White House Press Release – 10/17/2019
The White House • October 17, 2019
NEW: Syria ceasefire a ‘great day for civilization’ 
Last night, President Donald J. Trump sent a delegation of senior American officials—including Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien—to Ankara to meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan face-to-face.

And just hours ago, the Administration was able to deliver a major announcement.  

“Earlier this week, President Trump took decisive action to call on Turkish forces to stand down, and to end the violence, and to agree to negotiations,” Vice President Pence said during a press conference from Turkey.

  President Trump“Great for everybody. Proud of all!”

“Today, I’m proud to report—thanks to the strong leadership of President Donald Trump and the strong relationship between President Erdogan and Turkey and the United States of America—that today the United States and Turkey have agreed to a cease fire in Syria.”

President Trump’s priorities are clear: American soldiers can no longer be sacrificed in endless wars across the Middle East. That’s one of the most important promises he made to the American people as a candidate, and he will always honor it. 

Instead of American lives, the President is using “tough love” to bring other countries to the table and achieve positive outcomes. “Obviously the sanctions and tariffs [on Turkey] were going to be very biting. I’m glad we don’t have to do it,” he said.

The results of today’s negotiations are important for our partners in Syria:Turkey will pause Operation Peace Spring to allow for the withdrawal of mostly Kurdish YPG forces from the 20-mile safe zone for 120 hours
 All military operations under Operation Peace Spring will be paused, and Operation Peace Spring will be halted entirely on completion of the withdrawal
 Turkey agrees to taking no military action against the town of Kobani
 Turkey and the United States mutually commit to stifling any ISIS activities in northeast Syria, which includes coordination on ISIS detention facilities“It’s a great day for the United States. It’s a great day for Turkey. It’s a great day for our partners,” President Trump said. “It’s really a great day for civilization.”

🎬 No matter what, President Trump will always protect American troops.Louis Vuitton opens new manufacturing plant with President Trump
Texas workers received some welcome news today, as President Trump visited the city of Alvarado to celebrate the opening of a new Louis Vuitton manufacturing plant.

Louis Vuitton CEO Bernard Arnault announced that this facility will make leather products with that important label, “Made in USA.”

The company plans to invest back in the Texas community, adding 1,000 jobs at the new plant over the next five years. It’s part of Louis Vuitton’s recent commitment under President Trump’s Pledge to America’s Workers, an effort to encourage the private sector to create new training opportunities for workers across our nation.   

With the leadership of Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump, the Pledge has secured commitments from more than 300 companies and organizations—translating to over 14 million education and training opportunities for students and workers alike.

In total, the Lone Star State has added more than 770,000 new jobs since President Trump’s election, and monthly unemployment claims have plummeted by 21.7 percent.

Learn more about President Trump’s Pledge to America’s Workers. President Trump honors late Rep. Elijah Cummings
Today, President Trump offered his condolences to the family and friends of Rep. Elijah Cummings from Maryland, who passed away early this morning.

“I got to see first hand the strength, passion and wisdom of this highly respected political leader,” President Trump said. Cummings represented Baltimore in Congress for more than two decades, and his voice will be difficult—if not impossible—to replace.

Following the news, President Trump ordered the U.S. flag to be flown at half-staff today at the White House and at public buildings across the nation.

Read President Trump’s Proclamation on the death of Elijah E. Cummings.

President Trump speaks live at Texas rally

Photo of the Day

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead
President Donald J. Trump is greeted by Texas government officials and guests as he disembarks Air Force One at Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth in Texas | October 17, 2019

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WEST WING READS – 10/17/2019

White House Press Briefing – 10/17/2019
Schiff Pushed Volker to Say Ukraine Felt Pressure from Trump
“In a secret interview, Rep. Adam Schiff, leader of the House Democratic effort to impeach President Trump, pressed former United States special representative to Ukraine Kurt Volker to testify that Ukrainian officials felt pressured to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter as a result of Trump withholding U.S. military aid to Ukraine,” Byron York writes in the Washington Examiner.

The former Ambassador, however, flat-out denied Schiff’s version of events. “When Volker repeatedly declined to agree to Schiff’s characterization of events, Schiff said, ‘Ambassador, you’re making this much more complicated than it has to be.'”

It’s becoming clear why Schiff is trying to hide his proceedings behind closed doors.

Click here to read more.

“Ivanka Trump’s goal to boost women entrepreneurs in the developing world with an international $2.6 billion fund is taking root,” Paul Bedard writes in the Washington Examiner. “Two years after kicking off the Women’s Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative through the World Bank, [Ms.] Trump on Friday plans to herald its successes.”

“The clear benefits of the USMCA have fueled a growing chorus of support for the agreement — from farmers and ranchers to manufacturers, small business leaders to our largest employers, voters of all political persuasions, and, yes, Democrats and Republicans alike,” former Reps. Rick Boucher (D-VA) and Tom Davis (R-VA) write in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “We see a nation competing confidently around the globe.

“”President Donald Trump campaigned on a very specific foreign policy. ‘America First’ has its roots in the less-interventionist policies of our Founding Fathers,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) writes in USA Today. “Then-candidate Trump said often that the Iraq War was a mistake, and that we were in too many places for too long. Fast-forward to 2019, and the president is now moving forward to stop the ‘endless wars.’ I stand with him.”

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WEST WING READS – 10/16/2019

White House Press Briefing – 10/16/2019
Anti-Trump Rep. Schiff’s Secret Impeachment Hearings Are a Witch Hunt in a Fantasyland
“Rep. Adam Schiff, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the leftists who are attacking President Trump – and by extension everyone who voted for and supports him – have managed to sink to a new low. On the scale of credibility, they are a minus-10. If they yelled fire, you would stay seated,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) writes for Fox News.

So far, according to Rep. Biggs, Rep. Schiff or members of his staff have:

Held impeachment hearings behind closed doors

Met with the “whistleblower” before a complaint was filed

Not followed the rules of the House of Representatives
Excluded some members of the House from sitting in on proceedings

Now said that the whistleblower will not even be called to testify.

You can’t make it up: “Schiff excuses his misconduct, claiming Republicans will attempt to manipulate the narrative if his impeachment inquiry hearings were public.”

Click here to read more.

President Donald J. Trump travels to Texas tomorrow for the opening of a new Louis Vuitton factory, where he will be joined by CEO Bernard Arnault, Rosemary Feitelberg reports for WWD. “The plan is to create 1,000 jobs in the next five years at the facility near Keene, Tex.,” which comes as part of the President’s Pledge to America’s Workers.”

“After a championship parade, a Stanley Cup Tour around the world, a ring ceremony, a Hockey Hall of Fame visit and a banner-raising on Opening Night, only one more celebration remained for the Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues, and that was a visit to the White House,” Chris Pinkert writes for

In 60 seconds

Watch President Trump welcome the 2019 Stanley Cup champions!

“For years, unelected bureaucrats have been allowed largely unchecked power over the daily lives of Americans. This president is trying to change that,” Rachel Bovard writes in USA TodayWith new executive action, the Administration is making sure “ordinary Americans have the ability to challenge the government’s determination against them.”

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WEST WING READS – 10/15/2019

White House Press Briefing – 10/15/2019
What Are the Democrats Hiding About Impeachment Inquiry?

“America’s top two Trump-hating newspapers, The New York Times and The Washington Post, have now both called on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to hold a vote of the full House of Representatives to make the ‘impeachment inquiry’ truly official — and to set rules like those for the inquiries targeting Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, so that the minority party and the White House weren’t totally sidelined,” the New York Post editorial board writes.

“So far, though, Pelosi and her impeachment pointman, Rep. Adam Schiff, are moving the opposite way,” holding closed door hearings and even suggesting that the “whistleblower” whose account launched this entire probe may not need to testify at all.

Click here to read more.

“There is no doubt the 25-year-old [NAFTA] agreement is past its prime. It is increasingly hurting Alaskan businesses with lax enforcement of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing; failure to police fishing subsidies; and outdated intellectual property and digital trade rules,” Gov. Mike Dunleavy (R-AK) writes for Fox News. “Unfortunately, [USMCA’s] commonsense measures are being blocked by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

“Udacity, the online education company founded by Sebastian Thrun, is launching a new scholarship initiative as part of the Pledge to America’s Workers job training initiative undertaken by the administration of President Donald Trump,” Jonathan Shieber reports for TechCrunch. “Udacity is committing to giving away free introductory technology training classes to 20,000 applicants every year.”

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White House Press Release – 10/10/2019

When President Donald J. Trump promised to build the wall, many Americans didn’t realize the terrible shape our border security infrastructure was in. Politicians from both parties had ignored our southern border for years, failing to give our law enforcement officers the tools they needed to do their jobs safely and effectively.

The old barriers along our southern border were built to defend against vehicle crossings—and not much else. Over the years, many miles had fallen into disrepair.

Under this President, comprehensive technology—including a real barrier that stops all forms of smuggling—will keep America’s borders safe, strong, and secure!

Watch: The men and women of ICE are American patriots.
In photos: Vice President Pence tells Congressional Democrats to put U.S. workers before politics

“Over one year ago, President Trump negotiated the largest trade deal in American history: the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement,” Vice President Mike Pence told a crowd of Iowans yesterday. “I was there all along the way for a lot of the negotiations, and I’ll tell you what: The President drove a hard bargain.”

Iowa is America’s second-largest agricultural exporting state, producing more than $10.3 billion in these goods each year. When Congress finally passes USMCA, these numbers will get even bigger, expanding opportunity for workers in America’s heartland.

So what’s the holdup? As usual, it comes down to one group. More specifically, it comes down to one person: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Her refusal to bring this trade deal to the House floor for a vote boils down to nothing more than petty, partisan politics.

“The truth is—and we all know it—Democrats have been spending all their time on endless investigations and a partisan impeachment,” the Vice President said.

But enough is enough. The American people deserve better.” 

USMCA replaces and updates NAFTA, accomplishing many goals that Democrats claimed to support for years. It gives American workers a better deal, strengthening labor provisions with Mexico and Canada from the voluntary terms that NAFTA set. It also does a much better job protecting our environment than the outdated deal it replaces.

Congressional Democrats have had a problem keeping their promises to voters. First, they said they would secure our borders better than President Trump could. They didn’t. Then they said they would level the playing field for American workers by addressing NAFTA’s flaws that put corporate profits over people. They haven’t.

“I’ll make you a promise,” Vice President Pence said. “Whatever the Democrats in Congress choose to spend their time on, President Trump and I are never going to stop fighting for you and the agenda that Iowa voted for in 2016. Count on it.”

In photos: Vice President Pence fights for USMCA in Iowa.

Grassley and Brady: “It’s time for Congress to pass the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement”
Photo of the Day
Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks
First Lady Melania Trump participates in a listening session on the impact of youth vaping with teens from the Truth Initiative in the Blue Room of the White House 
October 9, 2019

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