

God is going to pour out the wine of His wrath on California and very soon. This is just the beginning. I pray with all my heart that anyone who might be reading this and is uncertain to accept the truth or not as they see fit but I pray that not one of His sheep shall be lost because I failed in my duty to forewarn you all of these things which I know shall shortly come to pass.

I know for instance that the U.N. will soon be thrown out of the U.S. and have for decades. I know that Donald Trump is going to be the President when Christ returns. I have known that for decades too. That is why if you go back and look you will see that I tried desperately to warn everyone not to allow him to even run because I knew this was going to happen. And unfortunately, I was right.

I understand fully the danger I am putting myself in by speaking out and again I could not possibly care less even if I tried. I serve God. Nothing else has any fear for me, not even the pain of death. Not when being alive is the most painful thing I’ve ever lived through in my entire life. I will die on my feet before I’ll take a knee or bow down to any man. That’s all from the prison mentality anyway. Bow down bitch is what they say to weaker people in the joint and we see it going on in the streets now. Bitches bowing down under threat because they think appeasement is going to make it all better. It’s not. It’s only the first step down the road to hell.

Everything I have spoken on is public knowledge so there are no secrets revealed but I hope that the message reaches someone who doesn’t know what’s going on. Many have been kept from seeing enough of the truth that it’s almost impossible to believe but here we are in the thick of it and you cannot look away any longer or stand on the sidelines and say I won’t fight evil I’m a pacifist. Your friends and family are not and they are your responsibility too.

I am calling upon every able-bodied man woman and youth in America to stand up now in response to this unprecedented attack upon America and our freedoms and fight back. I don’t mean go out and attack the first Antifa-looking person you see. They might just be an ordinary weirdo and innocent, and that is not a road we want to go down.

If you see someone being bullied you should always step in and make the fight even no matter who it is. I learned that when I was in Kindergarten. If you see people breaking into someone’s home like they did that couple the other day and you don’t grab a gun and take a stand with them then you are probably going to be next on their list to visit because you were too scared to take a stand when they came for your neighbors.

If you see someone elderly being beaten by a mob and you don’t intervene then you may be next. If they come 200 deep, call everybody, you know and have them call everyone they know that has some balls and go at them 2000 deep. Overwhelm them with sheer numbers and if that doesn’t work find something that does.

In every instance, the utmost care should be taken to respect the rules of engagement and every effort must be made to reach a peaceful resolution to this conflict wherever it might rear its ugly head but nobody has an obligation to retreat from a threat or from the use of violence against their person. Nor do you have to stand there and watch it happen. You have a duty to intervene for the preservation of life, limb, and property even if it involves someone you don’t even know. That is the duty of every American who would invoke the blessings of liberty. Anyone who would do harm to innocent persons in the name of anything is in violation of those same rights and have no reasonable expectation to the blessings of anything but Miranda, and due process of law.

It doesn’t work that way. In legalese that is known as having your cake and eating it too and Nancy Pelosi only has ice cream. I am calling out the militia units in these United States, the Minutemen, the Oath Keepers, the Sheepdogs, the bikers for Trump, veterans, and any other patriot who loves this nation and who value their freedom more than they care about any group attempt to strong-arm the rest of the country into capitulating to their demands that we all bow down and kiss their asses or there will never be peace.

Mother fuckers, we know that peace was never an option so tell that shit walking. Better yet, run because if President Trump who has called upon us repeatedly to quell this uprising, doesn’t come for you soon, we will. When we do we are bringing Hell with us and justice will be swift and final. There will be nowhere to hide, no cops to call. Nobody is going to come and rescue you. Not you on the street breaking windows and burning our churches, and for damn sure, not you who are now hiding in the halls of Congress and fomenting this armed insurrection. Playtime is over. Nuff said.

Sic Semper Tyrannis. Semper Fidelis.

Democrats prioritize politics over public health

ITEM #1: Are Democrats serious about effectively combating the coronavirus threat?

It appears not.

National Democrats stalled an economic rescue package in the U.S. Senate by insisting on a wish list of left-wing policy proposals that have failed to gain support on their own — and that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with tackling the virus situation.  

Marc Lotter, Director of Strategic Communications for the Trump 2020 campaign, provides a partial list of the Democrats’ outrageous political demands:solar/wind tax creditspostal service debtelection law changescarbon emission limits$35M for Kennedy Centerimmigration expansionreturn of Obamaphonescommunity newspaper retirement plans$15 minimum wage
As James S. Robbins put it in a column for USA Today, “The 1119-page bill is Christmas in March for liberal special interests.”

Now, if you’re a sane person, you might be wondering how taking steps like imposing further limits on carbon emissions, or offering tax credits for solar and wind power, or expanding immigration would possibly have any effect in combatting a threat to public health.

The answer, of course, is: It wouldn’t. 

But no matter. Democrats sense an opportunity to exploit the current public panic in order to force their long-standing wish list of progressive policies on society, and so that’s what they’re going to try to do.

Actually addressing the crisis? Apparently that’s for others to worry about. 

As Obama’s former chief-of-staff, Rahm Emanuel, once said: Never let a crisis go to waste.

Fortunately, on Tuesday, President Trump declared in a tweet: “This will never be approved by me, or any other Republican!”


ITEM #2: After President Trump noted that the anti-malaria drug chloroquine *might* help battle coronavirus, the media rushed to blame the president for the death of an Arizona man who reportedly tried it without a doctor’s prescription.

“We saw Trump on TV — every channel — & all of his buddies and that this was safe,” the man’s wife said in a media interview. “Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure.”

Alas, it turned out, the man had taken “a fish tank cleaner.” And as Chuck Woolery noted:

“Chloroquine phosphate is not a med. It’s fish tank cleaner. No one, including President Trump, has ever suggested you take this for the virus. The media knows this. You can’t fix stupid. Why we despise the Press.” 

Added Jessica Fletcher of RealDailyWire:

“I really didn’t expect tonight to devolve into defending the President from being blamed for people drinking fish tank cleaning chemicals, but 2020 is a special kind of stupid.”


ITEM #3: Back in January, Joe Biden, now the Democrats’ frontrunner for President, wrote an editorial that was published by USA Today, in which he referred to President Trump’s travel bans to combat the spread of coronavirus as “reactionary” and claimed they would only make things worse.

In a separate interview on Tuesday, Biden said from his bunker in Wilmington, Delaware (and we dare you to make any sense of this):

“We have to take care of the cure. That will make the problem worse no matter what.”


Imagine where we’d be today if Biden had been President back in January.

ITEM #4: On Monday, Joe Biden did a live streaming video in which he said: “Trump keeps saying he’s a wartime president. Well, start acting like one.”

Hmm. Let’s compare and contrast …

During his online video conference, Biden’s teleprompter apparently stopped working, and he got confused and stumbled around in his remarks. Meanwhile, President Trump was conducting a live, two-hour press conference, taking and answering all questions.

We think the country can see who’s a wartime president and who wouldn’t be.

And by the way, Americans seem to be quite satisfied with the President’s leadership on this issue. As reported by The Hill:

“A majority of American voters say they believe the Trump administration is taking strong enough measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey.

“Sixty-one percent of registered voters said they strongly or somewhat agree that the Trump administration is taking strong enough measures to slow or stop the spread of COVID-19, while 39 percent said they strongly or somewhat disagree.”

ITEM #5: We’re not done with Joe Biden just yet.

In his attempt to pander to the increasingly large faction of the Democrat Party that’s obsessed with identity politics, Biden has blatantly promised to engage in racial and gender discrimination.

From The Hill:

“In his debate with Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden made two pledges to voters and asked his opponent to do the same to nominate only a black woman for the next open Supreme Court seat and to choose a woman as his vice president. Even with identity politics, the pledge to impose a gender and race requirement for the next Supreme Court nominee is as ironic as it is troubling. What Biden was declaring, and what Sanders wisely avoided, would effectively constitute discrimination in admission to the Supreme Court. Indeed, the Supreme Court has declared that such race or gender conditions are strictly unconstitutional for admission to public colleges.”

The story’s author, Jonathan Turley, points out that under Biden’s standards, lots of current and past Supreme Court justices would be disqualified from consideration — including many favorites of the left:

“He would not consider a nominee like Ruth Bader Ginsburg because of the color of her skin. He would not consider Thurgood Marshall because of his gender. Louis Brandeis and Oliver Wendell Holmes would be losers under this policy. Indeed, this is just ironic for those four members of the Supreme Court who have voted consistently to uphold admissions policies based on race.”

And Turley adds that, “Imposing an absolute requirement that a nominee be a particular gender and race is effectively an affirmative action pledge. It is precisely what the Supreme Court already declared to be unconstitutional discrimination.”

In other words, Biden’s approach to choosing a nominee for the entity responsible for interpreting the constitution … would itself be unconstitutional.

ITEM #6: Among the left’s most ridiculously misguided ideas in recent years has been the movement to ban plastic bags.

It’s a stupid idea under any circumstances, but has been exposed as especially absurd — and dangerous — in the midst of the coronavirus threat. 

Eight states have imposed plastic-bag bans (fortunately, Nevada is not among them … yet). The problem, as Patrick Gleason of Americans for Tax Reform points out, is that, “All of these laws seek to force or encourage the use of reusable shopping bags, which pose a public health risk at any time and especially during the current pandemic.”

He explains further:

“A 2011 study published by researchers at the University of Arizona and Loma Linda University found that reusable shopping bags are often used for multiple purposes, transported and set down in many difference places, and ‘seldom if ever washed.’ Researchers discovered ‘large numbers of bacteria were found in almost all bags and coliform bacteria in half,’ along with a ‘wide range of enteric bacteria, including several opportunistic pathogens.’ A number of additional studies have found reusable bags can serve as carriers of bacteria that cause food-borne illness.”

Naturally, the danger is only heightened with this new virus on the loose.

And what are we all getting in exchange for increasing these risks to public health? Apparently nothing. As Gleason notes, “[T]here is also proof that reusable shopping bags are ineffective when it comes to reducing litter and benefiting the environment.”

Nice going, guys.

Thankfully, common sense has prevailed in a couple of states that have banned plastic bags, with Maine and New York announcing they’ve suspended their bans. 

Stopping these plastic-bag bans in the midst of our current public health challenges should be a no-brainer for the states with such laws on the books. But they’d be wise to do away with them for good, even after the crisis has passed. And states without such laws, like Nevada, should steer clear.

ITEM #7: The Mueller probe sure seems like ancient history at this point, but there was actually some important news about it this past week. In a nutshell: We just got what has to be the strongest evidence yet that this was nothing but a political gambit from the get-go. 

Writing for National Review, Andrew McCarthy has a piece that outlines the recent developments and what they demonstrate. He writes:

“More than an investigation, the Mueller probe was the wellspring of a political narrative. That becomes clearer as time goes by and more information ekes out … such as new confirmation that, months before Mueller was appointed in May 2017, it was already well understood in Justice Department circles that there was no case of criminal ‘collusion’ between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“Never was that made more obvious than by the Justice Department’s quiet announcement late Monday, under the five-alarm noise of the coronavirus scare, that it has dropped the special counsel’s indictment of Russian companies …”

This might seem puzzling at first glance. But it actually makes perfect sense once you understand the motivation behind the probe. McCarthy explains:

“[Prosecutors] were not going to charge any crime that called for proving Russia’s culpability in court. Their evidence is shaky and, if there were ever an acquittal, the Trump-Russia political narrative would be kaput, while the Putin regime celebrated a huge propaganda coup.

“So why did Team Mueller publicly file an indictment against Russians?

“Because they figured it was a freebie. The prosecutors assumed that they would never have to … you know … prove the case. The Russian defendants were in Russia. There was no way Putin would ever extradite them for an American criminal trial. The prosecutors knew that. What they wrote was not meant to be a real indictment. It was meant to be a press release. It was meant to be what Team Mueller was best at: the spinning of a narrative.”

The piece is truly excellent, and well worth reading in full, which you can do here.
 NOTABLE QUOTES“Every person lecturing you that economic suicide is necessary is still employed and collecting a paycheck.” – Sean Davis

“Our people want to return to work. They will practice Social Distancing and all else, and Seniors will be watched over protectively & lovingly. We can do two things together. THE CURE CANNOT BE WORSE (by far) THAN THE PROBLEM!” – President Donald Trump

“POTUS never said turn the economy back on and ignore the health crisis. He said we need to deal with both crises, draw the right balance, and make sure the cure is not worse than the disease. That’s common sense.” – Andy McCarthy

“Many media fear mongers are in panic right now that the United States might actually go back to work sooner rather than later. They’re trying to say they are worried about the health of Americans but the fact is too many of them are afraid the economy is going to snap back quickly.” – Charles Payne

“Poll: 61 percent of voters say Trump is taking strong enough measures to slow or stop coronavirus spread.  Imagine his numbers if the mainscream media didn’t hate his guts!” – Larry ElderForward to a Friend!
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