Five Stories President Trump Doesn’t Want You to Miss

From The White House on Friday November 13th, 2020 
Feds Strike Deal to Make COVID-19 Vaccine Free at Major Pharmacies
-New York Post
“COVID-19 vaccinations will eventually be available free at neighborhood pharmacy chains—just as flu shots are now—thanks to an agreement announced by federal health officials on Thursday,” Laura Italiano reports. “Optimism for an effective vaccine rose this week after news that the shot being developed by Pfizer and BioNTech is more than 90 percent effective.”
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Trump’s Economy Really Was Better Than Obama’s

“In 2016, real median household income was $62,898, just $257 above its level in 1999. Over the next three years it grew almost $6,000, to $68,703. That’s perhaps why, despite the pandemic, 56% of U.S. voters polled last month said their families were better off today than they were four years ago,” Karl Smith writes.

Vice President Pence: Veterans Day Is a Time to Thank and Appreciate Heroes Who Have Preserved Our Liberty

-Fox News
“Every veteran of the armed forces of the United States is a hero to the American people,” Vice President Mike Pence writes. “As a father of a Marine Corps captain and a father-in-law of a Navy lieutenant who’s currently deployed, I couldn’t be more proud to be vice president to a president who cares so deeply about the men and women of our armed forces and every veteran in America.”
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Businesses Trying to Rebound After Unrest Face a Challenge: Not Enough Insurance

-The New York Times
“It’s a prominent refrain these days from activists in the aftermath of arson and looting—businesses have insurance. Buildings can be repaired. Broken glass is a small price to pay in a movement for justice,” Nellie Bowles writes. But for many small businesses and entrepreneurs, “there is no easy way to replace all that they lost.”

Trump Bars Americans From Investing in Firms That Help China’s Military

-The Wall Street Journal
“American Capital should not be used to finance the construction of Chinese Communist weapons literally aimed at killing Americans and driving the US military out of Asia,” White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro says. “This strong action by President Trump puts a stop to that Wall Street insanity.”

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Black Female Veteran
From Aja Smith – July 23rd, 2020


I’m sick of the moniker “Racist Republicans” – It couldn’t be further from the truth, and I’m proof.

The radical Left has called me despicable names and hurled hateful insults at me because I’ve dared to step out of box Democrats tried to put me in.

Send A Black Conservative Female to Congress


I won’t lie to you, Charles I wasn’t expecting this hate. I didn’t think that the party that preached tolerance and equality would attack me for my skin color.

The color of my skin doesn’t automatically determine my beliefs. I cannot support tolerant “allies” who call me a sellout because I believe that the democratic party has failed Black children and families.

I cannot support “allies” that block essential efforts to reform police departments.

I cannot support “allies” that support a public education system that is consistently failing Black children.

I cannot support “allies”, who throw temper tantrums in the Capitol halls instead of working with Conservatives to create a more equal and more just future!

When I entered this race for congress as a black female conservative in California, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I am an Air Force Veteran, a small business owner, a conservative, and I am not afraid of this fight.

But I can’t do it without your help. Charles, will you stand with me in the fight and show the Left that we are not “Racist Republicans”?

Send A Black Conservative Female to Congress


Thank you,

Aja Smith
United States Air Force Veteran
Republican Nominee for Congress

P.S. With your help, I can be the first Black Republican female to be elected to the House of Representatives from California. You can be a part of history by joining my team today!
– Aja

Paid for by Aja for Congress

Publisher’s Notes: This email is being reprinted gratis because it is one of the rare privileges that I actually do have.

God only made one race so anyone who claims there’s another race that is better than any other race is woefully misinformed. Ignorance comes in all colors, but those who know the true meaning of love is the same as love for one’s own self, are color blind. I pray that that you will do your civic duty and vote for justice, vote in Aja Smith for Congress.

Charles Ramos, Jr.

Publisher, B.B. Wolfe Publishing – U.S.A.


The White House – Friday, June 26th, 2020

Trump Wants Federal Hiring to Focus on Skills Over Degrees

-The Associated Press
President Trump signed an executive order today that prioritizes skills over degrees for many federal jobs. “Aides say the change will create more opportunities for Americans to work for the federal government,” Darlene Superville reports in The Associated Press.

Trump Is Right About Police. We Ask Officers to Take on Too Many Duties.
-USA Today
“President Donald Trump’s executive order on policing has been pilloried by the ‘defund the police’ crowd who want substantial police reforms. But Trump’s approach represents the best hope yet for improving policing . . . By narrowing the role of policing, both police critics and supporters can achieve their aims,” Jason Johnson writes.

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Boston Korean War Vet’s Family Thanks President Trump in Search for Remains
Boston Herald
“Army 1st Lt. Thomas J. Redgate is finally coming home to Massachusetts, decades after being killed in action during the Korean War,” Joe Dwinell writes in the Boston Herald. “Without President Trump, this never would have happened,” said Redgate’s nephew. “We are eternally grateful to him.”
🎬 WATCH: President & First Lady honor 70th anniversary of Korean War

‘One Job at A Time’ Strategy Brings Ship Construction to Marinette
Wisconsin State Journal
President Trump visited Wisconsin yesterday to celebrate a new $5.5 billion Navy shipbuilding contract. “Together, the Marinette shipyard’s contribution to America’s defenses and to job creation perfectly capture a key guiding principle of the Trump administration, namely, that ‘economic security is national security,'” White House Director of Trade & Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro writes.

200 Judges: A Milestone for President Trump
-USA Today
“This week the Senate reached a milestone, confirming President Trump’s 200th judge,” Carrie Campbell Severino writes in USA Today. “The 200 confirmations occurred in the face of unprecedented obstacles. Democrats, intent for years on using the courts to impose their own policy agenda, abused one Senate process after another.”

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Five Stories President Trump Doesn’t Want You to Miss

The White House – Juneteenth, 2020
Assault on Open Speech is an Attack on America
Washington Examiner
“There are two sides in the defining fight ripping America apart, and they aren’t Republicans and Democrats. The fight is between those who believe that open speech is essential to preserving the nation and those who believe in narrowing the debate and favor cultural erasure,” the Washington Examiner editorial board writes.

On Daca, Obama Can but Trump Can’t
The Wall Street Journal
“The practical consequence of the [Supreme Court’s DACA] ruling is that a President can create an unlawful policy without legislation from Congress, but a future President cannot lawfully undo it without first jumping through regulatory hoops that can take years,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes.

Trump Signs Police Reform Executive Order in Rose Garden Ceremony
-Fox News
“The National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the largest law enforcement union in the U.S., praised Trump’s [executive order on policing],” Tyler Olsen reports. “‘It strikes a great balance between the vital need for public and officer safety, and the equally vital need for lasting, meaningful, and enforceable police reform,’ the organization said.”
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Trump Initiative Aims to Reduce High Suicide Rate Among Veterans
-The Daily Signal
This week, President Trump unveiled a new roadmap to address the issue of veteran suicide, Fred Lucas reports. “The loss of our heroes breaks our hearts and pains our souls . . .  They fought our battle overseas, and now we must join them in winning this new battle at home,” the President said at a White House ceremony.
🎬 WATCHSecond Lady Karen Pence on ending “stigma of mental health”

Lockdowns Hit Minority Businesses
The Wall Street Journal
Endless lockdowns hurt small businesses—and they may hit minority-owned businesses the hardest. “From February to April, the number of active black business owners fell 41%,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes. Local leaders “should bear in mind who’d be harmed most by the ensuing economic destruction” of more lockdowns.

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Dear Fellow Patriot, 

You probably best know me as a football coach, most notably as Notre Dame’s football coach for eight years. In fact, I was the only college football coach to lead six different programs to bowl games. 

I am very proud of my career as a coach, but my military service is often overlooked. Like my father before me, I am proud to have had the wonderful opportunity to serve in our military. During WWII, my father was at Midway, Iwo Jima, and all the major battles in the Pacific. 

My father didn’t like to talk about his service, and it was only later in life when I learned about his time at war, but that was his duty. 

Duty was one reason why I served as an Army Field Artillery Officer. My time in the military provided me with many learning experiences and instilled lessons that I have passed on to my players during my 44 years as a coach. 

I love getting the opportunity to meet our military service members. I do this because of the sacrifice THEY are making and its fun because they don’t keep score. You and I can live a free life and have freedom of choices and sleep safely and not worry about our families because of the sacrifices our armed services make. 

I love this country. I love our way of life and I love our freedom. But we must have brave men and woman who are willing to defend it. We MUST honor those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation. 

This is one reason why I’m excited to help out the American Veterans Center’s National Memorial Day Parade. In fact, I’ve already made a gift to help support the parade this year, and I hope you will too. 

It was a great honor for me to be asked to serve as a Marshal in this year’s Parade. I am looking forward to honoring the memory of those who have made the supreme sacrifice in the service of our country. 

This is unlike any other parade you will ever see – it is the largest Memorial Day Parade in the country! More than 300,000 people line Constitution Ave. in Washington, D.C. to watch the Parade and it is televised to 100 million homes around the country. 

However, the National Memorial Day Parade must pay nearly $100,000 in security and permit fees to Washington, D.C. and the federal governments. Total costs exceed half-million dollars. 

Lack of funding and exorbitant fees are two of main reasons this will be likely be the last year for Rolling Thunder, the largest one-day event in the world. 

It’s a tough hill to climb for the good folks at the National Memorial Day Parade. Jim Roberts and his VERY small staff are trying their best to ensure this important event continues. 

I hope you might consider a gift of $10, $25, $50, $100 or more to ensure the Parade goes on. 

There are 5,000 people marching in the Parade and nearly all of them are marching for a military service member they know or loved that they lost. Those loved ones are not ordinary and we as a nation must always remember them. 

You can help make sure they have the opportunity to honor their friends and family who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation by sponsoring them today! 

I hope you’ll help make sure the National Memorial Day Parade is a tradition that lives on in our nation’s capital, and they can make this year – the 15th annual parade – the best year ever! 

Warmest regards, 

Lou Holtz
Army Officer 

P.S. No matter the size of your gift whether it’s $10, $100, or even $5,000 (the cost to sponsor a military vehicle in the parade), every dollar helps us. Please chip in $10 or more to help the National Memorial Day Parade! 

The mission of the American Veterans Center and the World War II Veterans Committee is to preserve and promote the legacy and experiences of America’s veterans and active duty service personnel from World War II through today. A non-profit educational organization, the AVC and WWIIVC are funded solely through generous contributions from people like you. The AVC is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. All contributions are tax-deductible. 

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