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And welcome back to yet another grilling edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat that quirky little sports column preferred by four out of five sports fans who chew sugarless gum. Exactly what that has to do with the price of tea in China the world may never know.

But I digress.

The thermometer on the barn wall says oh my God it’s hot in here, and I do believe it’s right. It is hot, but as any seasoned Las Vegas resident knows, it’s not even nearly as hot as it will be soon enough. The 4th of July is just 2 days away and it will really be hot by then. Fortunately most of us are used to the heat and we are able to thrive in it. Or are at least able to stand it even for long periods of time. Please remember to drink lots of water and stay hydrated. You can very quickly become dehydrated and lose consciousness and die. Before you even know that you’re in trouble it’s already too late, and you may never wake up again. I don’t know about you but that’s something I can definitely live without.

I think we can all agree that it’s really great to have Nevada back open for business again. We here at Vegas Valley News would ask you all to get out even if just a little bit and help support your local businesses during these trying times if you can. I’m still somewhat haunted by the images in my mind of riding my bike once down the Strip when it was bustling with people and alive one night, and the next time riding down the main street of a ghost town all by myself. Eerie doesn’t even begin to describe it with the Strip all torn up, barricades all down the street from Charleston all the way down to Flaming-O. There was a police car at every light with their lights flashing non-stop and not a soul to be seen anywhere the whole length of the Strip that I saw.

My last visit to an eating establishment (Timbers – Stephanie) for sustenance and a subsequent review was an unmitigated disaster. For Timbers that is, not for this kid. Incredibly their manager sent me an email saying they dropped the ball and offered me two $25 gift cards. They dropped both balls as far as I’m concerned. I told her I don’t give out my address to hateful people like them and that I tried to eat there once I have since lost my appetite and to give the cards to the SPCA. Hopefully not in my name, though I failed to say so specifically. I’m sure they have enough animus left over from before to take credit for the donation anyway. They have yet to reply.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. They were rude and openly dismissive the first time so I’m supposed to walk back in there after HR reams them out and cash in my gift cards like they won’t know who I am and take a shit in my food? Who wants to be the first person in history to say out loud, or put it in writing and sign an affidavit saying that such is not the mentality of any vindictive food service worker that had a messed up attitude toward the customer to begin with? They do it in prisons, and jails especially just for spite in many cases, and they do it at all public eateries as well.

She’s lost her mind if she thinks $50 worth of their food is even worth the effort to go back there to get considering I live 75 miles away. The way I see it, there’s nothing to be learned from being kicked by a mule a second time. No thank you Timbers, I honestly do not care for forced hospitality.

Which brings us to the subject. I was once again in town on an inspection assignment this past week when I happened to find myself in front of a wonderful little establishment called Village Pub and Poker. Located at 10420 Bermuda road this location is but one of a dozen similar locations scattered in and about the greater Las Vegas Valley area.

From the moment I walked in off the street where it was at least 107 degrees it was cool, and inviting inside, and I was greeted warmly by Florida the bartender. Unlike some places, TImbers, that I could name I did not have to sit there for an hour humiliated waiting for her to deign to serve me, she was on the spot and smoking hot if I may say so. Jaw-dropper yes, ball dropper. Most definitely not. She was on the ball as far as service goes. She was funny, very warm, and quite genuine in my opinion. All the good food and atmosphere in the world won’t undo the damage one rude waiter can do to a restaurant.

I was immediately drawn to the 10 ounce Sirloin steak dinner special for $11.99 and ordered that with salad, crispy seasoned steak fries, and mixed garden vegetables with a cola back, no ice. I did not have to wait all day to order nor for my food. It was brought to me hot, and delicious in no time flat. Every condiment one could ever ask for was right there at my fingertips from salt, to A-1 Steak Sauce.

Photo of Village Pub & Poker - Las Vegas, NV, United States. Looks good especially the potato. How does the steak look?

This column, this news agency, Vegas Valley News is dedicated to whatever is good for Las Vegas and those who live, work, and or play here. So this column is not about me. When I do a review it’s 100% voluntary. I don’t get paid to write the review nor do I get reimbursed a cent for the meal. So when I go into an establishment whether it’s to review it or not it is ALL about ME, Not them, ME. It’s all about fulfilling my immediate needs immediately. I found just such instant gratification at Village Pub and Poker. Service with such a lovely smile as Florida’s is always a welcome respite from the plastic Stepford staff as I encountered at Timbers.

I related to her, and to nearby patrons within earshot at the bar my experience at Timbers and they all agreed that Timbers sucks. I paraphrase a bit, but that’s the gist of it. Compared to Village Pub and Poker they suck rotten eggs.

(702) 407-0219 is the number to the location I went to on Bermuda, but you can easily obtain the locations of the other 11 pubs at Village Pub and Poker is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your dining pleasure, or if you’re in the mood to try your luck at Gambler’s Bonus poker on the bar. I took advantage of my visit to sign up with their Gambler’s Bonus players reward program that I have been hearing so much about on the radio for years but never had the opportunity to sign up for in the past.

With a small, but broad menu filled with culinary taste treats, even root beer floats, Village Pub and Poker serves so many good items that there simply has to be something on there that you’re sure to find delectable enough to fully satisfy your breakfast, lunch or dinner cravings every time.

Photo of Village Pub & Poker - Las Vegas, NV, United States. Veggie omelet with sausage
Photo of Village Pub & Poker - Las Vegas, NV, United States. Chef salad!
Photo of Village Pub & Poker - Las Vegas, NV, United States. Nachos!

I wrote a five-star review for them on YELP as I promised Florida I would, and now I reiterate that same review grade here and give them 5 of 5 stars in review. This grade is more than justified due to the fact that overall it was a great, time, a great meal at a great price, and it was a very refreshing change from the pointed hatred I received from Timbers.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screenshot-7702.png

Thank you so much to Florida and to Village Pub and Poker for everything. May you live long and prosper much.


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 October 1, 2018Charles Ramos Jrdrink. buffetEatsfoodhappy hourlas vegasPTS GOLDrestaurant

Greetings sports fans and welcome to a late night Sunday edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat, the little column that could, and may just do so yet. You never can tell.

Turning briefly to the world of sports the Dallas Cowboy’s defeated the Detroit Lions at home in Dallas when a 38-yard field goal by, Brett Maher made the final score 26-24, Dallas.

But enough about sports let’s turn our attention now to PT”S GOLD  A sports pub which is located at 6610 South Fort Apache just a half a block north of Sunset Boulevard.

I was in Vegas this past Thursday to take my mother’to her doctor’s appointment and we decided to stop to have lunch on the way home.

But, where to go that’s not the same old same old?

We were going to go and eat at the Mountain Springs Saloon (reviewed) until I saw a billboard for PT”S that advertised a delicious looking $7 hamburger so I said hey let’s try that.

PT”s has some great food from my experience, going back to 1997 when I used to hang out sometimes at the one in Henderson with my girl. We would shoot pool, eat mass quantities of seasoned curly fries (for which PT’s is somewhat famous), and watch football games on the many televisions there. I always had a great time.

PT’s was our favorite place to hang out because it was where we first met and it’s a great sports bar. At least it was way back then. I don’t know what’s happened to it since then but I know that I don’t much care for it.

We stopped in at the one on Fort Apache because it’s on our way home and Mom went in ahead of me. She ordered the hamburger which comes with curly fries so I didn’t order my own basket of fries as I am generally wont to do. When the burger came there were not even enough fries on the plate to put a respectable potato back together from amongst the scraps.

The hamburger itself and the curly fries were delicious. The problem came when we got out to the truck and looked at the bill one more time. I had to wonder since when does a $7 hamburger and 2 cups of coffee add up to $20.10 so I went back in and asked the bartender. He explained to me that the $7 burger is a special offer that was only available during happy hour which runs from 5PM to 7Pm and from 12AM to 2AM daily in all PT’s locations around Las Vegas.


Obviously, we arrived too early for the early bird special, but I thought $20.10 was little much for so little. Our server explained to me that my mother had not ordered the $7 dollar burger and that even so it was still not happy hour yet and so I could accept that with no problem.

I called PT’s Gold on Fort Apache during the course of writing this article and spoke to a very helpful young gentleman who told  me that the regular hamburger they serve during unhappy hours is, in fact, $10.00 and that they charge $3.00 for each cup of coffee but he also told that he always gives his customers a free refill or two.

I would certainly hope so. At $3.00 a cup, Juan Valdez could afford to buy a new donkey and Columbia in no time flat and then where will we be? Chaos, anarchy, California! Egad!

But what I still cannot wrap my mind around is that the bartender apparently gave himself a $2.50 tip on top of our order that we were not told anything about until I disputed the bill. So the question that comes to my mind is since when is it cricket to tip yourself at the cash register?

Mom asked me why he took her credit card when she ordered but I told her it was to run a tab on while we were there. A practice not unknown to most pub patrons worldwide.

I just didn’t know that the bartender was running his own tab on it as well.

Perhaps our bartender took one look at us and decided that we were a couple of non-tipping hicks from over the hump in Pahrump and if he wanted to get a decent tip he was going to have to do it for us by adding 50% more gratuity to the $5.00 (20%) tip we gave him for serving us one hamburger and 2 cups of coffee.

He said he would give me back the money when I questioned him about the cost of the meal but I figured if he needed $2.50 bad enough to Jack it from a sickly little old lady like my mother then he must need it far worse than she does. She paid the bill not me.

I just drive the truck, write the articles and take out the trash.

I find myself wondering if perhaps PT’s might not stand for Petty Theft’s now, but that is a matter of speculation upon which I will not speculate at this time due to legal constraints and such…

What I do know is that I was completely disappointed by the small number of french fries that came with that $10.00 hamburger when what I wanted was a basket of them.

The last time I was served something like that was at Po Folks in Jacksonville, Florida. I ordered a catfish dinner as did my boss and when they came there were 3 fries on both plates. She told us they didn’t have very many potatoes so I gave her a $5 bill and told her to send the cook to the grocery store for 40 pounds on me, or take the dinner back.

I must be getting nicer in my old age.

This was not my first visit to this particular PT’s location either. I visited them last Spring and had coffee and a basket of curly fries while I charged my phone. The hamburger and the curly fries (as always) were tasty, and the restaurant is very lovely quiet, dark, cool, and clean and but neither myself nor my parents will darken their doorstep again no matter where they’re located.

Just sayin.


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 July 21, 2018Charles Ramos JrA Dress The Color Of The SkyauthorsBooksJennifer Irwinlas vegasnewsreview



Greetings sports fans and welcome to a balmy Las Vegas Saturday night. Tonight we have no sports and we have no national news to report from here. Tonight let us turn our attention to the world of books and review an amazing new novel from first-time author, Jennifer Irwin. @jenirwinauthor A lovely young lady that I am proud to call a very dear friend.

This is an unbiased and fair review based solely upon the merits of the work itself. Friend, family, foe, or any combination thereof, business is business. Just as it always will be whenever any issue is at hand, and a book review is no exception to that rule.


About the author.

A native New Yorker and captivating storyteller with a flair for embellishment, Jennifer Irwin currently resides in Los Angeles with two cats, a dog, and her boyfriend. After earning her BA in Cinema from Denison University, she worked in advertising and marketing, raised three boys, and ultimately became a certified Pilates instructor. While she has written screenplays and short stories since her college days, A Dress the Color of the Sky is her first novel. For more information, visit http://www.jenniferirwinauthor. Reprinted from, A Dress The Color Of The Sky. Jennifer Irwin (pg.316)

After having read the first 63 pages in one sitting I wrote this to the author.

Hi Jenn. I made it 63 pages before doing the old familiar face down on the keyboard thing due to uncooperative eyelids that don’t always share my enthusiasm for insomnia. If I were to stop now and review it based upon what I’ve been seeing from page one I would have to say this; Author, Jennifer Irwin displays an uncanny natural ability to paint a scene so rich in graphic imagery with such an economy of words that it defies belief that this is a debut novel.

She turns a flippant phrase as easily as a stray curl flipped aside and in those few words manages to convey the entire feel of an end of summer regatta on Long Island right down to the attendant emotions. Then flip, she transports the reader to the corn crib and an ill-fated misadventure with a beehive, then with the flip of a stray lock of hair, flip, and you’re rehab with Nurse Ratched and a host of colorful characters that any other author would need far more words to portray. Samantha Stevens transported people and Bewitched audiences by wriggling her nose while Jennifer Irwin does it with a stroke of her pen and the flip of a stray curl. A Dress The Color Of The Sky is an enchanting story masterfully written and rare.

For the story, I have to award Jennifer Irwin’s A Dress The Color Of The Sky 5 stars of 5. For elevating the art of storytelling above and beyond the call of duty, she gets the blue ribbon medal of excellence.



I read all the way to the beginning of chapter 13 and then last night I read the rest of the 33 chapters in one sitting. I stand by what I said originally, but I would like to add that it was very hard to read about Prue being molested and raped by family and people whom she thought were friends she could trust.

Prudence is a very lovable and real character in whom I think everyone who reads her story will be able to readily identify with on some level be it through an addiction or by upbringing.

I personally know many horror stories and I have a few of my own that would tip the credibility register towards unbelievable but sadly they are all too true to embellish. This is also the case with A Dress The Color Of The Sky. I have told nothing but the truth where this book is concerned for to even attempt to embellish it would only detract from it. And that’s simply not done.

I have known far too many persons who have succumbed to the indignity of it all and have taken their own lives because they simply could not live with it any longer. The saddest thing is how many people they left behind that actually did love them. It’s tragic that they somehow never realized just how valuable they were because someone seemingly took that value away from them when in reality nobody can take away your worth you can only give it away or sell it to the highest/lowest bidder. Unlike integrity, however; you can always get it back because it’s never really gone. It’s something you carry in your own heart.

It happens to men and women both and abuse takes many forms. It can be sexual, physical, and mental abuse and it can be all three wrapped up in one as it was for Prudence all throughout her life. Right up until the time she sought professional help to find her way in the world and a sense of self-worth that she could hold onto.

It was amazing watching Prudence transform from a helpless victim to a strong survivor who understands her own strength and value is not tied to the actions of others but is wholly within herself. A value that no person can ever diminish in any way or own. Prudence is a real hero and her story is a shining example for others who are trapped in the grip of such profane darkness. You have to admire her courage and her chutzpah. You cannot help but hope and cheer for her as she progresses towards graduation from rehab.

I highly recommend “A Dress The Color Of The Sky” as a must-read for anyone who is or has suffered from addictions and or abuse in their lives, or if you’re hoping to better understand someone in your own life who has been wounded in such a manner and to perhaps help them find themselves again.


To purchase a copy or to download your free copy to KindleUnlimited click here.

Images courtesy of Jennifer Irwin.


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 February 7, 2019Charles Ramos JrauthorBookslas vegasmistral dawnnewstaken by the huntsman

Greetings sports fans and welcome once again to a very special edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat the little column that is never afraid to call bullshit. It’s another beautiful day here in the Las Vegas valley. The temperatures were below freezing overnight but the sun is shining brightly, there are 30 inches of fresh snow in Lee Canyon, and all is right with the world.

Today, for the first time ever we are hoping to have a guest author semi-live on the column. A lady who writes novels and a free book on animal rescue under the pen name, Mistral Dawn. I had a lovely discussion this morning with Misses Dawn on Twitter and I promised to preview her latest novel, Taken By The Huntsman for her after I was mostly forced to express concern over her writing style by the author herself.

To that end, I invited Mistral Dawn to submit a synopsis of this novel to my inbox and answer some writing-related questions but as of this time she has yet to respond so it goes to press without her input which is more than she has any right to expect, all things being equal.

I stand corrected. Miss. Dawn did in fact respond but, just like every other reply I have received from her since early this morning, she has been nothing but rude and dismissive of every opinion that doesn’t jibe with her own. All I did was share an anecdote with her and away we went.

Taken By The Huntsman (Spellbound Hearts Book 1) by [Dawn, Mistral]

I made many attempts, in good faith, to do right by her and all I got for my effort was more of her nasty attitude. If this was one of my novels she would be the star of a very nasty chapter but this is journalism and so I’ll remain impartial and try to stay to the high road since Mistral Dawn seems determined to defend the low road so vociferously.

At the invitation of Miss. Dawn, I read an excerpt from Taken By The Huntsman which she had posted on Twitter this morning and since I have nothing more to go upon than the poorly written materials she has allowed anyone to see I can only describe her overall demeanor and her writing style as being juvenile at best.

Her page on Amazon describes, Taken By The Huntsman in this fashion. (sic)

Discarded and ignored by those around her for most of her life, Cassie is a lonely human woman struggling to find her place in the world and meaning in her life. Cadeyrn is the Erlking, the leader of the Wild Hunt, a hundreds of thousands of years old Fae who has always known his purpose. He has spent his entire long existence tracking the criminals of Fairie and punishing them for their crimes. 
While hunting for the murderer of a child who has escaped to Earth Cadeyrn comes across Cassie and realizes that she is the one that the great mother goddess has designated as his soul mate. He kidnaps her and takes her to his fortress in Fairie to protect her from his many enemies. He knows she will be angry and that he’ll have to work to earn her trust, but he finds his task to be even more challenging than he had thought it would be due to Cassie’s difficulty in opening her heart. 
Will Cadeyrn be able to convince Cassie that the bond between them is real and earn her love?


This poorly written blurb, typographical errors intact, is seemingly the work of none other than Miss. Dawn herself. This is a perfect illustration of my point. Anyone else might have used Grammarly but the daring 30 something lady chose to go it alone for some reason. Reasons which this reporter was unable to ascertain due to Miss. Dawn’s failure to stand behind her work and give an impartial interview.

This blurb, when taken together with the blurb which she stated was random and had absolutely nothing to do with the scene, nor seemingly with the question she posted as a “form of advertisement” is evidence enough. Perhaps it makes sense to her but not to me. Miss Dawn went on to say that she did not want any constructive feedback, or a pat on the back all she wants are sale$.

Honestly, I couldn’t tell. From the author’s kitten profile picture and her painful abuse of the English language to her painful abuse of her friends, namely myself, the entire package comes off as plebian and careless at best and I will not read the entire novel unless it is presented in a more professional manner befitting any writer worth their ink pen.

Why you might not ask? I’ll tell you why anyway because I promised Miss. Dawn that I would be fair.

As a novelist, journalist, poet, playwright, TV comedy writer, stand-up comedy writer, copy-writer, national award-winning essayist, artist, cartoonist, pro photographer, short-story writer, and especially as a life-long consumer of the written word I am deeply insulted by Miss. Dawn’s dedication to mediocrity in fiction. That coupled with her lack of common courtesy and then taken together with her unimaginative “advertisement” and the sloppy manner by which it is penned? I think anyone would be insulted that an author thinks so little of them as to offer up less than honest work such as what I have witnessed today.

Posting a kitten in lieu of her author’s profile photograph might be cute to her family, Facebook, friends, and to whomever else Miss. Dawn chooses to share it with on social media. And believe me, that’s fine; I often post pictures of lions and whatnot on my Twitter page too just for fun or to make a statement. But when I take the time to go to an author’s webpage to check them out for work or for fun I don’t think it’s very cute at all.

The kitten is cute as a button, but placing it as one’s profile picture for an author of serious fiction or non-fiction is unquestionably the epitome of unprofessionalism. It can be translated directly as carelessness and laziness on the writers part and in turn sounds to me, the potential reader, like two words that rhyme with duck and you. Neither of which I find appealing enough that I care to read her fictional works any further and she is fully aware of this because I told her so right before she blocked me.

Miss. Dawn either does not get it or she chooses not to get it. Either way it changes nothing and her juvenile attitude came shining through this morning during our impromptu, but candid, discourse on this very same subject. This is the fairest review I can give her or her fictional novel due to her refusal to be more forthcoming and speak for herself in a fair and impartial venue.

July 28, 2015- One reviewer named Avid Reader wrote this review of Taken By The Huntsman. 4 Stars. Very good story, a little amateurishThis is an interesting take on the face and the Wild Hunt. The Erlking is incredibly reasonable and willing to compromise to accommodate Cassie, whose reasoning powers crumble near the end of the book. The beginning of the story is mostly an information dump, but it’s an interesting information dump. There are some punctuation errors and some incorrectly used words as well as places where language could be tightened and the use of active verbs increased. But I really enjoyed the story. A good story trumps compositional errors. So while Miss. Dawn might claim as before that my assessment was based upon relatively short shrift, so to speak, it is accurate and I stand behind it 100%.

Many of Miss. Dawn’s 72 posted reviewers agree that while the storyline is a good one, the details can be overly descriptive and lacking dialogue where it would have moved the story along better. Few of the editing and formatting issues got overlooked by the readers, the way they are ignored and/or defended by the author.

That being said, I would like for you all to please turn your kindest attention now to the one book I truly did enjoy and which is free to all readers on Amazon. That is her non-fiction book aptly titled,

Animal Rescuer’s Guide To Staying (Relatively) Sane.

I was able to read a fair sampling of the book and I can honestly say I was more than just a little bit surprised then to discover that Miss. Dawn actually does know how to write correctly, and quite well at that. On the other hand, it also makes it that much more insulting to consider the other book but I’ll let that slide in the spirit of detente.

Clearly, the author of this book cared for the subject matter deeply and it shows in her attention to many details that many people might not otherwise think about when they set out to rescue an animal. Her usage of quotation marks around the words “manual” and “expert” is overly self-deprecating in my estimation. I have not seen the full manuscript but it’s clear that Mistral Dawn did, in fact, do her homework for this one and well-done to judge by the cover. Wink wink ;c)

Seriously though, the cover evokes images unbidden of a crazy cat lady tossing cats at passersby ala The Simpson’s but the posted reviews give witness to a continuous pattern of the skilled storytelling ability and level of conscientious professionalism which the introductory chapters set down in her first words.

On Amazon, Mistral Dawn describes this book as;

A short, tongue-in-cheek “manual” on how to do animal rescue as an individual, while still retaining some of your marbles. The guide addresses some of the common challenges and missteps that the author has found over a decade and a half of doing rescue out of her home. It also includes a small collection of answers to some frequently asked questions about cats and cat behavior.
**Note: This work was written by a layperson and is intended for entertainment, not as a substitute for expert advice from a veterinarian.

I agree with these other reviewers as I found Mistral Dawn’s work to be a quite thorough, informative, and well-structured manual that any animal rescue worker expert or novice, will be enriched by reading even if it’s to varying degrees it is still enlightening to read. Unlike her fiction, it is clear to me that she did her due diligence before she sat down to write this book. Now if she will rewrite the other books with that same passion and dedication to the project she might hit the bestseller list in spite of herself.

Good luck in your future writing endeavors Mistral Dawn. I hope you grow a thicker skin soon though since you dislike criticism so much otherwise you are going to be hurt a lot and I don’t care to see that happen so unnecessarily.

I know and you know you can do better than that, Miss. Dawn, and you should be ashamed of yourself for rushing it to press unpolished as it is. If you paid any Beta readers for advice I would sue them to get my money back because they lied to you, my young friend. It needs further editing by a professional.


July 7, 2018 – I, too, didn’t understand the one star from a reviewer. This booklet was chock full of great information about adoption, fostering, caring for, and introducing rescues into your home. I volunteered for a collie-rescue and needed to know all the things Ms. Dawn suggests in her book. I was an intake worker (by phone, mostly) I also adopted and fostered several collies, along with caring for the collies I already had in my house. Everything mentioned in this book are considerations you need to take a new pet into your family–human and animal.The book was well-written and easy to follow. 5 Stars. Adopting, fostering and caring for a new pet.

January 8, 2018 – Good advice to people who are just starting to be animal rescuers or volunteers. Some of the points are good reminders even for animal rescuers who have been doing it for longer periods of time. Saying no is very important. It keeps you sane, and is in fact a way to protect the animals that you already are taking care of. 4 stars. Good advice

March 1, 2016 – This cute little book was both entertaining and informative to read with lots of very useful suggestions. The author clearly loves animals and finds joy in them which is both refreshing and endearing. Ultimately this is a successful and engaging read that will make you smile and also give you much needed information. 5 Stars. out of 5 stars… entertaining and informative to read with lots of very useful suggestions. The author clearly loves animals and finds …

January 7, 2017 – Someone who calls themselves, Mizary wrote;

Not really a good book. Had no real information or quality to its subject! One Star. One star.

About Mistral Dawn

Mistral Dawn is a thirty-something gal who has lived on both coasts of the US, but somehow never in the middle. She currently resides in the Southeast US with her kitty cats (please spay or neuter! :-)). She has written three full-length novels in the Spellbound Hearts series, Taken By The Huntsman, Bound By The Summer Prince, and Captivated By The Winter King, as well as Intrigue In The Summer Court, a novella in the Spellbound Hearts series. To receive updates on her latest published work, please follow her on Amazon here: . If you’d like more frequent updates, you can get her latest musings and excerpts from her work on her blog here:


You may contact her at, and she would love to hear from you, or through her Facebook page posted below, or Twitter her at @MistralKDawn. She thanks you humbly for purchasing and reading her first book and hopes you will do her the honor of rating and reviewing her work.  

For a free sample of the first chapters of all her works, please visit her blog at:

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If you would like a free autograph for your copy of any of her works go to:


And request an authorgraph and Mistral Dawn will be sure to send you one.