Press Secretary: Mayors need to protect their cities

The White House – June 22nd, 2020
The rampant violence across American cities this past weekend claimed the lives of children as young as 3. It ended the life of a young father. It left more than 100 people shot in Chicago alone.
When local leaders excuse or ignore violence, the consequences are fatal. When corporate media downplays the carnage to fit its narrative, the victim count grows.
馃幀 Press Secretary: Violence on our streets is “absolutely inexcusable”
“We expect mayors to step up and do their job and governors to step up and do their job鈥攊n the mold of President Trump, who secured D.C. after a night of lawlessness two weeks ago,” Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said during a briefing this afternoon.
President Trump took additional action last week to promote safe policing and safe communities. His executive order reserves certain grant money only for law enforcement agencies that meet the highest standards of conduct, including in the use of force.
The President also supports Sen. Tim Scott’s (R-SC) legislation to increase police transparency, incentivize the use of body cameras, and withhold federal money from police departments that continue to permit the use of chokeholds by officers. 
Americans want sensible, bipartisan justice reform modeled after President Trump’s First Step Act, which fixed unjust sentencing rules that disproportionately hurt the African-American community. Americans do not want politicians who bow down to the far-left movement to defund the police and excuse the deadly violence on our streets.
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President Trump extends visa suspensions to protect U.S. workers
President Trump is keeping his promise to put American workers first as our economy reopens following the global Coronavirus pandemic.
With a new proclamation signed today, the Administration is extending and expanding the suspension of certain immigration visas through the end of this year, ensuring that unemployed Americans are the first in line for new jobs.
Many U.S. workers have been hurt through no fault of their own as COVID-19 spread across the world. No American president should allow blue-collar or middle-class workers to remain on the sidelines and be replaced by new foreign labor.
In addition to extending the pause on new immigrant visas through the end of 2020, today’s proclamation builds on that measure with an additional pause on several job-related nonimmigrant visas, including H-1Bs.
An overwhelming majority of Americans support pausing immigration as we recover from the Coronavirus pandemic, recent polls show. With some exceptions, such as to shore up critical supply chains, we should not permit large numbers of foreign workers to enter the United States at a time when so many citizens are out of work.
“We have a moral duty to create an immigration system that protects the lives and jobs of our citizens,” President Trump says.
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President Trump signs a聽proclamation聽suspending certain visas to protect American workers during the Coronavirus recovery聽|聽June 22, 2020聽

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Trump Signs $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Bill
-NBC News
“President Donald Trump on Friday signed the $2 trillion coronavirus economic stimulus bill, putting in motion desperately needed financial relief for millions of Americans set back by the pandemic. Trump signed the bill just hours after the House passed it with a bipartisan vote,” Rebecca Shabad reports.

Apple Works with White House to Release ‘COVID-19’ App, Website
“Apple Inc and the White House said on Friday that the iPhone maker worked with the Trump administration and federal agencies to release an app and website that will direct users to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control on the disease caused by the coronavirus,” Steve Holland reports.聽Learn more about the screening tool here.

Selfless Acts: How Americans are Helping Each Other Through the Coronavirus
-The Hill
“People聽across the United States are taking steps to help one another amid the coronavirus pandemic. From companies donating masks and ventilators to hospitals, to everyday people helping their neighbors, there are countless examples of people trying to do the right thing during an extraordinarily difficult time,”聽The Hill聽reports.聽

馃幀聽WATCH:No American is alone as long as we are united!

US Was More Prepared for Pandemic than Any Other Country, Johns Hopkins Study Found
“The United States was ranked the best-prepared country in the world to handle a pandemic in late 2019 by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (JHCHS)鈥攁n assessment seemingly at odds with claims by Democrats that the Trump administration left the country vulnerable,” Gregg Re reports.

MORE:“WHO Chief Praises Trump’s Coronavirus ‘Leadership'”

Gallup Poll: Majority Of Americans Disapprove Of News Media Handling Of Wuhan Coronavirus
The Federalist
“Of nine leaders and institutions rated by Americans in a new poll on their response to the novel Wuhan Coronavirus, the media fared the worst, and it’s not even close,” Tristan Justice reports. According to the Gallup poll, only 44 percent of Americans approve of the media’s Coronavirus coverage, while 60 percent approve of President Trump’s response.

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WEST WING READS – 11/13/2019

White House Press Release – 11/13/2019

How Democrat Leaders Made Today’s Hearings ‘As Scripted As Possible’

“Democrats from Speaker Nancy Pelosi on down are open about their intentions here: The point now isn’t to examine the evidence so they can decide whether to impeach President Trump, but simply to sway public opinion against him,” the聽New York Post聽editorial board writes.

“Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff, the Intelligence Committee chairman, have tried to make the coming hearings as scripted as possible: They’re only calling witnesses who’ve already testified in secret, or in some cases just releasing transcripts of that testimony.”

The editors write that it’s clear House Democrats aren’t actually trying to reach across the aisle and persuade their colleagues in the Senate, as the Founders intended. “No, Democrats are using impeachment as a partisan stunt 鈥 perverting the Constitution’s process for purely political purposes. It’s a disgrace.”
Click here to read more.

“Schiff and Pelosi are not interested in real demonstrations of innocence or guilt. Their only interest is staging a political coup against their adversaries. But this is even bigger than the president. This is an attempt to overthrow the federal government from the inside,” constitutional law attorney Jenna Ellis Rives writes in聽The Hill.

Much like the hyped-up “whistleblower,” Rep. Schiff today is calling forward individuals to testify who admit they have no firsthand knowledge of President Trump’s telephone call with the President of Ukraine. “The Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee says he doesn’t want Republicans turning the impeachment proceedings into a ‘sham.’ The hilarious irony is lost on no one,” Gregg Jarrett writes for聽Fox News.

“For those who find the hearings far from riveting but watch out of obligation or amusement, here’s a modest suggestion to pass the hours productively: Count the important things your representatives could and should be doing otherwise. They could seal the border and fix the immigration mess. They could get back to that huge infrastructure program that everybody in Washington said they wanted. Pelosi could pass the new NAFTA deal, with even the unions blasting Dems for doing nothing,” Michael Goodwin writes in the聽New York Post.

“It has become clearer than ever that our trading policies with Canada and Mexico need to be modernized 鈥 which is why Congress must take action and ratify the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) promptly,” writes Darlene Robbins, leader of a Pennsylvania manufacturing association, in the聽Wilkes-Barre Times Leader.

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White House Press Release – 11/09/2019
‘Coup Has Started,’ Whistleblower’s Attorney Said in 2017
-Fox News
“Mark Zaid, one of the attorneys representing the intelligence community whistleblower at the center of the Democrats’ ongoing impeachment inquiry, tweeted conspicuously in January 2017 that a ‘coup has started’ and that ‘impeachment will follow ultimately,'” Gregg Re reports. “We will get rid of him,” Zaid wrote in July 2017.聽

Red-handed:Dems may have colluded with key witness before complaint was public

Real Talk: Impeachment Is Going Poorly For Democrats and The Media
The Federalist
“Inside of newsrooms, broadcast studios, and Twitter, impeachment is going according to plan,” Mollie Hemingway writes. “Outside of those bubbles, it’s not . . . It’s been conducted in secret, with heavy control from Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the man who falsely claimed fo
r years he had evidence of Trump’s treasonous collusion with Russia.”

Bottom line:“Trump is innocent of accusations about Ukraine”

Trump Economy is Really Experiencing a Middle-Class Boom — This Data Doesn’t Lie
-Fox Business
The $5,003 rise in middle-class incomes under President Trump is impressive鈥攅specially given that incomes rose only
$1,200 under former President Obama in the seven years after the recession ended, Stephen Moore writes. “The majority of middle-income households have benefited financially from the Trump economic boom.”

Resurgence:“Small business ‘optimism’ at record high, up 160% under Trump”

Trump Welcomes Washington Nationals to White House
The Wall Street Journal
“President Trump welcomed the Washington Nationals to the White House, celebrating the hometown team’s World Series win as ‘a comeback story for the ages,'” Catherine Lucey reports. The “ceremony on Monday featured cheering fans stretched across the grass and a military band that played the team’s unofficial anthem, ‘Baby Shark.'”

聽Watch:Our nation’s capital celebrates first World Series win in nearly 100 years!

Ivanka Trump Meets with Female Landowners on Morocco Trip
The Associated Press
“Visiting Morocco for the first time, Ivanka Trump received a warm welcome Thursday from housewives, widows and other women who are benefiting from new laws that allow them to own land,” Darlene Superville reports. “When you invest in women, they invest back into their families and communities and countries flourish,” Ms. Trump said.

馃幀聽聽Ivanka Trump:2 days, 5 deliverables, 1 incredible W-GDP trip to Morocco!

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WEST WING READS – 10/30/2019

History Will Not Be Kind to Nancy Pelosi

“One way or another, Nancy Pelosi will go down in history. Let’s hope she doesn’t take America with her,” Michael Goodwin writes in the聽New York Post.

Speaker Pelosi’s decision to go all in on impeachment “is a historic mistake, one that could tear America apart. Based on the evidence the House has made public, impeaching Trump is a meritless, reckless assault on democracy.”

Goodwin explains that “[Pelosi’s] real problem is that she doesn’t have the goods to justify impeachment under any process. And she won’t, no matter how many witnesses emerge from the bureaucracy to say they were unhappy with the Ukraine call or didn’t agree with Trump’s choices. Policy disagreements and murky arguments won’t lead to a public consensus for removing an elected president.”

Click here to read more.

“The Trump administration has unveiled a website aimed at helping millions of Americans with substance abuse issues learn about and locate treatment options,” Zeke Miller reports for聽The Associated Press. The new website, called聽, “is the latest development in the administration’s effort to address the nation’s opioid crisis.”

“Last weekend the Washington Post changed an appalling headline after readers expressed their disappointment. But the paper’s bizarre obituary for terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may still need a rewrite,” James Freeman writes in聽The Wall Street Journal. The first paragraph of their story about the dead ISIS leader still stunningly portrays Baghdadi as an “austere religious scholar.”

In聽The Arizona Republic, Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) writes that she is ready to vote yes on President Trump’s updated NAFTA deal, the United States鈥揗exico鈥揅anada Agreement鈥攂ut can’t do so until House Democrats finally agree to let the bill come to a vote. “It’s not hard to see how much Arizona [and other American] communities, farmers, ranchers, manufacturers and business owners stand to gain from Congress finalizing the USMCA.”

In聽Fox Business, Acting Administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA) Chris Pilkerton writes that President Trump and the SBA are proud “to partner with makerspaces across the country . . . by offering budding entrepreneurs and those looking to enter the workforce with a means to achieve success for themselves, their families and their surrounding communities.”

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