BREAKING: Maxine Waters calls for coup to remove Trump from office

Joe Collins for Congress
Charles, this is urgent.

My opponent, radical leftist Congresswoman Maxine Waters, just told MSNBC that Pres. Trump’s cabinet and Congress should initiate a coup and invoke the 25th Amendment to forcefully remove Pres. Trump from office.

And to top it off, she tapped into Hillary Clinton and called him the “most deplorable human being that I’ve ever encountered in my life.”

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Even though Maxine basically threatened Joe Biden to pick her fellow radical California liberal Kamala Harris as his running mate, she is still scared that Democrats will lose in November.

So she’s revisiting the Left’s tired strategy of trying the forcefully remove our President and calling for a coup against her political enemy.

It has never been more crucial to the survival of our freedom and our Republic that we remove this hateful woman from Congress!

I am the Republican nominee running to defeat Maxine in California’s 43rd District, and I need your urgent support to help me defeat her before she tears our nation apart.

Please rush your donation of $25, $50, $100 or even more to support our President and defeat radical Maxine Waters!

Unless we remove radical socialists like Maxine Waters from Congress, we can expect this to be the new norm for Democrats – they will abuse their power and even the Constitution to try to forcefully remove rightfully-elected conservatives from public office.

This is the very definition of fascism and tyranny, and it is the single greatest threat to America today.

For the sake of our country, I need you to join me in doing everything you possibly can to help me defeat Maxine Waters in November’s election.

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Maxine Waters will not stop until she defeats President Trump and the conservative movement for good, so I need your help to fight back and defeat HER.

Please rush your urgent contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more right now to help me stop Maxine Waters.

For America,

Joe Collins
Joe Collins
Republican for Congress
U.S. Navy Veteran

Joe Collins 2020Joe Collins is a Black Conservative, Navy Veteran, and Republican from South Central Los Angeles, and he is running to to defeat radical leftist Maxine Waters. To support Joe’s campaign chip in today!

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