No American Veteran Deserves This

Joe Collins for Congress
From Joe Collins, USN (Ret.) on 07.10.2020

I’m Joe Collins, the Trump-supporting black Republican from South Central Los Angeles who is taking on arch-liberal Congresswoman Maxine Waters in California’s 43rd District.

But I’m also a 13-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, whose service includes a combat tour as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Joe in uniform

Maxine Waters has never faced an opponent like me, and she’s so scared that she could actually lose to me that she’s stooped so low as to attack my military service record.

She’s spreading lies about my service to my country in a desperate attempt to smear and discredit me because she can’t stand on her failed record, radical policies or hateful rhetoric.

The fact that Maxine Waters would attack a veteran in order to keep her seat is DESPICABLE! So along with working to defeat Maxine in November I have filed a lawsuit against her for her blatant lies about my record.

I need your help to fight back against Maxine, hold her accountable, and kick her out of Congress for good! Will you support my campaign with a contribution of $25, $50, $100 or even $250 or more?

No veteran deserves this kind of treatment, ESPECIALLY from their own Representative in Congress!

It just goes to show that Maxine Waters has no respect for our veterans and the selfless sacrifices they and their families make for our country.

As a leader of the radical Left that has taken over the Democratic Party, Maxine Waters has got to go!

Help me stand up for our veterans by defeating radical, hateful, socialist Maxine Waters. Chip in to support my campaign today!

Thank you!

Joe Collins
Joe Collins
U.S. Navy Veteran
Republican for Congress


Joe Collins 2020Joe Collins is a black conservative, Navy veteran, and Republican from South Central Los Angeles, and he is running to to defeat radical leftist Maxine Waters. To support Joe’s campaign chip in $5 or more today!

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