Time for Democrats to Unite on Coronavirus Aid Bill

The White House – 03/26/2020
“Our country, you might have noticed, is in a crisis caused by a virus that started in China and has circled the world,” John Crudele writes in the New York Post. Americans have made clear the one thing they need quickly: financial relief from Washington.
“The Senate has already passed a $2 trillion bailout after an agreement with the White House. The House could have voted on the bill Wednesday but it didn’t. Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the House, might get around to it today. Or maybe not.”
The Senate did its job. So has the President. It’s time for House Democrats to do theirs.
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“The China-caused coronavirus is sweeping the globe, and America’s journalists are losing their minds . . . CNN and NBC, for example, were recently cited by Chinese state-run media in an effort to downplay China’s responsibility for the pandemic,” Andrew Stiles writes in The Washington Free Beacon.

“People across the United States are taking steps to help one another amid the coronavirus pandemic. From companies donating masks and ventilators to hospitals, to everyday people helping their neighbors, there are countless examples of people trying to do the right thing during an extraordinarily difficult time.” Read more in The Hill.

“Talk about a lack of self-awareness. In a report this week acknowledging China’s disinformation campaign to absolve the Chinese Communist Party of any culpability for its mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, CNN also repeated the Beijing-approved talking point that it is racist to refer to the disease by its city and country of origin,” Becket Adams writes in the Washington Examiner.

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WEST WING READS – 11/19/2019


How the Left is Trashing the Constitution to Fight Trump

Attorney General William Barr recently delivered a lecture at the Federalist Society’s 2019 National Lawyers Convention. The New York Post published excerpts of his remarks as a column last night.

“I deeply admire the American presidency as a political and constitutional institution. I believe it is one of the great and remarkable innovations in our Constitution. More than any other branch, it has fulfilled the expectations of the Framers,” Attorney General William Barr says.

“Unfortunately, over the past several decades, we have seen steady encroachment on presidential authority by the other branches of government. This process, I think, has substantially weakened the functioning of the executive branch, to the detriment of the nation.”

The left is “willing to use any means necessary to gain momentary advantage in achieving their end, regardless of collateral consequences and the systemic implications.”
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“The scariest aspect of [Alexander] Vindman’s testimony is his insistence that US foreign policy should be made by unelected bureaucrats like himself. He says he and his colleagues have formulated ‘the best, most informed judgment’ about Ukraine, and it was not ‘appropriate for government officials’ like Trump’s ambassadors to act ‘counter’ to it. What arrogance,” Betsy McCaughey writes in the New York Post

“At the very least, House Democrats and the media should spare us the sanctimonious narrative that every impeachment witness is a selfless hero whose credibility is above questioning and whose every statement must be taken at face value. After all, we need look no further than the appalling display of other ‘deep state’ bureaucrats connected to the Russia collusion hoax—former FBI director James Comey, his deputy Andrew McCabe, and the sneering former FBI agent Pete Strzok,” for examples of craven dishonesty and self-interest, John Daniel Davidson writes in The Federalist.

At Google’s D.C. office last week, Ivanka Trump talked about how implementing paid family leave is a top issue for the Trump Administration. “She noted that her father is ‘the first president, Republican or Democrat, to call for a national [paid-parental–leave] plan in every single budget,” Alexandra DeSanctis writes in National Review.

U.S. stocks hit new records again yesterday. “The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 28,000 for the second straight session after hitting that level for the first time on Friday. The move from 27,000 was the 10th shortest 1,000-point gain in history, taking 90 days. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq… are also notched new highs,” Fox Business reports.

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White House Press Release – 11/15/2019
New Remarks From Top Ukrainian Official Damages Democrats’ Impeachment Narrative
The Daily Wire
“Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko said on Thursday that the United States Ambassador Gordon Sondland did not link financial military assistance to a request for Ukraine to open up an investigation into former vice president and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden,” Ryan Saavedra reports.
Even Impeachment ‘Rehearsal’ Hearings Won’t Help Dems
New York Post
“Clever: By having witnesses go through closed-door hearings first, Dems can get a sense of what witnesses have to say privately and then tailor their questions for maximum impact during the public spectacle,” the New York Post editorial board writes. “Trouble is, even rehearsals don’t seem to help . . . No matter how many auditions they hold, it’s no substitute for hard evidence.”

The Daily Signal: Meet the impeachment witnesses’ anti-Trump lawyers

The President, Not Diplomats, Sets ‘Official Foreign Policy’
The Hill
“There must be some confusion. Under the U.S. Constitution, it is the president of the United States who determines foreign policy. How can President Trump be ‘at odds with foreign policy’ when he’s the one who determines it?” Sharyl Attkisson writes. “Trump’s enemies may cheer on the idea of diplomats and other officials choosing to oppose or undermine his wishes. But based on our Constitution, the dissenting diplomats are the ones who are at odds with “official foreign policy”— not the other way around.”

🎬 Must-see:Ukraine got their lethal aid from President Trump, not Obama

Trickster Adam Schiff Conjuring ‘Guilt’ Out of Thin Air
New York Post
“For those who find the hearings far from riveting but watch out of obligation or amusement, here’s a modest suggestion to pass the hours productively: Count the important things your representatives could and should be doing otherwise,” Michael Goodwin writes. Fix immigration, pass USMCA, rebuild infrastructure—take your pick.

Trump Delivers a Salute to Veterans at Historic NYC Parade
“President Donald Trump paid tribute Monday to all Americans who have worn a military uniform, from the Revolution through present-day conflicts. He spoke at the start of the annual New York City Veterans Day parade,” Richard Sisk reports. President Trump became the first sitting U.S. President to attend the parade. “Our veterans risked everything for us. Now, it is our duty to serve and protect them,” he said.

🎬 Watch: The President and First Lady attend the NYC Veterans Day Parade

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WEST WING READS – 11/04/2019

White House Press Release – 11/04/2019

Are Democrat Leaders Even Paying Attention?

“Politicians deal in exaggeration and deception, but sometimes you have to wonder if they even read the words that someone puts out in their name,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes.

“Witness House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s statement Friday on the surprisingly good monthly employment jobs report: ‘The October jobs report offers further evidence that the Republicans’ disastrous special interest agenda is hollowing out the middle class while enriching the wealthy and well-connected.'”

Seriously? “What hipster doofus wrote that?” the editors ask. “Hundreds of thousands of workers are returning to the workforce, wage gains are healthy, and those gains continue to spread to non-rich corners of the labor force.”

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MUST READ: Twenty years ago, Reps. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) & Steve Chabot (R-OH) were on the House prosecution team for the impeachment case against former President Bill Clinton. Unlike today’s sham “investigation,” they gave the former President every due-process right to defend himself, they write in The Wall Street Journal.

“You’ll remember back in 2016 when the last president asked what ‘magic wand’ we had to bring manufacturing jobs back to our shores. We didn’t need a magic wand; we just needed Trump in the White House,” Vice President Mike Pence writes in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The Obama Administration saw America lose 200,000 manufacturing jobs. Since President Trump’s election, we’ve seen more than half a million created.

Senior Advisor to the President Jared Kushner has received “special recognition from a national police group for his efforts on criminal justice reform, immigration, and ‘national service,’ especially to law enforcement,” Paul Bedard reports for the Washington Examiner. The Federal Law Enforcement Foundation awarded Kushner the “National Service Award” for his efforts in the passage of the bipartisan First Step Act.

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White House Press Release – 11/02/2019
October Job Creation Comes in at 128,000, Easily Topping Estimates
American job growth has surpassed 100,000 jobs added in 32 of the 35 months since President Donald J. Trump was elected. October was no different, Jeff Cox reports. “Nonfarm payrolls rose by 128,000 in October as the U.S. economy overcame the weight of the GM autoworkers’ strike and created jobs at a pace well above expectations . . . The unemployment rate for African Americans nudged down to a record low 5.4%.”

MarketWatch: S&P 500, Nasdaq hit new records on October jobs numbers

A Partisan Impeachment Vote
The Wall Street Journal
“The Pelosi impeachment resolution was supposed to deprive the GOP of its complaint that the process wasn’t formal,” Kimberley Strassel writes. Instead, the House vote “handed Republicans the gift of bipartisanship. In what was something of an embarrassment for the speaker, two Democrats, New Jersey’s Rep. Jeff Van Drew and Minnesota’s Rep. Collin Peterson, voted with Republicans against the impeachment resolution.”

🎬 While Democrats obstruct, President Trump continues to deliver results!

A Tragedy for the Nation – and Democracy
-New York Post
“Impeachment is now one party against America,” Michael Goodwin writes. “After months of pushing back against impeachment, Pelosi has abandoned any pretense of being a leader. She has jumped on the bandwagon led by such kooks as Texas Rep. Al Green. He has been demanding impeachment since 2017 — on what grounds, he didn’t know and didn’t care.”

Overdose Deaths Drop Sharply in States Hard Hit by Opioid Crisis
Bloomberg Law
“The nation’s deadly opioid epidemic shows signs of ebbing as the Trump administration Oct. 30 reported a 5.1% drop in overdose deaths, with sharper declines in some of the most hard-hit states,” Shira Stein reports. The new figures reveal “a 24% reduction in Ohio, 17% in Kentucky, and 9% in West Virginia, White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway said.”

Associated Press“White House Launches Website Aimed at Addiction Treatment”

Melania Trump, Karen Pence Visit Elementary School Students
-Fox News
First Lady Melania Trump and Second Lady Karen Pence “paid a visit Wednesday to a group of fifth-graders in South Carolina prepping emergency pillowcase kits for natural disasters as part of an initiative to mentally and physically prepare children for evacuations,” Vandana Rambaran reports. “‘I love what you are doing,’ Melania Trump told one girl.”

 Watch: The First and Second Ladies visit Joint Base Charleston
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