You can save your information and share it later or whatever. You can open another account if that’s your thing, no judgment here. Since they’re probably going to censor anything your posts anyway what’s the point of having it? Facebook and Twitter want to pander to liberals so let’s all withdraw our accounts and let them have some privacy.

If all of @realDonaldTrump supporters and followers delete their accounts Facebook, and Twitter will be bankrupted overnight and isn’t that called poetic justice? #WritingCommunity #WalkAway

They cannot do anything for your social life that you cannot do 10x better if you put your heart into it. I am deleting both of my accounts and I will not be renewing them. #Trump2020

I’ll see you on Parler or in the funny papers. Love is awesome, pass it on.


Or, Kauaileslie @texasartist attempts a character assassination on Twitter, misses by a mile, shoots herself in the foot, and gets sued back to the stone age by a publisher.

You didn’t really think it was going to be that easy to assassinate my character did you, Leslie?

Surprise! It’s not. Guess why not? Because I have the entire record saved on screenshots. So, if your attorney wants to view them before he tells you to settle because you committed an act of libel against me on Twitter and got busted here’s your very own copy.

This is the entire body of the conversation in which she claims I insulted her. Copied and pasted in its entirety onto this page.


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You’ll have to put this link back together because Twitter won’t allow it to be posted here.

5:31 AMh t t p s : / / w w w . q m a p . p u b /

– I looked… confused still as to what they actually DO besides just say wait, you will see. Never liked the crying wolf game….

I honestly don’t know. I’ve met Q twice and I trust him more than anyone in DC besides Trump because it was they that put him there just for this purpose. We’ll just have to wait and see.

-Who the hell is Q? That is the point… suppose to be JFJ Jr


A company man I think 6:11 AM

He just apeared on my feed aat the same time I was calling out the fake Jesus Christ in Africa. A person I had spoken with before and who had failed to mention that he was Christ back then, and Q suddenly appeared and it was surreal believe me.

Twice he pooped in like that and then poof he was gone.


Without a trace. I know this much, I saw him profess the salvation and love of Jesus Christ and of God more in that short time than every Dim I’ve had to listen to before then and since, combined and I believe his sincerity 100%

Q never said it was a secret and I’ve mentioned it a few times in Tweets that Q says the Ark of the Covenant is in DC. I have no doubt he’s right.It brings a clearer perspective to the whole thing.

(1) Freak Lightning Strikes Washington Monument on 4 June 2020. - YouTube
I‘ll give you 3 guesses where it’s buried.

– So Q is Jesus? 8:35 AM


When Jesus shows up you won’t have to ask.

-You can’t find info on who or what Q is anywhere. I am a facts person… all the JFK jr. is Q and he is alive – look, here he is at a convention… riiiiiiight. Our country is quickly dying and your supposed Q savior is nowhere to be seen. I am tired of the games. Nah it’s not Jr.8:51 AM

I didn’t sign up to debate you. You asked for information and I gave it. Don’t put words in my mouth or foist assumptions on me. I serve God and nobody else and Q is not God is that clear enough? If you don’t like it do something about it yourself.

– I just asked who Q was and as everyone else does, you dance around and then act insulted? Come on dude

Don’t wait for someone else to do the right thing do it yourself.

-you didn’t give me any information…typical. You sound like a liberal 8:54 AM

How would I know who he is ask him youeslef.8:54


– again.. liberal gibberish8:55 AM

Whatever dude you can show yourself out too

kauaileslie@texasartist365– I figured you for a troll.8:55 AM

– I am not a troll – I have a photo up on my info.. you don’t. YOU are the troll8:56 AM

You’re mkaking all the recriminations troll8:56 AM

– fuck you8:57 AM

hahahahaha8:57 AM

you wish

Message failed to sendDelete for you·Try againYou can no longer send messages to this person. 

Anything else you’d like to say Leslie? So, if any civil attorneys are reading this that have nothing better to do than take all of Leslie’s toys away from her and drain her bank account please feel free to contact me through this website. I’ll split the settlement 60/40 and take the 40%.

In the future, Leslie I would be a lot more careful whom you try to accuse falsely. Tell Karen I said, what’s up? ;c)


Charles RAmos Jr.

aka @CharlesRamos63