Donald Trump fought the establishment—and won

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The White House – October 28, 2020

Donald J. Trump won the presidency by challenging both the Republican and Democrat Party establishments. For too long, the political class—including party leaders, paid consultants, lobbyists, donor-funded think tanks, partisan media, and more—ignored the concerns of millions of working- and middle-class American families.
These families didn’t see themselves as Democrat or Republican. They saw themselves as Americans. And they wanted change.
Career politicians didn’t get the message. Rather than listen to the American people, the establishment chose to lecture them instead. Democrats in Congress could’ve joined with President Trump and Republicans to work on infrastructure, immigration, healthcare, the economy, our military, and more. 
Instead, Democrats spent four years obstructing that agenda, wasting time—and tens of millions in taxpayer dollars—on political and media stunts.
While the left resisted the American people’s will, President Trump went to work.
He replaced NAFTA, something both Republican and Democrat politicians promised to do for years. His United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement rebalances trade, protects American labor, and levels the playing field for U.S. manufacturers and automakers.
He cut taxes for over 80 percent of Americans by lowering rates for middle-income families, doubling the child tax credit, and nearly doubling the standard deduction.
He ended the Obama-era War on Energy. Rather than relying on foreign oil, today America is the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world. Last year, for the first time in 67 years, America exported more energy than it imported.
He stood up to Big Pharma, including taking executive action to permit the safe, legal importation of prescription drugs from Canada and elsewhere. In 2018, Americans saw the biggest drop in prescription drug prices in more than half a century.
He slashed income inequality as wages grew faster for workers than for managers and fastest for Americans without a college degree.
He paused immigration to ensure that Americans are first in line for jobs as the country safely reopens from the pandemic. He also closed visa loopholes that allowed companies to replace American workers with low-cost foreign labor.
He fixed our justice system, reforming the Clinton-era crime bill that sent too many young Black men to jail. Today, America has its lowest Black prison rate in 31 years.
He rebuilt our military, secured the largest raise for our troops in a decade, and became the first American President since Ronald Reagan not to start a war.
He held the VA accountable for failing our veterans, signing the VA Accountability Act and removing more than 2,500 employees for misconduct and other issues.
He used bold diplomacy to secure peace deals across the Middle East, supporting our allies instead of starting wars or giving cash to terrorists in Iran.
He protected Medicare and Social Security—including from socialist “Medicare-for-All” schemes, which would kick 180 million Americans off their health plans.
He made the single-largest investment in our national parks and public lands in history, signing the Great American Outdoors Act to protect our natural heritage.
He defended American patriotism from those who want to tear it down, literally, by increasing penalties on those who vandalize or destroy monuments and memorials.
He grew the strongest economy in history, with record-high incomes and record-low unemployment and poverty rates for Americans once left behind—including Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and others.
And today, as America reopens from the global Coronavirus pandemic, our country is witnessing its fastest economic recovery in history.
Americans outside of our nation’s political class see these results. A majority of our citizens now say they are better off today than they were 4 years ago. In fact, more Americans say they are better off after President Trump’s first term than said so after the first terms of Barack Obama, George W. Bush, or even Ronald Reagan.
The American people wanted change. The establishment didn’t listen. Fortunately for families all across our country, President Trump did—and he’s just getting started.

Photo of the Day

President Trump boards Air Force One in La Crosse, Wisconsin | October 27, 2020

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The White House • October 22, 2019
Vice President Pence: The American people deserve better 

Yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Pennsylvania and got a firsthand look at SCHOTT North America’s original optical glass manufacturing plant in the United States. The facility first opened its doors 50 years ago.

In photos: Vice President Pence speaks directly to Pennsylvania workers.

“Since then, this facility, I’m told, has expanded nearly five times over,” he said.

SCHOTT’s success story symbolizes the manufacturing renaissance that’s happened under President Donald J. Trump. In the less than 3 years since Election Day 2016, SCHOTT has invested $32 million in this one facility alone and expanded its workforce by 15 percent. Then, they watched their sales soar by a third.

“Each one of you are proving every single day that as long as the playing field is level, American workers can out-compete, out-innovate, and out-work anybody in the world,” the Vice President told employees.

But that level playing field is at risk, despite President Trump’s continued push to renegotiate America’s aging, failing trade deals. The reason is that when it comes to our most important trading relationship—that with Canada and Mexico, covered by the outdated NAFTA—House Democrats continue to shelve President Trump’s new deal.

USMCA, or the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement, updates the quarter-century old NAFTA to the tune of a projected $68 billion in new economic growth. That amounts to another 175,000 jobs, of which 50,000 will be on factory floors across America.

“As I stand here today, the USMCA is languishing in the House of Representatives,” Vice President Pence said. “You see the headlines. These days, Democrats are spending all their time on endless investigations and a partisan impeachment. But the American people deserve better.” 

States like Pennsylvania can’t afford this political waiting game. Today, the Keystone State exports more than $15 billion of its goods and services to Canada and Mexico. That number would dramatically increase if USMCA passes.

Democrats wrongly assume that obstructing and declining to update NAFTA will hurt President Trump politically. They’re wrong. But more important, putting partisan politics before the very labor and environmental improvements they once fought for is Washington at its swampiest. 

House Democrats, Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims your 24/7 hearing circus won’t keep Congress from doing its job. Prove it. Pass USMCA, and put American workers first.

Democrats, keep America growing with USMCA.

Photos: Vice President Pence tours Pennsylvania plant

Video of the Day: Ivanka Trump at the World Bank
“Investing in women and engaging more women in the workforce is not only the right thing to do—it’s good business,” Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump told a group assembled at the World Bank in Washington, D.C., on Friday.

She is helping lead a $2.6 billion international fund, called the Women’s Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi), aimed at helping women in countries where they face discrimination in getting loans and starting businesses. The United States has contributed $50 million to the program to date.
Photo of the Day
Official White House photo by D. Myles Cullen
Vice President Mike Pence delivers remarks at SCHOTT North America | October 21, 2019

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