cheers to the oldest saloon in nevada

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Cheers To The Oldest Saloon In Nevada

 February 3, 2018Charles Ramos Jrbarsdrink. buffetfoodlas vegasPioneersaloon

If you love a good watering hole , history, and the relics of the old desert southwest; wend your way to The Pioneer Saloon in picturesque Goodsprings, Nevada. Gamers worldwide will recognize the Pioneer as the starting point of Fallout 3 New Vegas and indeed they do come from across the globe to visit just for this reason. But there are many more reasons to visit and hoist a cold draft.

Built in 1913 by George Fayle, the pre fabricated building with its beaten tin walls (inside and out) made by Sears And Roebuck is likely the last of its kind in America. From the moment you step through the front door you know you have stepped into living history as evidenced by the bullet holes in the walls.

The bar itself was manufactured by Brunswick in the 1860’s, and is as warm and inviting as the ancient pot belly stove that still heats the saloon in winter. The old newspaper clippings, pictures, posters, signs, tools, implements and other keepsakes from the past that cover the walls only add to the special feel of the Pioneer saloon, and it’s rare that one walks in that there’s not live music playing and people dancing to everything from rock to bluegrass.

Hungry patrons of discerning tastes will be delighted at the menu coupled with the service. Order belly up to the bar, or dine out on the back patio in a cozy chaise lounge with your feet propped up on one of the fire pits. The wait staff are amazing to see in action. Especially when the joint is jukin’; which is most any weekend of the year.

If you are looking to spend the night locked in a haunted jail cell then you have certainly come to the right place.The Pioneer Saloon is a magnificent place to hold an event large or small. Should you choose not to have them cater it there are several large BBQ grills available to rent. The gift shop has a fine selection of T-shirts and other treasures, and the bar even has a gaming license for those who are feeling lucky.


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