Yours Truly.

Dear Mister President,

Ever since you were nominated to run for the White House I have been forced to endure endless, and I do mean endless, non-stop bullshit 24/7 from the liberal Dimocrats and their pets in the pay-for-play media. And I didn’t even vote for you. I know that those who did vote for you have taken a lot of guff as well but it’s all good. We the people are not all fooled by the false narratives and empty rhetoric spewed from the mouths of Jackasses, I mean Dimocrats. That’s not true. Jackasses do vex me, and constantly.

I knew as the parties involved in pushing it through the F.I.S.A. Court must have known that the Steele Dossier was bought and paid for by the DNC months before it even came to light. They must have know what was obvious even then and still is. That’s not even counting for everything that followed until the House Dims tried to impeach you. Still they persist and I have to ask myself, why is that? Then I remember that all of the Dims running against you including Hillary Clinton are running as self-proclaimed Liberal- socialists. Even the word Communist has been bandied about in the past few years.

Obviously they were all set to sell America to the highest bidder and split with the proceeds leaving the rest of us under the thumbs of the likes of Bernie and Comey when you stopped them. Obviously somebody lost a ton of money by not having more flexibility after the election.

We, the unfooled people, know for a a fact that the Dims had everything in place to gerrymander enough districts so that a Republican could never run for President again. They tried it anyway and the higher courts told their paid for lower courts, yes I said it, that was not Kosher at all. They tried to pull off the precedent twice that would have still allowed that plan to take root. That’s where the illegal aliens play one of their parts through voter fraud to ensure the results.

We also saw that in practice in the 2016 elections inCalifornia where Republican candidates were winning by a wide margin when out of the clear blue sky comes 200,000 write-in ballots plop. Like the big wet bull turd it is and every republican lost. The Governor was quite lucky for that because he said as he feigned shock and awe, Newsome won by 200,00 votes.

Here’s where it gets really good because it highlights the stupidity of teaching your children to be stupid, somebody forgot to vote for a Senator in one race 60,000 times. Coinkydink? I seriously doubt that. I would bet my farm if I still had it, that a pass and review of those documents by the FBI will show they all have a common thread. Like DNA or the ink used to mark the ballots.

That must take a lot of ink pens. Double or nothing says they bought them in bulk. DNA also springs to mind. We are talking about Dims here. Now it all makes perfect sense and I’ll probably die of suicide in my sleep but I’m an Ironworker I ain’t never scared of anyone but God. And I would be on God’s bad side if I were remiss in pointing it out so all will know the truth.

Dims have a bad habit of blaming someone else for what they do themselves. Obviously they thought since they had invited Russian interference in the election anyway why not bring it up and blame it on you? If it stuck you’d be out on your ear and the Rape the Constitution party would have gone off in full swing. You can see it all now.

Nancy thought she could wrangle the Oval Office by ascendency if she got Vice President Pence out too and discredited your entire administration which would clear the Dim path to Hell for America. Now we know why so many were saying if Trump wins we’re moving to Canada or wherever. But hold the big red phone. No Dimocrat kept their promise. Again, as if that’s not getting old too. But why not I have to wonder. Again.

Down the road a few years now, you order a drone airstrike against General whatshisface in Iran and the Liberal Dims were literally beside themselves with grief. That’s almost funny too because when the socialist media lapdogs were embedded with Obama’s military we were all watching embed videos of seemingly innocent people walking through the desert minding their own business when Splat.

Hellfire missiles rain down with a hellfire storm of bullets and cannon fire. I saw them myself. Nobody grieved, there was not a single Boo or Hoo on CNN for the people Obama blew to pieces for the whole world to watch on Youtube. Not one liberal or socialist tear was bruised by falling in sorrow for their plight. It was horrendous to watch at times and I saw men dying horrible deaths. Grievously wounded men clawing to crawl away before the drones opened fire again and obliterated them. I saw one man’s face erupt in flames as a missile burst behind him and blew his head off.

Not one Libtard smote their own little chicken chest then. Nancy Pelosi never sat in sackcloth and ashes for them when for all we know they could have been patsy’s. Convenient cannon fodder for CNN’s 6 o’clock fake news feed.

We know the General had priors out the ying yang and killed a lot of people. One of his IEDs almost beheaded a great American patriot in Afghanistan and she was not even a citizen of the US then she was a private defense contractor. It killed everyone else in the Humvee but she was ejected from it. She never got any medals for the bad guys she killed either. But, she almost paid her fullest measure of devotion to a nation she did not belong to and which she served honorably in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Trinidad and Tobago, to name a few.

She is a U.S. citizen now and she did it the right way, through legal immigration channels. She was Canadian. What makes her case an even graver miscarriage of justice is that her Uncle is Leonard Peltier. His case was so obviously railroaded through a sham trial by the FBI it’s anything but funny. Their case was so flimsy and obviously fabricated from whole cloth it defies belief upon review of the “facts” as shown in evidence.

We all know the FBI is not afraid to further private agenda’s at the top levels. US v Leonard Peltier was a gross miscarriage of justice taken against a friend of Russel Means because there was no way to pin it on Means without causing a major Indian uprising courtesy of the A.I.M. To my warrior society Leonard Peltier is a martyr in a can. A hero who has been grievously wronged by his own country. I agree because it is so obviously true. You could honor that lady by at least asking the AG to review it. You can do that much and not be interfering. In fact it’s your sworn duty to look into it now that you know.

They tried to do it to you, sir, because they have done it to us peasants so many times they thought it would work on you too but that was their mistake.

Back to the point, Mr. President, the one man you took out, we know was a soldier. He had to have seen that bullet with his name on it coming when he enlisted. All soldiers have to think about it. But they more so than he because he orchestrated many of their deaths. Who were those people that Obama shot down in the same cold blood on YouTube? Without that intel there’s no way of ever knowing is there? Why aren’t Oprah and DeNiro in hysterics over their deaths? They look as dead as anyone else from any other act of random violence. Short and sweet. Why no histrionics?

Why is it then that Dims are up in arms now over one General with more American blood on his head that his entire command had combined? Why are they flying in and out of an enemy nation and apologizing for America? Simple. Where was that truck load of cash headed when you stopped payment and took the money back? Iran.

Now their expressions following your acquittal in the Senate were not righteous shock and indignation. They looked like they were staring into open graves with their names on them. Ah so. It makes much more sense now when you tie it all together. It’s all part of the same end game. Take over America and destroy it with socialism. Rape Lady Liberty in her name then run like hell with America’s wealth. Nice plan. Too bad they’re stupid too.

I have heard much ado about how you have done nothing for America, it was all Obama’s doing. The same Obama who told us the people you didn’t build that someone else did. I call bullshit.

I can’t speak for crazy people but I can speak for myself, Mr. President. Before you took office I hardly worked under Obama. Here in Nevada unemployment topped out at 21% following the bubble bail out scheme. I have been on food stamps for 4 years or so and Medicaid saved my life when I came down with Kidney cancer.

But when I was hurt at work Obama had passed a law that limited my award to $25,000. After that a 3 person panel would convene to decide how much of it they were going to take first if not all of it.

I hated being out of work I have worked since I was in the second grade. I was living in a city park and for a time in a ditch in Henderson under the lights of the Las Vegas strip. I had to beg on the streets for food at times and for over two years this went on day after day.

Since you took office I now have both of my dream jobs writing a sports news column and I am set up for life even if I do get ill again because I can work at home and make killer money. My check is mailed to me twice a week so even if I’m bedridden I do not have to apply for early SSDI.

In fact I called Carson and told my case adjudicator I wished to withdraw it because I wanted to earn my own keep and I didn’t need it anymore. I’m saving it for retirement if the Dims don’t steal it all first. For that Mr President and for returning America to its rightful stewards, the American people, I just wanted to say thank you sir, from the bottom of my heart.

My life is so much better than at any time during the Obama administration and I no longer have to live in a ditch. I no longer have to wonder how I’ll feed myself tomorrow or when I’m 85. You gave me back my life and my pride and I am most genuinely grateful even if nobody else is but I know a lot of Americans are grateful too.

Thank you, Mister President, you’re my new favorite superhero because you sir are the real deal. You have won my vote and my utmost respect hands down.

Trump Man. Defender of truth, justice, and the American way. You have made America great again.