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the price of admission

Greetings sports fans and welcome to yet another unbelievable episode of Vegas Valley Sports Beat. That spicy little meatball of a sports column that, stands for truth, justice and the American way. American ideals that may never be affordable again but an IV league education is on sale today at your nearest college admissions portal. Just show them this coupon and tell them your movie star mommy sent you.

Monsters University Personal Checks

Puts the phrase; artificial intelligence, in a whole new perspective doesn’t it? Especially when you consider the added dynamic that comes from knowing that these very same people who have effectively eliminated any semblance of respectability and integrity associated with an American college entrance examination are still running around loose.

Or that the attendant degrees awarded by those schools now amount to squat. Not to mention the skyrocketing cost of a 4 year degree program that is far more likely to inspire graduates to speak in public but only to ask about one’s desire for having fries with that than not.

Not to mention the depths one has to plumb to sink that low. I can only speak for myself but I can’t help thinking about David Hogg who was refused by some of those same institutions of higher learning even though he has a 4.2 GPA. He is probably peddling fast and furiously for Southern California on his bicycle even as we go to press to interview student victims with his cell phone.

Which raises a whole new set of interesting questions such as how David Hogg ever got a 4.2 GPA when I have never seen him anywhere near a classroom that wasn’t full of reporters. Excuse my gaffe I mean to say, classroom full of journalists, and CNN. Lest the two be confused.

Then he goes and gets rejected by every college on the west coast. Aw crap now I have to do research. BRB. According to my own exhaustive research Hogg has been rejected by four University of California campuses — UCLA, UCSD, UCSB and UC Irvine. Bummer dude.

According to UC’s website, a 3.4 GPA is required for non-California residents. Hogg has a 4.2 GPA and an SAT score of 1270. Hmm. Curiouser and curiouser.

UCLA processed 102,232 student applications in 2017, admitting 16.1 percent of those, with an average GPA of 4.2, SAT reading scores of 640-730 and SAT math scores in the 640-770 range.

By those statistics, Hogg is barely an average student and has a slightly lower SAT score than most. Plus he is an out-of-state student and would be required to pay higher tuition rates than California residents do.

What I find really interesting is that he managed to get admitted to Harvard but not UCLA. First of all 1270 isn’t going to get you into anywhere if your competition is getting 1420. You get what you pay for, or so I’ve heard anyway.

If one were to take the low road they live on, one could easily infer any number of interesting scenarios from this information. Like perhaps suggesting that 1270 was all Hogg’s family could afford so when he went to UCLA to apply he might not have had enough money left over to cover the price of admission. But that calls for speculation so I’ll leave that to CNN.

People are beginning to realise now just how deep the college entrance sale scandal actually goes. Outrage has been growing exponentially as it dawns on many degree holders that all of their genuine hard work and dedication to studying for the past 16 years or more has just turned to ashes in their mouths. As one might expect they do not savor the flavor.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering but mine is an equivalency degree which means I worked my butt off for 30 years in the field of structural steel erection and demonstrated that I was worthy of the awarded degree when I passed the ICC Special Inspector exams. I was there alone just me, myself and my code books so I know I earned mine.

I know how I would feel if I found out that the ICC was selling certifications to the highest bidder. Those students are absolutely right to feel betrayed by colleges who have undoubtedly expelled students for ethics violations while at the same time they were selling admission to their exclusive colleges to the rich kids who didn’t even want to go to college in some cases.

Pearson-Vue would not allow anything but code books a pen and a calculator, which they provided, to be taken into the exam room so hiring Felicity Huffman & friends to take them for me would have been a huge waste of time and money. Thank God I dodged that bullet.

I do however have a bone to pick with California because I applied to all four military Academies in 1979 and was not accepted to any of them because I had to be nominated by my state Senator or Congressman. Not to imply they were in cahoots with any of this mess but then again who’s to say anymore? As difficult as it might be to imagine anyone in the past being corrupt, or willing to bribe a Legislator from California to secure a place for Junior in a top college.

I can’t help but wonder, given all the long late-night hours I spent filling out paperwork, studying, and writing letters to my elected representatives; if my time might have been better spent had I skipped over all of that and filled out this form correctly instead.

Charles Ramos Jr. 03/14/2019